Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweetie & Me Update

Wow! Over a month since I last wrote! I gotta say, I'm quite enjoying not having the pressure of writing multiple blog posts each week. But at the same time, my not writing has reacquainted myself with the clarity that writing brings to my life. There have been a few times over the weeks where I know sitting down and writing out what's happening in my life could have really helped me sort out what it all means and what I need to do. But I didn't do it.  But I probably should have. Writing is my way of keeping life laid out before me and on track.

Here's a brief, bulleted update of life in the Sweetie & Me household

* My tutoring schedule is winding down - next Tuesday is my last day with these kids. I've gotta say that I'm very happy to be done. A combination of an unwilling to cooperate kid + a tutoring company director who lacks in the communications skills department = an unpleasant tutoring experience all around. Mind you, this hasn't turned me off to tutoring or working more intensely in the educational field at all! I know this bad experience had everything to do with poor leadership and a kid who just didn't want to learn. Upward & onward to better educational experiences!

* I've scheduled my 2 exams which will earn me my teaching degree - one for early November, and one for early January. Studying is coming along - I'm interested in what I'm learning and find much of the knowledge very intuitive in nature. 

* I attended a local school district's job fair a few weeks ago and learned about one particular job I'm hoping to hear back on. A writing assistant for their elementary school. At the time of the fair it was a brand new position, one that they weren't even going to interview for until later in April or early May. But I had a great talk with the woman in charge of that program and hope to hear from her in the coming weeks so that I my interview can be scheduled. 

* I am officially signed up to be a substitute teacher in my town's school district as well as the neighboring town's district. It's about 15 school all together. I did sign up for subbing in all grade levels and schools, but I made the notation that I'd really want to start out subbing in the elementary schools first. Then, once I get my feet wet there, I'll feel more comfortable about including the middle and high schools as subbing options as well. 

* Our house is not yet on the market, as Hubby has spent a lot of time away on work the last couple months. But home improvement has been improving as of late and we hope to have a sign in front of our house within the next several weeks.

* In the mean time, I've filled out an application for mortgage help through Obama's plans to help homeowners. I was only able to finally get those done early last week, and I was told it could take about a month & a 1/2 or so before you've finally got a plan in place to help you out. But the ball is rolling. We'll still sell the house, but at least, if we can lower our mortgage somehow, the months we still have here before we find a buyer will be much more manageable financially.

* Sweetie is doing GREAT as always. She got her first school report card a few weeks back and did spectacularly! Her teacher's only real comment being that Sweetie hasn't formed any real friendships yet - she cares much more about what activity she's wanting to play than whom she's going to play that with. Not altogether a bad thing, I suppose.

* The Sweetie & Me family has recently taken up a brand new hobby - geocaching! We literally just started, with this past weekend being our first time out as geocachers. Such a fun way to spend some time together! We are all hooked already!

Well, that's about it. Thanks for stopping in to see if I've updated. I'll be back!... just can't be sure on exactly when that will happen. Take care!