Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #109 - Vocabulary Edition

This week has found Sweetie once again expanding both her vocabulary as well as the way in which she expresses her words:

Exhibit A: The following written communication -

Addressed to Sweetie:


(Don't go potty here. It's broken. Go downstairs. Love, Mom)

Sweetie's rebuttal to me:


(MOM I TH.(ought) U FIXED IT?)

Very cute! And what a wonderful new world is open to us now that she can read!


The neighbor girls were over last weekend, during which time they all played upstairs in Sweetie's room.

That evening, I remembered this and imagined the mess that most certainly still existed upstairs. I sent Sweetie to her room to pick up the toys.

At one point, Hubby went upstairs to check on her progress. I couldn't make out his exact words, but I definitely heard his shocked surprise regarding Sweetie's disastrous surroundings. I also heard some back and forth between them, wherein I assume Sweetie was blaming the mess on the girls and Hubby was explaining the consequences of her not asking them to help clean up before they left.

A little while later, I went up to see how Project Cleanup was going. I was greeted by Sweetie, hard at work.

She looked up, saw me, and exasperatingly exclaimed:

Do you see this, Mama? It was H_______ who made this disaster!

Yeah. Whatever. Clean it up.


Last Sunday morning:

Sweetie. Go tell Daddy it's time to get up.

(She heads upstairs, at the same time I hear Hubby getting out of bed of his own accord. I head to our downstairs bathroom).

Sweetie's angry wails ring throughout the house. She comes to find me... in the bathroom (can't I have some privacy, please?!).

She explains -

I was going to tell Daddy to get up, but he ALREADY GOT UP!!!

(whereupon I give her a look of - "do not even start to complain about such a ridiculous thing." Seeing - and understanding - this, Sweetie back peddles, adding....)

But, Mama, it's unfair to you too because now Daddy's GOING POTTY!

(Oh, no! Not that?! It's just NOT FAIR that he and I can each use separate bathrooms at the SAME TIME!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!!).


Sweetie saw our water bill on the dining room table yesterday. She excitedly exclaimed to me -

Mama! You're going to Hollywood?! Were you on So You Think You Can Dance, and this is your ticket to Hollywood?!

Ahhhh. No. And that would be Las Vegas, anyway, Sweetie.

So, I guess we really do watch a bit too much T.V., then, huh?


Speaking of that water bill - she and I went to the town hall to pay it yesterday, as well as to register our car.

We parked a bit of a distance from the town hall entrance, and therefore passed several other parked cars as we walked along. Upon seeing two similar cars in a row, Sweetie pointed to one and said,

Look, Mama! That's a carnival!

I looked, thinking she was actually reading the model name of the car. I'm thinking - Huh? A Carnival? I've never heard of a Carnival. What make is it?

Then it hit me (No, not the car. The realization of what Sweetie meant hit me!). Looking at the sleek, shiny vehicle, I corrected her:

No, Sweetie. That's not a "carnival". That's a "convertible".


We were watching a bit of the Spelling Bee on T.V. last night. Sweetie was actually pretty interested.

During one set of commercials, she asked me:

Okay, Mama. Spell "ran".

Ooh. That's a toughie. Can you tell me the definition?

Yes. It means "run".

Oh. Okay. Can you use it in a sentence, please?

The horse ran away.

Thank you. Is it R-A-N ?

Yes! Good job, Mama!

Why, thank you, Sweetie.

I asked her to spell "horse". She spelled "hose" instead.

Oh well. We'll keep working on that, Sweetie.

She did ALMOST complete a correct spelling of the word Daddy offered to her: "Bedtime".

(A word that Hubby used in the following sentence: "You need to put on your pajamas, brush your teeth and go potty because it's almost your bedtime.")

Sweetie got as far as B-E-D-T-I before she gave up.

Oooh! So close, Sweetie! So very close. Good job to you too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ms. Fix-It Domestic Lady

I'm becoming quite the domestic diva these days.... at least intentionally speaking.

• I fixed our majorly clogged downstairs bathroom sink. It's been clogged FOREVER and I fixed it!

• Usually after I wash our bed linens, Hubby puts the clean sheets on. Today - I did it all myself!

• Lately our upstairs bathroom toilet's tank has been overflowing just a little. Not all the time, just every so often. Yesterday it REALLY overflowed. I looked on the internet to find out how one might go about fixing such problems themselves, if they were so inclined. So when Hubby came home, I was able to tell him what he may be able to try. He, of course, already knew some things to try. But I felt good in the fact that I actually understood what he was talking about. Kinda.

(Note: An initial fix that seemed to have worked at first has now proven not to have worked. We'll most likely need to install a new tank or get a whole new toilet. Oh well - it's cheaper than calling in a plumber.)

• As I write this, it's getting close to dinner time. Usually, if we do any real cooking, that's Hubby's deal entirely. I'm perfectly capable of heating up frozen foods or some such simpler tasks, but that's about it. Tonight, though - I'm considering maybe calling Hubby, seeing what time he expects to be home, and then offering to form some ground turkey meat into burger patties.... for Hubby to grill when he gets home. I'm so generous. :)

Just call me Suzy Homemaker. 

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mama Monday #25.1

Theme: Care

So...those girls. Again with those girls! They're presence in our life is... fine. Really. But it's also making me feel just a wee bit self conscious.

Whenever they're over, I always preface play time by letting everyone know just how long the fun can last.

For example, this weekend I announced that Sweetie's Daddy would be leaving in about one hour. When he goes, the girls have to go home for the day.

(In theory, all girls agreed with this plan. In reality, Sweetie pitched a fit when we called her home).

Anyway, it makes me feel like I'm some kind of Doomsday Sayer, setting up the inevitable fall from a happy situation.

(Let it be known, however, that the neighbor girls are always agreeable and perfectly accepting of playtime's end whenever it rolls around. It's Sweetie who's the dramatic one. Of course.)

Whenever the girls are playing in our house, I feel like I'm constantly telling them not to do something, go somewhere, or to generally be careful.

You can all play upstairs in (Sweetie's) room and playroom. But no one's allowed in our bedroom or my closet. And only go into the bathroom if you need to use it.

No playing by the stairs. No bringing toys downstairs. Be careful on the stairs!

(For the record, I'm perfectly aware that "be careful" is probably the most frequent phrase to come out of my mouth on a daily basis anyway. But saying it to Sweetie when the other girls are there just makes me feel like I'm being over concerned. In fact, the 6 1/2 year old girl even said to me once, after I insisted Sweetie be careful on the stairs - She is being careful).

(Also? I don't feel that I'm truly all that over protective of Sweetie, as a general rule. I know she's perfectly capable of walking down a staircase! In fact, I remember times when my mom was over and told Sweetie to be careful on the stairs, and I was all - She's okay! She's on those stairs all the time).

(My parents, it may be important to note, live in a Ranch style house. Stairs are not so much an issue for anyone there).

Anyway - I plain ol' feel like I'm constantly telling Sweetie and the girls to be careful and/or to not do one thing or another. 

Pick up that toy before someone trips on it.

Don't drink that too fast - you don't want to choke.

No running in the house, please. Especially if you're only wearing socks!

Don't take those toys outside. I don't want them to get lost.

If you go outside, stay on the grass in our yard. No playing by the back hill. No walking on the wall. And if you do cross the street, be sure to look both ways before you go.

(Note: you may recall that we live on a very short, very quiet dead end street. There's very little danger of anyone missing the fact that a car is coming or not. Still. Practice makes perfect, right? For times in the future when it will matter much more to watch the traffic).

Geesh! I'm such a control freak! I'm so overly careful!

No. Not really. I think I'm actually in the "normal" range regarding parental concern for my child's safety and the safety of her peers.

I think the thing is - those girls are two out of six kids! Their family is so big that I wonder how much of this "be careful"/"don't do that" stuff they get at home. I'd imagine the parents, after having so many kids, have acquired a sort of - eh... they can take care of themselves - sort of attitude. Oops... I mean, they're more at ease with this whole parenting thing. Yeah. That's it.

I've met these parents. As far as I'm concerned, they're good, smart, responsible people with good, smart, responsible kids. And the "at ease"/"whatever" attitude I'm attributing to them is completely based on my own stereotype of what I think it must be like to have a large family - not on reality.

Still. These girls. They make me self conscious. 

Especially when they were over the other day, first playing upstairs (where I told them all the "rules"), then deciding to play downstairs (different rules), then opting to go outside (guess what?! more rules!), and finally all three (probably the neighbor girls' idea, though) opting to go play in their yard instead.

Geesh! Trying to get away from the crazy/ever-watchful Mama much?

Yeah. Most likely. But this is Sweetie's and their well being we're talking about! I don't care what they think!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #108 - Sweet Sweetie Edition

Nothing too funny today. As I'm home with Sweetie so much now, I guess many of her funnier moments now just wash over me as her just being Sweetie. 

Daddy: How are you, Sweetie? How was your day?

Sweetie. Great! I'm great everyday! (Really? We had no idea).

Daddy: Oh, yeah? What was the best thing about today?

S: Playing with the girls. Except, I was sad when Mama said it was time to come inside.

D: Yeah....well, what did you do with them?

S: We played house. And K____ lost her toy kitten and I couldn't help look for it because Mama said to come inside.

D: Was it an imaginary kitten or a real kitten it.

S: It was a real TOY kitten.

Me: Did she lose it in our yard, or theirs?

S: In their yard.

Me: Well, they were still outside for awhile, so I'm sure they found it.

S: Yeah.... and we also had a picnic!

D: You did? What did you eat? Was it real food, or pretend?

S: Real food! We had milk's favorite cookie and I won!

D: How do you win at eating Oreo's?

S: No! They were Speed Racer Oreos and my cookie had four flags on it, so I won.

D & Me: Oh.

(Sorry, that probably wasn't all that fascinating. But I thought it was rather interesting that she oh so casually referred to Oreos as "milks favorite cookie" - just as if that's what everyone calls them! And, no, she didn't get that from a T.V. commercial. She saw a print ad in my current Parenting magazine).


7:00 a.m. this morning:

Good morning, Mama!

Good morning, Sweetie. Give me a few minutes, okay? My eyes hurt.

Okay..... but what about my breakfast?

You're going to take a tubby as soon as I get up.

Oh. Okay.

(About 5 minutes pass, until my eyes feel better. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. No sign of Sweetie).

Where's (Sweetie)?

Ha! Right here! I've been waiting a long time for you! (naked in the empty tub)


A couple nights ago, it was my night to put Sweetie to bed. She hadn't been entirely well behaved just moments before, so her punishment was no reading any of her story.

She straightened herself out in the last remaining moments, though - enough so that I conceded to telling her a poem from memory as her story that night.

I left her contented. She was fine.

One minute later, she was out of her room, crying that she couldn't sleep because no one rubbed my back or my arm.

I got off the couch and headed up to settle her in again - irritated to have to do so, but thinking Sweetie was sweet to "need" Mama's  gentle touch.

Hubby asked me:

Do you always rub her back when you put her to bed?

Yeah. I guess so. I mean, It's never something I think about. But I probably do.

Oh. I always do. I always rub either her arm or her back before saying goodnight.


That's it. Just some sweet Sweetie stories and notes from the week. Have a great Holiday Weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Waaaaiting...Is The Hardest Part

We need a new car. Well, two new cars, really. But one, at least, sooner than not. Especially with gas prices as they are.

As soon as I get word on (the) job, we can trade in the car.

I see that Blogher is now accepting registration for the Boston leg of their Conference Tour. I definitely want to go to that - it's alway been part of my plan.

As soon as I get word on (the) job, I'll be able to justify spending money on the registration fee.

Hubby needs a new nutrient pack for his AeroGrow. And he wants to get lettuce pods for it too. Probably other kits as well.

As soon as I get word on (the) job, Hubby can order whatever he needs.

My back and shoulders are so sore from sitting at our too tall desk as I job search and write. I need a massage. It's my birthday time! I should treat myself to a nice massage!

As soon as I get word on (the) job, I'll feel okay about spending some money on myself.

We so want to get together with more of our friends on a more regular basis. Hubby and I both love great food at great restaurants with great people. 

As soon as I hear about (the) job, we'll all go out for celebratory dinners together!

Sweetie would really love to do some sort of summer activity: swimming, ballet, gymnastics, karate, acting - something.

As soon as Mama hears about (the) job, I'll sign you up for any kind of activity you like, Sweetie.

If I'm to get word on (the) job at all, it will most likely happen today or tomorrow. 

I'm waiting. And hoping. I have a cautiously optimistic outlook on this. But, of course, there are no guarantees. Ever.

So as I wait, I continue my search. I hunt for a position that may be a good fit for me. I submit resumes, I send query letters, and I network with others as best as I can.

But mostly.... I wait.

Hopefully, not for much longer.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mama Monday #24.1

Theme: Count

I'm trying not to count my chickens before they're hatched - but it's very hard to do.


Tomorrow's my birthday. I lost count of how old I am. Once I hit 30, it honestly now takes me a few minutes to think about it and figure out my age.

I'll tell you this much - It's been more than a few years that I've had this age-specific memory trouble.


I count how many aches I have, and how many times I sneeze in a row. How many tissues did I just use up? Yeah - I've got a cold. I can tell it's not allergies (allergies don't first show symptoms at 8pm at night). Yippee. What an awesome week to get sick.


No matter. Hubby and I have very loose plans to go out for dinner for my birthday - at some point. Not necessarily tomorrow. Not even necessarily this week. I have no idea when. It all really depends on his work schedule, which is still up in the air for the week at this point. 

Other than that, I've got nothing going on for my birthday. No cake. No presents (my rules, upon counting up our money - or lack thereof - in the checkbook). No family get-togethers (at least none planned at this point). Nothing. Just the same as every day - Sweetie & me hanging out together; me half-heartedly job searching for a position I figure I can at least tolerate enough to apply for (refer back to note #1 about not counting my chickens); and me trying not to contaminate Sweetie too much with my cold germs.

Woo hoo! Party on, dudes!

Whatever. I'm too old to party too much at this point.

At least I think so - I can't really remember anymore.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #107 - Subtlety Is Not Her Strong Suit Edition

Sweetie is very good at tellin' it like it is.... for better or for worse.

When I opened the door to find that friend of the neighbor girls back at our house around dinner time that night, Sweetie plainly (angrily?) told her:

Hey! What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here now.


Sweetie has also insisted, upon seeing the neighbor girls outside in their own yard, on going outside specifically just to tell them how she can't play right now.

(Thankfully, I've been able to dissuade her from actually going through with this announcement).


When the 6 1/2 year old neighbor girl peered through our living room window the other day, we opened the door, only for me to tell her (in my most apologetic tone):

Hi there. Sorry, I don't think (Sweetie) can play today. Maybe some other time.

Sweetie, though, couldn't let it rest at that, adding rather bluntly:

Yeah. I can't play today. You have to go home now.


In the car yesterday Sweetie suddenly started screaming.

What?! What's the matter Sweetie?!

A tiny spider is crawling on my seat!

Well, shoo it away then. If it's tiny, it's probably a baby. It won't hurt you.

(lots of stomping noises ensued, accompanied by the following commentary from the back seat):

It's a baby spider but it's going to grow up to be a humongous spider! Maybe it's a baby boy spider and so when it grows up it will be a Daddy Long Legs. But it won't grow up, because... I killed it.

Awesome. Way to get in touch with your inner Buddhist, Sweetie. Or not. Whatever.


Now that Sweetie occasionally lets me put her hair in pigtails, I've been interested to show her pictures of myself at her age with the same hairstyle. 

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to show her - she looks an awful lot like I did at 5 years old.

These pictures I showed her were at my parents' house. When Sweetie saw them, she asked Nana:

Is that me, or Mama?

It's you!

It is?

Yeah - don't you remember sitting in that chair and wearing those clothes? I don't think so.

Ha! I'm just kidding! That's not you, it's your Mama. I was just pulling your leg.

Oh! Let me see that picture of you pulling my leg. I want to see it.

Hmmmm. Literal, and bluntly honest. Boy, is she going to be popular in school.

Good luck with that, Sweetie. You're going to need it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Days For All?

Hey! Remember Disaboom? Do y'all check out my blog over there on a regular basis?

Check out my posts from both yesterday and today.

Afterwards, please answer this question for me, if you don't mind:

Do you ever get possessive of your own time and how your child(ren)'s social scene effects that?

Actually, I'm sure many (if not most) parents do feel this way. It must be because it's all new to me that I'm just now thinking about this in my own life.

What do you do to make sure both you and your child(ren) get the free/fun time you all deserve?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama Monday #23.1

Theme: New

Back when Sweetie was a tiny baby, I had a conversation with one of my sisters-in-law, herself a mom of two (at the time): a 4-year old and a 1-year old. I remember her making the comment that she still considered herself to be a "new mom".

What? You're not a new mom, I thought. You've got two kids! You've got your "mom thing" down pat.

Now, here I am, a mom to 5-year old Sweetie. Now I can no longer call my self a new mom.

Or can I?

Sweetie is my only child. She will always be my only child. Every new thing she does, every new milestone she hits, every new skill she learns, every new frustration she puts me through, everything - it's all new. New for her, for me, and for her Daddy. It always will be.

Parenting is an adventure - a thrill ride. For those parents who have more than one child - well, perhaps they at least feel a little more secure on the ride the second time around. Or is it that the second (third? forth? more?) child presents different, not-so-secure bumps in the path along the way? At any rate, I imagine there's some sense of security, comfort and familiarity when siblings are added to the mix.

But for parents of single children - like Hubby and I - parenthood is one long, exciting, sometimes smooth/sometimes bumpy adventure ride with new thrills at every turn. Nothing grows old for us. Nothing is "been there/done that". Everything is amazing. Everything is new.

Until the end of my days, I will always be a new mom. Every one of Sweetie's "firsts" will be a first for me as well.

I will grow old. But thanks to Sweetie, I will experience many, many new parenting firsts along my life's path.

Thank you, Sweetie. Life with you is, and will always be, one fantastic journey.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #106 - Daddy Laughs Edition

A source of endless hilarity for Hubby (okay, and me too)....

Sweetie, can I check if this smoothie is cold on your belly?

Yeah, Daddy. Just a minute…

(finds a good stopping point for whatever she's working on at the time)...


….Okay. (lifts shirt, allowing full exposure for the always freezing cold glass of smoothie drink) Aaaaaa!!!!!!!!

She never refuses.

It's always cold, Daddy! Because you make smoothies with ice!

But I don't know about this one. I don't think I put ice in this one. Come here and we'll see if it's cold on your belly.



Sweetie? Why do you always sit so nice and still with Mommy, but you're all wiggly when you're with me?

Mama is more comfy.

No she's not! Mama is sharp and bony.

Well, she's got soft bones. Softer bones than you.


Looking at a particular patch of grass at Nana's house:

Mama, is that a clover?


Yeah, I finally found their name in my mind.


Sweetie has lots of pretend friends. There's Mrs. Always Smart the Bunny, and Mrs. Sockfuel to name just a couple. These two in particular have visited with me quite a lot this week. They're very nice friends, helping me clean up my closet and Sweetie's room.

But then they leave and Sweetie comes back, wondering if I've met anyone interesting lately.

Oh, yes! I just had a visit from Mrs. Always Smart The Bunny. Then, when she left, I met a new friend - Mrs. Sockfuel. She was wearing a lovely hat and socks on her hands! Very silly. She was nice. I wish you could have met her. It's funny how you're never around when these friends come to visit.

Hmmmmm. Yeah. That is strange.


Lastly... not a funny thing, but something of note anyway...

At library story time this week, Sweetie listened intently as an older girl read a familiar book. Afterward, Sweetie mentioned:

That book is at my sch..... my old school, only it's a smaller sized book.

Hmmm.... it seems reality has set in for Sweetie and she's now understanding - she's not going back to preschool.

I'm glad she's doing so well with this decision. She hasn't complained at all or asked about old friends (I've already assured her that she'll still be able to have play dates with some of her closer friends from preschool). And she's taken very well to "playing" school at home. We've bought her a new kindergarten level activity book and assign her a few pages to do each day. She takes her home schoolwork very seriously. She's doing well.

Good job, Sweetie! Keep it up!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Well, Now...THIS is Different!

Right now, as I write this, my little Sweetie is upstairs in her room, playing with two of the five little girls from across the street. There was a third girl here - a friend who came specifically to play with said neighbor girls. But she's since decided to leave.

For several minutes before they were all in our house, Sweetie was visiting over at their house.

(Good thing we live on a quiet, dead-end road, what with all this back and forth going on! Ooops! Little visiting girl is now back at our house!)

I'm not used to Sweetie having regular playmates at our house. Not used to it at all! Sweetie, obviously, isn't used to it either. But she sure is lovin' it! What a great change for her.

Oh - and one more difference about today? Sweetie is wearing pigtails in her hair. Just like I used to as a girl her age. Come to think of it, she looks an awful lot like I did as a 5-year old.

That's a change too, come to think of it. As a baby, Sweetie looked exactly like her Daddy. Especially when she flashed a big ol' smile! But these days, I do believe she's looking more and more like her Mama.

(Update: little friend of neighbor girls is gone again. I feel bad for her. She came to their house to play, but her friends are playing with a new friend. She doesn't feel like she fits in, I think, as while she's here she only talks with me. Then she leaves to go back across the street. I have a feeling, though, that she'll be back soon enough).

All this activity! I don't know how to handle it all! But it sure is a bright spot in our otherwise quiet day.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mama Monday # 22.1

Theme: Celebrate

My friend, Shanta, who lives in London, England, is celebrating this week.

For one thing, she's celebrating the upcoming release of her second novel - Give Me A Sign. Shanta is a wonderful writer, showcased in first book, Marilyn and Me. I cannot wait to read her sophomore release!

In anticipation of her new novel, Shanta is celebrating with today's launch of the Give Me A Sign blog. This blog is written by Liz - the fictional female lead of Shanta's upcoming novel. I think this is such a cool idea! The blog will only run for 8 weeks - right up until the book's July release date. Until then, I know "Liz" would be so thankful if you could stop by her blog and help her figure out how to proceed with her new feelings - and concerns - about the cute new boy in her class, who happens to be deaf.

Lastly, "Liz"'s blog launch this week is no accident. This is Deaf Awareness Week in the UK. This years theme for the week is "Look at Me", a theme which highlights not only all the different levels and types of deafness, but also the many different modes of communication used by deaf individuals. What better time is there to kick off a new blog and celebrate a new book dealing with such an interesting topic?

So get on over to Liz's blog! She really seems to need some advice!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thank You

Wow! Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate the comments I've received on this post, as well as the many personal emails I've gotten. It's all meant so much to me.

When I wrote my original email to friends, family and contacts after the events of last Tuesday, I pretty much wrote to everyone in my contact lists - you never know how even the most casual of acquaintances can help you and give you the boost you're looking for.

In my case, I'm particularly happy I choose to include two specific people in that email Send To list: Sweetie's school friend H_____'s mom, and one great writing/blogging contact. 

H_____'s mom and I have been emailing each other all week. We're excited to get our daughters together, and excited to learn more about each other. She really seems like a potentially great friend to me, with similar interests and outlook on life. I even think our husbands will get along well. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship for us all!

Then there's my writing/blogging contact. She knows people. Rather important people. And she likes my writing and my attitude. She's happy to get me in front of some very helpful people. I'm very much looking forward to what all may come of this! How very exciting.

So - I'm doing well. I'm excitedly looking forward to one upcoming job interview in particular, and I've secured a small freelance writing position as well. Additionally, I've sent out some query letters - at least a couple per day since last Tuesday. I've signed up at a couple of my state's job-finding websites. And I've updated my resume. I'm staying optimistic and enjoying the search for my ideal job.

I must say - I'm also quite enjoying my extra time with Sweetie. I'm surprised at how many little mannerisms and sayings of hers I'm noticing now. For instance, she tends to say - Okay, now - a lot. Right before she does the thing she's been wanting you to stop and pay attention to, for instance. Or during her own imaginative play, right as she's trying to get her "kids" to settle down and do as they're told. It's so cute! Especially as we play school together - whether she's playing the teacher or the student, there are always several instances where her phrase - Okay, now - fits easily into the situation.

Sweetie will not be going back to her pre-school, as it is very near my old place of employment, and not at all near our home. Hubby and I have decided to withdrawal her from the school earlier than originally planned (the end of this summer), thus saving money on  both tuition and gas. 

If she weren't as outgoing as she is, or we felt she needed more academic prep before kindergarten, we'd have thought more about keeping her where she is. But she's a smart, social little girl whom we're sure will do just fine when school starts again in the fall.

Thanks again for everyone's kind words and wishes of Congratulations! instead of I'm so sorry. I'm not sorry. I'm excited. I don't feel the need to find "just any job" right now. At least I don't feel that way yet. Let's hope I never do.

I don't mean to sound like some Pollyanna. But really - I'm good. I'll find the job I want. The challenging, fulfilling job I know I can tackle successfully. The job I know is right for me in a place I feel comfortable and welcomed. I know it's out there - perhaps even closer than I think.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #105

Sweetie's theory on why her tub water wasn't terribly warm one night:

I don't think that plumber should have come the other day (read: several months ago) and changed our handle (faucet) in the tub, cuz that made me have a cold tubby.

No, it's 'cuz daddy took a shower before your tub. It's his fault the water was cool.

No, it's not daddy's fault! It must have been the mouse's fault.

(earlier that evening, Hubby caught a mouse in our house. For real, this time).

Yeah. The mouse. That's gotta be right.


As we were arriving to the May Day festivities last weekend, I told Sweetie about the May Pole Dance we’d watch.

But Sweetie started asking questions about breakfast foods. Like pancakes.


Oh! Not maple dance! Not like maple sugar you put on pancakes. May Pole Dance. They're going to dance around a big pole and twirl ribbons around it. You'll see.

(Come to think of it, my explanation - to the uninitiated, at least - produces just about as ridiculous a mental image as Sweetie's Maple Dance does).


Speaking of dances, one of Sweetie's favorite dances to perform - complete with a special little song - is the following:

Shakin’ my booty, H___ taught meee--ee! Shakin’ my booty, H_____ taught meee-ee!

(Oh how I wish I had a video of this to share! Thanks to Sweetie's school friend H____, Hubby and I are regularly entertained by this booty-shakin' romp).


The Better than Ezra song Juicy was featured this week on NH Chronicle. Well, not really "featured", but it was playing in the background during one of the stories.

Anyway (and I do think you'll have to click that song link above to get the full effect here), Sweetie heard this and started singing, very passionately –

jjjj – uice tray!

Too funny.


Sweetie was taking far too long to get ready for bed earlier this week. I was getting increasingly upset with her, saying I wasn’t going to read to her at all because she was being too slow and wasting her reading time.

Finally, she met me in her room and very sweetly asked if I could read her just a teeny tiny bit so she could learn some new words.

Is that why you like this story so much? You get to learn new words?

Yeah. I like learning all the new words.

Okay – I’ll read just a little bit (That's Sweetie for ya - one minute you're completely annoyed with her, the next minute she gives you such a sweet, wonder-driven plea. You can't help but change your tune).


Lastly... speaking of those new words from her book....

Last night we happened upon a revisit to a portion of the Jabberwocky poem. The poem is written out in the book in an italic font.

Sweetie asked me something about the slanty words. I told her they were italicized.

Oh. Maybe if Daddy puts me to bed tomorrow night, he'll read more intellicized words to me.

Yeah. Maybe.