Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #107 - Subtlety Is Not Her Strong Suit Edition

Sweetie is very good at tellin' it like it is.... for better or for worse.

When I opened the door to find that friend of the neighbor girls back at our house around dinner time that night, Sweetie plainly (angrily?) told her:

Hey! What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here now.


Sweetie has also insisted, upon seeing the neighbor girls outside in their own yard, on going outside specifically just to tell them how she can't play right now.

(Thankfully, I've been able to dissuade her from actually going through with this announcement).


When the 6 1/2 year old neighbor girl peered through our living room window the other day, we opened the door, only for me to tell her (in my most apologetic tone):

Hi there. Sorry, I don't think (Sweetie) can play today. Maybe some other time.

Sweetie, though, couldn't let it rest at that, adding rather bluntly:

Yeah. I can't play today. You have to go home now.


In the car yesterday Sweetie suddenly started screaming.

What?! What's the matter Sweetie?!

A tiny spider is crawling on my seat!

Well, shoo it away then. If it's tiny, it's probably a baby. It won't hurt you.

(lots of stomping noises ensued, accompanied by the following commentary from the back seat):

It's a baby spider but it's going to grow up to be a humongous spider! Maybe it's a baby boy spider and so when it grows up it will be a Daddy Long Legs. But it won't grow up, because... I killed it.

Awesome. Way to get in touch with your inner Buddhist, Sweetie. Or not. Whatever.


Now that Sweetie occasionally lets me put her hair in pigtails, I've been interested to show her pictures of myself at her age with the same hairstyle. 

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to show her - she looks an awful lot like I did at 5 years old.

These pictures I showed her were at my parents' house. When Sweetie saw them, she asked Nana:

Is that me, or Mama?

It's you!

It is?

Yeah - don't you remember sitting in that chair and wearing those clothes? I don't think so.

Ha! I'm just kidding! That's not you, it's your Mama. I was just pulling your leg.

Oh! Let me see that picture of you pulling my leg. I want to see it.

Hmmmm. Literal, and bluntly honest. Boy, is she going to be popular in school.

Good luck with that, Sweetie. You're going to need it.

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