Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Hard To Blog When Enveloped by Comfy Goodness

My sofa is sooooooooo comfy. Seriously. So, so, soooooooo freakin' comfy. I sit there a lot.

For Christmas Santa was kind enough to gift both Hubby and I with Ipod Touches. My first Ipod of any kind. I am in love. Possibly the best/most well worth the money (ya know, that Santa spent) Christmas gift ever. (well - besides from Sweetie, that is. Goes without sayin, really.) But it's difficult, if not impossible, to blog with it.

Life is more or less really pretty good these days. Not much drama going on around here - thankfully. And, you know - just like in high school/college - whenever life had some bits of even keelness going on - pheh. There's just not a lot of agonizing and whatnot to bother writing down in your schoolgirl journal.

On the flip side - we moved, people. Picked up a whole almost 2000 sq. ft. house and crammed (a lot of it) back into our new space that's about half that size. And we had the whole holiday season thing going on. And there was Sweetie's 7th birthday, of course. And my grandmother passed away. And my niece got married. Family was visiting from far and wide. Emotions all over the place. And still so much more settling in. Cah Raaazy!

I've pretty much given up on tutoring. My experience in the spring tutoring No Child Left Behind kids just pretty much killed me for experiencing any sort of joy in the process anymore. That and the bit of online tutoring I did with Brainquest. Nothing against Brainquest. Just my particular experience as a tutor there was way not rewarding and way too infuriating. I will not be returning. And turning down a couple NCLB students a few weeks ago - that felt so deliciously wonderful. I'm free!!!

My part time job is fabulous. I love the work, I love my boss, I love the flexibility in the schedule, I know that the potential and intention for my job to grow in terms of hours per week and dollars per hour is very strong. There are parts - dare I say several parts? - of my job that I'm not terribly comfortable with - yet. I've got a lot to learn. Some of what I have to do downright scares me. But scares in a good, "I know I can do this!" kind of way. An "I want to learn this and master it" kind of way. And my boss is amazing and knows what I can do and knows what I still have to learn and what I have an interest in learning and is allowing me the time, freedom and space to learn it all. It's just an all around tremendous opportunity and I am really grateful to have it.

Sweetie is good. Really good. She's loving school just as much as ever. She has a great teacher who sees Sweetie for Sweetie - not just another kid to stick in the "stubborn, argumentative, overly dramatic kid" box. She's making friends - kids all over the school know her - but she's still just as happy to play on her own. She's acing her tests, both spelling and math, and continues to be the smart, curious, lover of learning little girl that she's always been.

And did I mention how comfy our couch is? THAT'S crazy. We've had the thing for years - as our 2nd option seating area - mainly for guests only - and I never truly knew about, let alone appreciated, how gosh darn good it felt to sit in. So nice....

So - s'all good. So many new things, new ways of living and thinking about life and what's available for the grabbing. But so many great constants to depend on as well.

The one word I have to describe our new house is "comfy." Just the right size. Just the right feel.

Just like the couch.

Just like - at least for now - life these days.