Monday, March 31, 2008

Mama Monday #17.1 - Bonus Contest Edition!

(Stay tuned at the bottom of this post for information on my wonderfully fun contest details!)

Theme: Wonder

Yesterday we took Sweetie to The Boston Museum of Science. For such a smart, curious, silly little girl, there was no greater place we could have taken her!

(While at the museum, Sweetie introduced herself to another mom and little girl, saying - My name is {Sweetie}. I'm really smart and a little curious. And extremely humble too, I might add. What's with this a little curious business? She's been saying that about herself for weeks! I mean, she is curious, but we've not made a habit of telling her she is at all.)

Anyway -

At the museum, Sweetie got electric...


And she boogie oogie oogied....


In fact, she had a fiercely good time with all the mirrors...


Then we viewed some wickedly deceptive artwork...


Before ending the day with a lighter activity - butterfly-making in the Discovery Center!



Yes, we all had a wonderful/wonder-filled day of learning, playing and laughing at the museum. Sweetie's already talking about our next trip there!


And now for my All-Official-Actually-For-Real-Exciting-DVD-Give-Away Contest!!!

I have been given 3 copies of the brand new DVD Alvin and the Chipmunks. Sweetie actually got her own early copy from the Easter Bunny and has enjoyed both the wide screen and the full screen versions multiple times in the last week. But that's okay because this is one movie that's truly funny - entertaining parents and kids alike.

And now, I'm sharing with you! That's right - I have those 3 copies and I will give them away to 3 of my readers. Here's what you have to do:

If you'd like to be entered into my Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD Contest, please just leave a comment on this post. And if you'd like to tell me A) your most wonder-filled childhood memory, B) A wonder-full moment you experienced with your own child(ren), or C) your favorite Alvin and the Chipmunks related memory - well, that would be pretty dang awesome too.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave said comment before the stroke of midnight (EST - or there abouts. I'm not that picky) on Friday, April 4th 2008. From those timely entrants, I will randomly choose 3 winners using a highly scientific names-from-a-hat method. I'll announce the winners in my next Sweetie Saturday post on April 5th.

That's it! May the best reader win!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #102

Sweetie, would you rather go to the art museum or the science museum?

The science museum!

Then, not 5 minutes later...

Actually, Mama - what's art? What's science?

(Oh Sweetie, how we've failed you! We need to get you to a museum STAT! She's still choosing the science museum.)


At the doctor's office earlier this week, Sweetie informs the receptionist (completely unsolicited):

I'm always great, I'm always smiling, and I'm a little bit curious.


Upon arriving to Nana's yesterday morning - after a long, snowing, having-to-burn-rubber-to-get-through-the-unplowed-uphill-back-roads:

Phew! We made it!

Good! Because if I had to stay in this car more, then my nose would explode!


At the bank a few weeks ago, while Hubby and I talked to the Customer Service Rep, and Sweetie sat with us, bored.

CSR to Hubby and I: Let me go get my calculator, then we'll play the senario game.

Sweetie (perking right up): The Senario Game?! How do you play that?!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweetie vs. The Pinchy Medicine - Sweetie wins!

Sweetie had her 5 year old checkup on Monday, complete with 4 immunization shots. She was deemed healthy and happy - all is well! She even ranked as the very first 5 year old in that office to actually complete both the hearing and eye sight tests (I guess most kids don't "get it" enough to follow directions properly). 

Sweetie weighs 39 lbs (putting her in the 37 percentile for her age) and is just over 44 inches tall (putting her in the 75 percentile for her age). Yep - she's tall and thin, which is perfectly fine with us. Better to have the numbers skewed that way than the opposite. Still - it wouldn't hurt her to eat a bit more!

Speaking of hurt - I didn't tell her ahead of time about the shots she'd be getting at the end of her visit. I didn't tell her, in fact, until the nurses came in the room and Sweetie wondered what they were carrying.

I told Sweetie that she had to get some medicine, but it was medicine that tasted really, really bad - so she'd have to get it a different way.

What way, Mama?

Well, they're going to give it to you through little pinches.

Even this info didn't seem to terribly concern Sweetie. And then, as a nurse on either side of her swabbed her arms in preparation for the needle pricks, Sweetie just looked on in somewhat disinterested curiosity. 

And then the aforementioned pinches. 1-2-3-PINCH 1-2-3- PINCH. Four shots, two nurses, two double whammies in each arm.

Owey, owey, owey!

Yeah, she cried. No, she wasn't happy about the downward turn of events this otherwise benign visit had taken. But all in all - Sweetie did great! She was given lots of stickers for her bravery as well as an entire Easter Basket left at Nana's house the day before. With all those treats, and lots of hugs and encouragement, Sweetie was tear-free by the time we left the exam room.

Still - her left arm has been sore from the tetanus shot right up until today. And Sweetie hasn't been shy about explaining where her rainbow sticker on her coat came from either.

I went to the doctors the other day and they gave me pinchy medicine in my arms, so I got this sticker to help me feel better.

Then tonight, right before her bath:

My arm's feeling better today, Mama, so I can take my Band-Aids off. But I'm scared because I don't want to see the pinchy medicine underneath the Band-Aids.

Hmmmm.... that whole medicine-via-pinches thing was completely an on-the-fly explanation I came up with. But obviously, Sweetie took note.

I was so proud of her for enduring her shots so very well, and I made sure to tell her as much right away.

I definitely think Sweetie is proud of herself too. She had a great check up, and she's doing great. She's one healthy, smart and social little girl.

Way to go, Sweetie! Great job!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mama Monday #16.1

Theme: Spring

I cannot believe that it is already spring! Of course, the world is tricky this year, what with an earlier-than-ever Daylight Savings and Easter as well. So of course looking out the window yesterday evening at 6:45 pm - and still seeing a lovely spring, sunshiny day - it was strange. 

March is very much a Lion month in New England - that old adage about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb. Yeah  - not so much. Still cold. Snow's still on the ground. And not a flower bud in sight.

Still - the calendar does indeed say that it's spring. 

As it is spring - and Hubby is itchy as always to clear out the clutter in the house - I've recently gone through Sweetie's clothes, bringing down a couple more bags and boxes of hand-me-downs from our attic. At the same time, I'm working on packing up clothes Sweetie's done with to give back to my friend. 

I was a little saddened to discover in our stock of future clothes for Sweetie that I seem to have missed out on a whole mess of winter togs she could have been wearing all this season! Ugghh! All these cute clothes Sweetie will never get to wear because by next winter she'll be too big!

And then, I remembered. As I said at the beginning of this post - we live in New England! A part of the country where it remained cold and blustery last year until mid June, for goodness sakes! So this new selection of kidwear I found? No problemo - Sweetie will still be able to get a ton of use out of them starting right now.

Lucky, lucky Sweetie. All new clothes for spring - even if articles include such things as sweaters, sweatshirts and jeans.

Happy spring! Now go bundle up!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #101 - Out Of The Box Edition

I know Sweetie is 5-years old and completely her own, free-thinking little person. But still, she continues to do new things that make me realize how much she understands about herself and the world around her.

For example, a few weeks ago she and I stopped off at our chiropractor's office for my weekly adjustment. These appointments usually are very quick - in and out of the office in 10 minutes flat. And Sweetie always goes with me, as we stop there on our way home from work and school.

On this particular day, Sweetie did as she usually does and headed to the playroom while I met with the chiropractor. After a few minutes, I heard Sweetie dump out a huge tub of Lincoln 

Not too long after that, Sweetie began to cry in despair.

What's the matter, Sweetie? I called from the adjusting table?

We're leaving too soon!

No, we'll be here for a few minutes. You can play!

No! I want to build this house (pictured on the Lincoln Logs tub) but I don't have enough time!

That's it - not a funny story. But one that illustrates how Sweetie is understanding time restraints. She's able to think ahead and realize what she's able to do - and not do - in a given amount of time. No, she shouldn't have cried about it. But it showed she realized the length of time the building project would take vs. how long she knew we'd be in the office.

The next week, upon arriving to the chiropractor's office, the office administrator was waiting in the playroom for Sweetie when we walked in the door. Together they got started building right away, and were able to build a most beautiful log house before it was time for us to leave.


Another story that shows Sweetie is thinking about consequences:

Sweetie, did you tell your school friends about your acting class play?

No. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to talk about the whiney part.

The what?

The whiney part. I didn't want to talk about when I was mad about being the Cow.

Oh. Well you didn't have to tell your friends that part.

Yeah. I just want to keep that secret.

Hmmm..... guess she gets that her behavior was really not acceptable - and she freaked for a very silly reason - and she didn't want her friends to know about it. 


Mama - if it's the Easter Bunny, then he doesn't have whiskers. But if he's the Easter Rabbit, then he does have whiskers.

Oh yeah? Why?

Because my stuffed animal Bunny doesn't have whiskers, but my stuffed animal Rabbity does have whiskers. So that's how you know.


In school the other day, Sweetie's class made paper bunny ears to wear while finding eggs in their Easter Egg Hunt.

Sweetie loooovvvess her bunny ears.

Mama - when I'm not wearing my ears, I'm just (Sweetie). But when I put my bunny ears on, I'm "Mrs. Always Smart, The Bunny".

She was Mrs. Alwasy Smart, The Bunny for at least 10 hours straight yesterday.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stuff About Stuff

So the Mystery Guy/supposed student teacher guy/Mr. K___ in Sweetie's class is.... a new hire! He's going to be one of the kindergarten teachers. Guess he's just filling in where needs arise for now, before settling into a classroom. And the upcoming newsletter parents will soon be getting from the school director will announce this bit of information.


Yesterday was Sweetie's second acting class. They read through the play they'll do (titled: An Animal Story). Sweetie was assigned the role of the Cow. 

Of course, this bit of news completely destroyed my Sweetie von Sweetie-kins. So much so that she was the only child to flip right the heck out of her little mind over the news. Extra special stomping included. 

No! I don't want to be the Cow! I want to be the Dog and the Owl! (or the Owl? Not sure - too difficult to decipher through all the tears and anger). 

Luckily (????) Sweetie's teacher called me during our car ride home, saying that she noticed Sweetie seemed upset about the part she was given (No kiddin', lady. The whole floor of the building heard Sweetie most definitely not liking her given part). As it turns out, one of the other little girls didn't show up for that day's class, so she didn't yet know what part she was given. So if Sweetie wanted to switch to that part, then that would be fine. The part? The Owl.


Sweetie was pretty much still too perturbed to rationally answer me when I asked, so I decided on her behalf, telling the teacher, Yes, the Owl would be awesome. Thanks! To which Sweetie immediately piped in, No! The Dog would be awesome! Hmmmppphh!

In retrospect, I really should have just made Sweetie keep her original Cow role. Why reward her with one of the roles she wanted (for no apparent good reason whatsoever) when she was behaving so poorly about the whole thing in the first place? But - I did what I did, and it is what it is. Sweetie was mildly happier with the change at first, and now seems very excited about being the Owl. Yee haw.

The Lion is the runaway star of the whole shebang anyway. All the other animals have darn near equal parts - about 3 or 4 lines each. Whatever. 

Once Sweetie chilled out a bit on the ride home, she then insisted that I hand her her script. 

Mama, give me my script, please. I want to read my script. It's my script for the play.

Oy. Temper tantrums. Demanding attitude. Yep - she's our little drama queen alright.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mama Monday #15.1

Theme: Impress(ion)

Last week, upon picking Sweetie up from pre-school, I noticed (for the second or third time) a handsome young man - maybe in his mid-to-late 20's - sitting at one of the play tables, interacting with the kids.

Before, I had assumed he was a father to one of the kids, simply allowing his little one to enjoy a bit more playtime before going home. He seemed a friendly, young-dad-ish-looking man who would allow his child this generous extra time, after all.

But before, I saw him in the 3 year old room. Now, here he was in the 4-5 year old play area. And when I picked up Sweetie that day - she was playing by herself in the Home Living Area not far from where this man sat with other kids - I saw him glance over at me as I caught Sweetie's attention. He smiled to himself as she and I greeted each other.

Of course, I had to interrogate Sweetie on our drive home about who this person was.

Who was that man sitting next to H______?

I don't know.

Is he one of the kids' Daddy?

No. He's not a Dad.

Is he a new teacher? He wasn't wearing the same kind of shirt your other teachers wear.

No, he's not a teacher.

What's his name?

I don't know.

Well, have you seen him before, or was he just there today?

No, he's been there before. Today he played soccer with me outside!

But you don't know his name?

I don't remember.

Is it Mr. somebody? With a boy's first name? (All the pre-school teachers go by Miss Whatever-there-first-name-is).


Oh. I bet he's somebody learning to be a teacher.

Yes! He's learning to be a teacher.

Oh, okay.

Then later, at home, I continued the conversation, trying to get his name out of her. Remarkably it only took me 5 or 6 guesses before I got his correct first name (which I learned, after picking Sweetie up the next day, was incorrect. She had told me the name for the school's fix-it guy - Mr. D_____ But this student teacher's name was, in fact, Mr. K______. However, this is all from Sweetie, so I suppose I'm still just as clueless as ever, really).

So what's up with me? What's my deal that I had to figure out who this guy is? And why do I feel like the pre-school director(s) should have informed the parents that a student teacher would be observing/helping out in the classes?

If it was some random woman sitting among the kids, I know for certain that I would have, A) either not even noticed her at all, or, B) just assumed without question that she was a new teacher or a student teacher. No big whoop. And if it was a female student teacher, I know I wouldn't have cared in the least if I was informed of her presence ahead of time or not.

Hmmmm..... the school is not at fault here. I'm just not very impressed with myself regarding my first impressions of Mystery Guy right now. 

Sweetie's pre-school happens to only have female teachers. Of course they don't discourage, forbid, or prejudge against males applying/working there as teachers. It just so happens that none presently do.

And this guy? Like I said - he looks like a very nice, young Dad-ish type of guy. A perfectly lovely human being. Physically speaking, he's a tall, strong guy, mid 20's ish (possibly younger, I now suppose, if he is a typically aged college student), with wavy, brown, shoulder length hair that he pulls back in a short ponytail. He's actually very cute.

I think I'd feel even more strange about him if he was a geeky, younger looking kid. I mean, how in the world could such a person relate to - or be interested in teaching - my young daughter?

But I don't want to feel any way about this guy! I don't want it to matter to me that a male is doing student teaching at Sweetie's pre-school. I've had male teachers before (albeit, not until the older elementary school grades). Anyone who has a passion for teaching is fine by me! The more great teachers we have in the world, the better! Male or female! Yahoo!

This guy is nice! He played soccer with Sweetie! He's harmless! I mean, he's just as initially harmless as any person is - male or female. But why did I even have to qualify that?! What is wrong with me?!

Sweetie doesn't care. She loves many of the young men in our family - her older male cousins and my niece's boyfriend, to name a few. She's a Daddy's girl! Sweetie is an imaginative, active, silly girl who likes to do tomboy-ish things with The Guys. So a male teacher, really, is just perfect for her.

I just have to get over myself. Stop finding fault with the school for not alerting parents to the Mystery Male Invader Into The Lives Of Your Children. All is well. Sweetie is happy.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #100

Lately we've been inflicted with a terrible disease - Toilet Paper Negligence. That is, one person will use up the last of the roll and not replace it, leaving the next person in need to yell for assistance from the bathroom.

A few times last week, Sweetie was the person in need.

At one point we heard her yelling from the bathroom yet again - again about the toilet paper.

As I'm often a lazy person, I just yelled back to her. In that manner, we had the following exchange:

What is it, Sweetie?! Do you need more toilet paper?!

No!...Uh....Mama! There's flowers and butterflies on the toilet paper! I mean IN the toilet paper!

Oh, yeah! I know!

Yeah! You can see the flowers and butterflies next time you go potty!



While driving to Sweetie's pre-school the other morning, a pebble flew up and loudly hit the windshield, making me startle.

What was that, Mama?

Something hit the windshield. It was loud, huh?

Yeah. It almost made my ears cry.


Sweetie, if you could have any kind of animal for a pet, what would you want?

I'd want a pet giraffe!

Oh, cool! That would be awesome - I want a pet giraffe too! And what would you name your pet giraffe?

Uh.... Mr. Lovah Lovah!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Acting Up

So when I signed Sweetie up for these acting lessons - a class entitled Kinderdrama, appropriate for 5 and 6 year olds - I didn't know exactly how much valuable information she'd glean from the "lessons". I mean, come on - 5 and 6 year olds? It's probably going to be a lot of "Let's pretend to be bumblebees!" and "Now tell me a funny story!" and generally a lot of chaos with just the tiniest bit of actual acting going on at all. Just a little basic something to get their toes wet.

Then I walk into the waiting room, 10 minutes before the end of the first class, and my mom hands me the class syllabus for the 6-week course. A syllabus that includes phrases like "character development", "improvisation", "vocal warm-up" and "creative drama" to name just a few. A syllabus that shows the last class is the students' Recital Day. Next week students will do a read-through of the play they'll perform at said recital, and roles will be assigned.

What I'm sayin'? This is no "Let's pretend to be bees!" Mickey Mouse production. This is one claaaassssyy class.

Hubby and I are very impressed. Sweetie is very excited. This? Is money well spent.

However, I can already feel myself becoming just a wee bit stage-motherish. Why? Because at home last night, Sweetie wanted to play Acting Class, during which we basically went over all the activities she did during the first lesson. Yay! I'd get to see my little actress in action!

We did some pantomiming. 

Sweetie pantomimed for me the same 2 things she pantomimed for her classmates. One of which was Sweetie reaching for the clouds - but it looked like a lot of random hopping and grabbing to me. 

The other had Sweetie stomping around the room, her hands curled like claws at her chest, with an angry scowl on her face. Sweetie instructed me to ask, "What are you doing?" to which she answered,

Being an angry elephant.


This morning, during our car ride to pre-school, I asked Sweetie about this angry elephant thing, admitting to her that I thought she looked more like a dinosaur.

If you were an angry elephant, then where was your trunk?

Well... I was an angry elephant because.... because I couldn't find my trunk!

Ooooh! Okay, I get it.

Hmph. Okay, so maybe Sweetie won't be cast in the starring role of the recital play after all - and that's already starting to break my heart for her a little.

But, by golly, for whatever Sweetie may lack in her physical acting ability, her teacher darn well better give Sweetie some extra credit for her stellar story telling chops.

(Really, I do think she'll get much, much better - it was only her first class, after all. And anyway, she's already become a regular little Academy Award winner at home for her stunning performances in the Girl With A Tummy Ache series - a troubling tale of a little girl who, when faced with a number of less-than-satisfying life choices, suddenly and inexplicably becomes consumed with terrible gastrointestinal pains. Brava, Sweetie. Brava - now get over it.)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mama Monday #14.1

Theme: Sense

For today's Mama Monday theme. I was going to link to a specific post over here. But when I went to find it, the post was gone. I suppose the author felt the subject matter was too sensitive to keep up. And honestly - I can't blame her.

You see, Kathleen is a blogger for our large local newspaper. This deleted post talked about her excitedly calling her dad to tell him about side-by-side advertisements in the print edition of the paper - one directing readers to Kathleen's blog, the other advertising a new CD her father just put out (sorry - I believe the last half of that statement is true, but since the post is gone, I can't confirm the info on her dad's alleged CD). How cool that father's and daughter's accomplishments were mentioned right next to each other!

However, Kathleen's enthusiasm was abruptly smashed to bits when her father basically interrupted her announcement, declaring that he doesn't read blogs and he never will, as they're written by "unimportant" people about "unimportant" things. Therefore, people who read such on-line diary drivel are "unimportant" as well.

(I quote only the word "unimportant" because that is the one word from her post that stuck in my mind and shocked me to the core).

Needless to say, her father's words completely shocked Kathleen as well, ending that phone call quickly and badly.

I wish Kathleen had kept that post up, as I think the subject is very important to all bloggers. She also received a ton of very positive, very supportive comments from her readers and friends. But I completely understand why she took it down as well. It was a "venting" post - she vented, got the support she needed and deserves - and then she didn't need it posted anymore, where it could potentially cause more harm than good.

For myself, I sometimes feel I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum. That is, if anything, I feel that people I know who read my blog sometimes take me too seriously. Either that, or they think I'm so widely read (ha!) that they feel I must be very careful about what I write, how I write it, and what sorts of information I share with the world.

I write something somewhat introspective - maybe even downright melancholy - and the next thing I know, Hubby and/or I are being questioned directly about how things are for us. 

I tell a not-so-flattering story about Sweetie - perhaps something the teenaged Sweetie won't like my readers to have known - and friends/family wonder aloud if maybe I crossed the line in what I share on my blog.

And safety is always an issue I have to take into consideration. That's why I don't post pictures of Sweetie anymore. Personally, I would love to post her adorable pictures and I see no harm in it at all. But I know some family members and friends who read me are concerned. And so I don't do it.

It's funny, blogging is. The evolution of a blogger is particularly fascinating.

You start a blog and you have fun with it. You write "anonymously" because - seriously - who ever is going to read what you have to say anyway?

Then you notice you're getting readers. Cool! People really are interested! People really do like what you have to say! People want you to keep writing!

Then you get those first on-line comments from people you actually know. Either that, or a friend or family member happens to mention a post or two you wrote right to your face. Not necessarily a good or bad mention - just an acknowledgement that they do, in fact, read you. And regularly, at that!

Kinda makes a little ol' blogger feel a wee bit self-conscious. Did I ever write something I shouldn't have? Well, no... but did I write something that could have been misunderstood by key people? Possible.... Huh...Wow....I know this person/these people! And they read me! I better start bringing my A-game! And be much careful about what I say.

And sometimes - okay, more times than you'd like to admit - you get really defensive about your blog.

What do you mean, he/she thinks that's what I'm saying in that post?! Who is that person to tell me what I should or shouldn't write about? Or - worse - OMG! He/she really was upset that I posted that? But it's my blog! I can post what I want! But still - I certainly don't want to hurt anyone! It's just not worth it - I'll just give blogging up all together! The whole thing is stupid anyway! Will that make everyone happy?! Fine! Whatever!

Ahem... see?... blogging, by nature, is a very sensitive business.

The thing of it is - you just have to have a good sense of who you are. And if you start a blog without having that, then - by golly - a blog will quickly help you get one! My blog, and my book club, have certainly done that for me. At least they're both helping me develop one as I go.

With a good sense of self, you can do anything. It should go without saying, be kind and respectful to others. Do not do anything that you know will deliberately upset someone you love. That, of course, applies in blogging and all aspects of life.

But at the same time, be true to yourself. If you feel good about writing something, then write it! Whether it helps you get something off your chest, if you thought a good number of like-minded people would benefit from hearing your story, or if you simply felt it was innocently funny enough that others would get a kick out of it - then post it! After all, it is your blog and you can say what you like.

Bloggers are not unimportant people. People who read blogs are not unimportant. The opinions of both bloggers and readers are equally valuable. The real life relationships - even great friendships - that can and do evolve from such on-line give-and-take is very important. 

Blogs themselves have a very real place in our tech-savvy culture. They are a great way to share information, connect with others you'd otherwise never meet, and even get the reassurance we all need in life from time to time that there's at least one other person out there going through the same thing you are. Blogging can even be a great way to earn some extra money.

You just have to know yourself well enough, developing a thick enough skin, so that the occasional undesirable comments you get start to affect you less and less.

Blogging - it's not for the faint of heart. It takes both sense and sensibility. Be conscientious of your words and how they may be construed by others, while at the same time true to yourself and your own needs and goals. 

It's a tall order to consider, but in the end, it makes a lot of sense.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #99

Sweetie (as we already knew) is very tech saavy:

Mama - I clicked on Safari, but it opened your blog. So I went to Firefox instead.


And now for the completely random Sweetie portion of this post:

Upon putting Sweetie to bed, right before I left her room -

Tell Dad we need to go to Sleep-E-ZZZZ to get me a headrest (head board).

Then, last thing yelled to me before I close her door for the night -

If we had a rocket, we could visit space! Tell dad!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Getting Our Act Together

Sorry - I don't have time for much of a post tonight. After Sweetie goes to bed, Hubby and I have to get stuff prepped for our tax appointment this weekend. We're almost all set - shouldn't take us that long as this point. But still - my guess is that I'll be in no frame of mind to write afterwards.

But don't you fret! Next Tuesday Sweetie starts her six-week-long acting class. So by next Wednesday night, I'm sure to have plenty of good material to write on regarding Sweetie's new thespian experience.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mama Monday #13.1

Theme: Spirit

Ah! This theme is great! I know just the little girl I'm going to tell you about.

Actually, I already wrote about her and her dad over here, so please click that link and check it out.

Schuyler is the absolute epitome of spirit and spunk. She's breaking through boundaries and astonishing her family, friends, teachers and doctors all the time.

To read more about Schuyler, please visit Rob's blog - he usually posts multiple times a week. And, by all means, do get yourself a copy of his new book, Schuyler's Monster. You will love it.


NOTE: I've decided to add a category for Mama Monday on my sidebar here, listing a link to each participants post for each theme. I know I have at least a couple bloggers already with me on this weekly adventure. Anyone else interested in playing along? If so, please let me know if you post on a particular theme, and I'll add you to the list of participants for that week. Thanks! And have fun!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #98

Mama – it smells like what you’re eating.

Yep - usually, that's what happens.


Mama – who made my bones?

Daddy and I did.

(Whip of the head, her eyes wide…)

You did?!

Yeah. We made all of you.

(Daddy stepping in). Yeah. You’re half of mommy and half of me. And I’m half of Grampy and half of Grammy. And mommy’s.... (on and on, through her uncles and aunts)....

No further comments from Sweetie. Think she was too shocked.


We've been on vacation this past week, one day of which we'd scheduled a playdate with Sweetie's great friend J____. Sweetie was so completely excited to see her friend that, the afternoon before the playdate, Sweetie was drawing pictures for her, making cards for her, and generally hopping around with enthusiasm, singing, I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so excited to see J_____!

Then - disaster. Not two minutes after Sweetie went through another round of her excited song, I saw an email from J_____'s mom. Sweetie's friend was sick with a fever and bad cough. The playdate would have to be rescheduled.

Neither Hubby nor I wanted to tell Sweetie the bad news, but it had to be done. As she sat watching Curious George, I told her of the change of plans.

Sweetie - J_____ is very sick right now, so we can't go see her tomorrow.

(brace myself - waiting for the great wails of disappointment).


(Hubby and I look at each other in astonishment. Sweetie must not have understood. Shouldn't she be beside herself with sadness right now?).

Sweetie - did you hear me? Do you understand that we're not going to J____'s house tomorrow?


Okay. Good.

Then, several minutes later, Sweetie is again starting in on her "excited" song.

Aha! I knew she didn't fully get it!

And what are you excited about, Sweetie?

I'm gonna see J____ .... some other day!

Way to be positive, Sweetie. Good for you.


Okay, over the years I've most certainly written here several things about Sweetie that she won't be happy I shared with the world. So today I'll give myself equal time.

Earlier this week I was making Sweetie a sandwich for lunch. I was working at the counter, with my back turned to the rest of the kitchen.

I finished up the sandwich and turned with the plate to take it to Sweetie - and I immediately saw a small dark brown/blackish creature scurrying right toward me, then around my feet, on the kitchen floor.

I screamed for Hubby (who was standing right there)! I clung to the refrigerator door handle! I stood on one leg (if there was some surface to jump up on, I certainly would have done that instead)! I looked at Hubby and Sweetie (who was sitting mere feet away in the dining room) in awe and frustration, wondering why they weren't as freaked out as I was (well, Sweetie should have been scared, at least. And Hubby should have been doing something instead of just looking at me like I'm crazy!).

Instead, Hubby said,


All I could do was point down to my feet and plead with him to Get it!

What? This washer? he asked as he held up the hideous creature I thought was most certainly running up my leg by this point.

(Actually, it was a water filter gasket, similar to this. Hubby was throwing it away, but it missed the trash can and rolled around on the floor a bit).

Yeah - we all had a hearty laugh over that, oh boy! Mama was so silly to think that was a rolling mouse! She's so funny!

Yep - funny. That's me.