Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #98

Mama – it smells like what you’re eating.

Yep - usually, that's what happens.


Mama – who made my bones?

Daddy and I did.

(Whip of the head, her eyes wide…)

You did?!

Yeah. We made all of you.

(Daddy stepping in). Yeah. You’re half of mommy and half of me. And I’m half of Grampy and half of Grammy. And mommy’s.... (on and on, through her uncles and aunts)....

No further comments from Sweetie. Think she was too shocked.


We've been on vacation this past week, one day of which we'd scheduled a playdate with Sweetie's great friend J____. Sweetie was so completely excited to see her friend that, the afternoon before the playdate, Sweetie was drawing pictures for her, making cards for her, and generally hopping around with enthusiasm, singing, I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so excited to see J_____!

Then - disaster. Not two minutes after Sweetie went through another round of her excited song, I saw an email from J_____'s mom. Sweetie's friend was sick with a fever and bad cough. The playdate would have to be rescheduled.

Neither Hubby nor I wanted to tell Sweetie the bad news, but it had to be done. As she sat watching Curious George, I told her of the change of plans.

Sweetie - J_____ is very sick right now, so we can't go see her tomorrow.

(brace myself - waiting for the great wails of disappointment).


(Hubby and I look at each other in astonishment. Sweetie must not have understood. Shouldn't she be beside herself with sadness right now?).

Sweetie - did you hear me? Do you understand that we're not going to J____'s house tomorrow?


Okay. Good.

Then, several minutes later, Sweetie is again starting in on her "excited" song.

Aha! I knew she didn't fully get it!

And what are you excited about, Sweetie?

I'm gonna see J____ .... some other day!

Way to be positive, Sweetie. Good for you.


Okay, over the years I've most certainly written here several things about Sweetie that she won't be happy I shared with the world. So today I'll give myself equal time.

Earlier this week I was making Sweetie a sandwich for lunch. I was working at the counter, with my back turned to the rest of the kitchen.

I finished up the sandwich and turned with the plate to take it to Sweetie - and I immediately saw a small dark brown/blackish creature scurrying right toward me, then around my feet, on the kitchen floor.

I screamed for Hubby (who was standing right there)! I clung to the refrigerator door handle! I stood on one leg (if there was some surface to jump up on, I certainly would have done that instead)! I looked at Hubby and Sweetie (who was sitting mere feet away in the dining room) in awe and frustration, wondering why they weren't as freaked out as I was (well, Sweetie should have been scared, at least. And Hubby should have been doing something instead of just looking at me like I'm crazy!).

Instead, Hubby said,


All I could do was point down to my feet and plead with him to Get it!

What? This washer? he asked as he held up the hideous creature I thought was most certainly running up my leg by this point.

(Actually, it was a water filter gasket, similar to this. Hubby was throwing it away, but it missed the trash can and rolled around on the floor a bit).

Yeah - we all had a hearty laugh over that, oh boy! Mama was so silly to think that was a rolling mouse! She's so funny!

Yep - funny. That's me.

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