Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #100

Lately we've been inflicted with a terrible disease - Toilet Paper Negligence. That is, one person will use up the last of the roll and not replace it, leaving the next person in need to yell for assistance from the bathroom.

A few times last week, Sweetie was the person in need.

At one point we heard her yelling from the bathroom yet again - again about the toilet paper.

As I'm often a lazy person, I just yelled back to her. In that manner, we had the following exchange:

What is it, Sweetie?! Do you need more toilet paper?!

No!...Uh....Mama! There's flowers and butterflies on the toilet paper! I mean IN the toilet paper!

Oh, yeah! I know!

Yeah! You can see the flowers and butterflies next time you go potty!



While driving to Sweetie's pre-school the other morning, a pebble flew up and loudly hit the windshield, making me startle.

What was that, Mama?

Something hit the windshield. It was loud, huh?

Yeah. It almost made my ears cry.


Sweetie, if you could have any kind of animal for a pet, what would you want?

I'd want a pet giraffe!

Oh, cool! That would be awesome - I want a pet giraffe too! And what would you name your pet giraffe?

Uh.... Mr. Lovah Lovah!


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