Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #101 - Out Of The Box Edition

I know Sweetie is 5-years old and completely her own, free-thinking little person. But still, she continues to do new things that make me realize how much she understands about herself and the world around her.

For example, a few weeks ago she and I stopped off at our chiropractor's office for my weekly adjustment. These appointments usually are very quick - in and out of the office in 10 minutes flat. And Sweetie always goes with me, as we stop there on our way home from work and school.

On this particular day, Sweetie did as she usually does and headed to the playroom while I met with the chiropractor. After a few minutes, I heard Sweetie dump out a huge tub of Lincoln 

Not too long after that, Sweetie began to cry in despair.

What's the matter, Sweetie? I called from the adjusting table?

We're leaving too soon!

No, we'll be here for a few minutes. You can play!

No! I want to build this house (pictured on the Lincoln Logs tub) but I don't have enough time!

That's it - not a funny story. But one that illustrates how Sweetie is understanding time restraints. She's able to think ahead and realize what she's able to do - and not do - in a given amount of time. No, she shouldn't have cried about it. But it showed she realized the length of time the building project would take vs. how long she knew we'd be in the office.

The next week, upon arriving to the chiropractor's office, the office administrator was waiting in the playroom for Sweetie when we walked in the door. Together they got started building right away, and were able to build a most beautiful log house before it was time for us to leave.


Another story that shows Sweetie is thinking about consequences:

Sweetie, did you tell your school friends about your acting class play?

No. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to talk about the whiney part.

The what?

The whiney part. I didn't want to talk about when I was mad about being the Cow.

Oh. Well you didn't have to tell your friends that part.

Yeah. I just want to keep that secret.

Hmmm..... guess she gets that her behavior was really not acceptable - and she freaked for a very silly reason - and she didn't want her friends to know about it. 


Mama - if it's the Easter Bunny, then he doesn't have whiskers. But if he's the Easter Rabbit, then he does have whiskers.

Oh yeah? Why?

Because my stuffed animal Bunny doesn't have whiskers, but my stuffed animal Rabbity does have whiskers. So that's how you know.


In school the other day, Sweetie's class made paper bunny ears to wear while finding eggs in their Easter Egg Hunt.

Sweetie loooovvvess her bunny ears.

Mama - when I'm not wearing my ears, I'm just (Sweetie). But when I put my bunny ears on, I'm "Mrs. Always Smart, The Bunny".

She was Mrs. Alwasy Smart, The Bunny for at least 10 hours straight yesterday.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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