Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #134

Last Christmas Sweetie found a slide puzzle (very much like this one, but a ladybug instead) in her stocking. She promptly forgot about it, very rarely picked it up throughout the year, and always became quickly frustrated by not being able to solve it.

Well, all that is gone now as, within the last month, she has become a "master" at solving it. She can seriously spend an hour or more mixing it up and solving it (never taking more than 6 or 7 minutes to do so), or asking anyone around to mix it up for her (insisting that no pieces that are supposed to be next to each other are ever actually next to each other) so that she can put it back to right.

I cannot solve the thing. No adult in our family can (or, at least, has the patience to work on it long enough to solve it). 

We're thinking, this Christmas, she's got to get a 4x4 slider puzzle to tackle.


Post-Thanksgiving Day dinner at my in-laws, we headed over to my parents' house for the evening. Activities there consisted of various gaming scenarios to choose from. The one Sweetie and Hubby found most interesting - at least for awhile - was Guitar Hero. Sweetie wasn't entirely very good at it, but she didn't know any better and had lots of fun, nonetheless.

Driving home later that night, Sweetie observed from her backseat spot:

Hey! The cars' lights driving toward us on the other side of the road looks like the notes you play on Guitar Hero.

Funniest thing about this? That Hubby knew exactly what connection she was about to make before the words were even out of her mouth.


Sweetie and I driving to Nana's last weekend - listening to the radio as usual. The song Shattered plays. Sweetie's unsolicited comment?

Maybe he forgot something at home and that's why he has turn his car around.

Next song? Carrie Underwood's Last Name.

Sweetie's proud peanut gallery announcement?

I know my last name! Maybe Noki (our cat) is singing this song, cuz she doesn't know her last name.


And in other news - as of Thanksgiving morning - all Sweetie wants for Christmas are her two front teeth.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Mama Monday #40.1

Theme: Sense

I am on sensory overload right now. I just want to calm down, chill out and simply "be". Sooooo much going on within the last few days and all this week. I'm making it a priority to take it easy whenever I get the chance and not worry about loading on too many extra responsibilities. 

I'll try to get back here within the next few days, but no promises. Holiday week, family to be with, random life changes - much goings-on. Will report back as soon as I can.

So, as they say: if I don't see you beforehand - have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #133

Last weekend, early morning - before Sweetie was "allowed" to wake us up:

Hey, Mama! If your clock says 6-3-7 and you turn your head and look at it upside down and backwards, it spells the word LEG.


This morning - same timeframe:

Hey, Mama! 6-5-6 on the clock is a number palindrome!


Sweetie, why do you keep bringing alphabet or numbers books home from school? I'm tired of that type of book. Can't you pick out a storybook next time?

Well, I like the alphabet and number books because I like to learn new words and about numbers, so that's why I choose those kinds of books. I don't think a storybook would have instresting words for me to learn.


Mama? I'm started playing a new game at recess now. Here's what it's called: Sliding Down The Tube Slide Once and For All. And you play it by going down the tube slide again and again and again with all the other kids.

(I don't get why that's a "once and for all" game - other than maybe she's taking it literally: Sweetie goes down the slide "once" and then "all" the other kids go too).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The other day I asked Sweetie what she wants for Christmas.

You have to write a letter to Santa, Sweetie. What do you want for Christmas?

(after some thought and some whines) I don't knoooowww what I want!

Really? My creative and imaginative Sweetie doesn't have any idea what she wants for Christmas? Hmmm... well, actually, this is a good thing. I can gently "guide" Sweetie by "suggesting" things she my like.

Well, actually - first off, I forgot. She did mention that she wanted a "remote control doll".

You do? Where did you see that?

I didn't see it anywhere - I just made it up.

Oh. Do you really want that? You don't usually play with dolls. I wouldn't think that would be a good gift for you.

Well... A____ at school had her birthday and I thought she would want that for her present and then I thought I'd like it too.

Oh. Okay. But I think you usually like to other types of things. Like you like to do creative things. Would you like some crafts? Or - you like to learn and find out about things. Would you like some science stuff?

YES! Science stuff! Ooh! I have an idea! Why don't I draw a picture of what I want for Christmas instead of writing the words cuz I don't know how to spell all the words.

Okay, that's a great idea. So - draw some pictures of some science stuff. Like what? How about a globe (already purchased).

Yeah! A globe!

This all went on for awhile and Sweetie ended up making different categories of things she wants. A Magic (Sweetie) category, a Science category, a Detective (Sweetie) category and a Super (Sweetie) category.

Here's what her drawing ended up looking like:


Basically, she wants a magician's hat, cape and wand (the wand is in the works, although we imagined it would be more useful to Super (Sweetie) (You know - Harry Potter-style). Then she wants science things like a telescope, an experiment kit and a globe (the globe we got her is a typical globe by day and a map of the constellations by night). Detective (Sweetie) wants a cell phone, "clues" (I suggested a scavenger hunt - which is in the works as well - she drew Blue's Clues paw prints as a representation), a magnifying glass and a disguise costume (mask and cape). Finally, Super (Sweetie) needs a cape (I do believe Grammy is taking care of that one), super hero boots and super hero gloves.

BUT - remarkably - after drawing all this, Sweetie stated that now she has to go through it all again and cross out what she really doesn't want that much from all the drawing. Hmmm.... she hasn't done that yet, though. I think she forgot about the whole thing.

Anyway, part of my point in detailing all this is to point out my realization that, ya know?... Sweetie doesn't really ever ask for anything much. And I think that's remarkable.

She sees commercials for movies coming to the theater that I'd think she'd really love to see. She watches those commercials with interest, but she never asks to go see them. Never.

We go to Target or wherever and she doesn't ask for toys or anything. Not that we typically stroll by the toy area to tempt her anyway. But even when we sometimes do - nope. Nothing. She might comment that something is "cool". But she doesn't outright ask for it.

She LOVES looking at all the toy catalogs that come in the mail. She could look at them for hours. And she loves to point out all the items for 5+ year olds. She'll say something like - That's for kids that are 5 or older, so I can get that.

At first I thought she was thinking that, just because something says it's age appropriate for her, then she thinks she can and will get it. But now - I just think she's pointing out that it's something she'd be able to get because it's the right age for her - not that she really wants it.

I'm sure her lack of want, want, want has a lot to do with our very limited T.V. channels. We have less-than-basic cable - no Nick, no Noggin, no nothin'. She does see those channels at Nana or Grammy's house. But not at home. I imagine if she was regularly more tuned in to the onslaught of kid-targeted commercials, she'd be all over us with requests of what she wants. In fact, on Saturday morning cartoon channels - where toy commercials are frequent - she'll usually take note of one item or another and say that she wants it. But she's not saying it with much believability at all. I don't think she really cares whether she gets it or not, which is great.

I'm glad Sweetie is so non-materialistic and is so into creativity and imagination. Many of her gifts this year are going to be simpler, home-made types of things. Interactive games that we know she'll love. She's definitely going to have a great holiday.

Oh! That reminds me! Hubby and Sweetie were at Target this past weekend where Sweetie saw all the Christmas decorations already up. Hubby reported that Sweetie commented:

What are all the Christmas things up for? It's not even Thanksgiving yet! That's so weird - let's get out of here!

That's my girl. We'll have a great holiday - and your birthday celebration - all together as a family. It's a wonderful time of year. You make it the best, Sweetie. Christmas time is GREAT - just like you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mama Monday #49.1

Theme: Off

Sorry - taking a week off from this. I've got nothing remarkable to write about, no good theme words to work with, and only can think that I'd rather spend my time with Sweetie today.

You, though. You may take my theme word and run with it! And, if you do, I'd love you to leave me a link back to it in my comments area. Thanks!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #132 - Big Kid Edition

Hey! You wanna know how to get a kid super excited about helping you clean up the entire house?! All you have to do is ask her if she wants to do something that has more responsibility to it and that only big kids usually get to do.

And you know what such a kid will say?

Yah! What is it?! What can I do?!

From there, you can get said kid to: wipe the dining room table, clean the bathroom sinks, wipe/dust the stairs, make her bed, and - get this - continue to keep on asking for more things to do!

Yeah. I know. So cool, huh?

See, Hubby and I have - rather unpremeditatedly - begun to intersperse new little duties to Sweetie, telling her that, once she's 6 years old, she'll have to know how to do these things. Things such as wash herself in the tub (rather than having me do it), brush her teeth (again - currently my job), and generally help out a bit more around the house.

So when I got on a cleaning binge the other day and set Sweetie to the task of cleaning off her "craft table" (the coffee table in our living room), well - she did it without much of a fight, but still not terribly enthusiastically, as I'm sure you can imagine. 

At the time, I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I suppose I was thinking about all the other rooms I had to get to to make the house really tidied up as much as I wanted. So when Sweetie finished her table chore, in that very second it occurred to me to ask her for more help - by spicing the job up with a taste of importance and "big kid" skill. 

Honestly - all I was looking for at the time was a little more help with the dining room table. But when Sweetie was so stinkin' excited to be doing the work of a 6 year old (!), she just kept asking and asking for more jobs. I even once caught her talking to herself while she cleaned, muttering proudly under her breath, I'm practicing for when I'm 6 years old.

That was two days ago. Then yesterday morning she asked if she could please brush her teeth all by herself - because that was a 6 year old job that she needed to practice.

Then, while watching me clean a few more dishes in the sink, she asked me if washing dishes will be a job she can do when she's 6 years old.

Uh... No. You're not tall enough for that one. In a few more years, though - yes. You can do that too.

Sweetie proudly reported to Daddy all the 6 year old jobs she practiced that day. And she told a friend in her class as well as Nana and Papa. 

She's very, very proud of herself.

Hubby and I are thinking she's going to be really helpful in getting the house ready for Christmas in the coming weeks, and generally more agreeable to helping clean up on a weekly - or even daily! - basis.

Heck! Ever since, she's been keeping an awfully close eye on that dining room table, wanting to wipe it down whenever she sees even the slightest smudge on it.

Imagine me, having to tell her, No, Sweetie. It's okay. It doesn't have to be cleaned off so much.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half _______

Ugh. I'm feeling like I've got a lot on my plate this month. It's probably not all that bad, but just how I'm feeling in this stressed-out moment.

I'm feeling too busy to even post anything extensive here! Which is ultimately fine - in a world where real-life stuff is keeping me occupied, I suppose it's quite alright to let this blog slide just a wee bit. Still, I really do consider my writing here to be at least one of my priorities.

I think what's getting to me most these days is that I feel like none of the things I'm doing, I'm doing with my full attention on board. I feel, all at once, that I could be doing so much more at the same time that I'm more or less overwhelmed with what I'm doing already.

I'm home most every day, all day - yet the house is not at all tidy. Why can't I get it looking spotless? There's no good excuse.

I continue my job search. I search, and apply, everyday. But I've got nothing yet. I keep holding on to "all good things come to those who wait/something wonderful is out there and will present itself to me when I'm most ready for it." I also think about how I'll be taking the Praxis II exam this weekend and, after passing that, so many more education-related opportunities will be open to me. Still - the fact remains - I'm still jobless. I must be doing something wrong - or at least not as well as I could be.

As for that Praxis exam, I have studied a bit. I bought a practice study test/guide and have gone through it and taken the practice test. But I'm in no way freaking out about the test or over-studying/worrying. I guess I figure I know what I know, I'm pretty sure I know enough to pass the test, and that'll be good enough. But maybe I should be pouring over all my old college notes and grammar/literature books. I could, of course, do better on the test if I studied more. Yet I'm acting as if all I need to do is simply pass the test - with whatever passing grade I happen to get - and that'll be fine. Not the best attitude, I suppose.

I feel like I've gotten so far in all the different job interview opportunities I've found myself in. In fact, I'm still waiting to here if a decision has been made for the job I interviewed for about a month ago. I personally feel like I've done really well in each of the discussions I've had with different employers. But yet - nothing. I've been told a couple times that I was the second choice person. But second place doesn't help me. I need first place in this job-hunt race. What am I doing - or not doing - to get that first place position?

I still feel bad about the time I spend - or don't spend - with Sweetie when she's home from school. I feel like I'm always either on the computer, doing dishes, folding laundry, or trying to work on some holiday gifts/crafts. Sweetie wants to play and I have to tell her I can't for whatever various reason. While she eats lunch at the dining room table, I'm cleaning up in the kitchen. I tell her to go play on her own in her room for awhile or watch T.V. upstairs while I do some computer work. I don't feel like I'm as "here" for her as I should be, considering that I am physically "here" for her.

In short I just feel like I'm doing a whole lot of things half-tushied (sorry - I'm not one to curse. Even a little curse like the one needed in that phrase. See?! I can't even express myself fully appropriately!). So many things going on and none of them getting done the way they should be. 

I have an interview today (is it an interview?) with another employment agency. I'm actually not looking forward to it - not sure why. Maybe I feel like, at this point, even agencies aren't going to find me anything. One agency I'm supposedly signed up with - since June! - has presented me with absolutely nothing. NOTHING! And the other agency has given me 3 or 4 opportunities to try for, which has been great. But then again - those are the jobs where I've presented myself well, but not well enough to actually land the job. I'm feeling dejected, I suppose.

Everything I'm doing is important in it's own right. But no matter what project/activity I find myself doing at any given time, I feel like I should be devoting that time to some other, apparently more important, activity right then. It's a never-ending cycle of feeling not good enough. Yuck.

Anyway - I should get going. I've got to pick Sweetie up from school soon. Maybe if I sign off now I can get one more chore done before she's here. 

At least half way done, anyway...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mama Monday #48.1

Theme: Share

FYI - Hubby has taken on a creative project for this month. Every day in November, he's making and posting a new woodworking project - auctioning them off at Facebook. If you're registered at Facebook, you can get to his page via this link: 

Become a fan of his page or not - you're still eligible to bid on any item by writing a comment under the project you're interested in or emailing him directly in order to keep gifts a secret from other Facebook members (email address available at Hubby's profile page). 

Better yet - if you like one of his projects and are interested in bidding on it, but you're not a member of Facebook, email me directly at sbmoms (at) gmail (dot) com with your offer and I'll personally (and anonymously) add your bid information to the comments area myself.

He's offering up pens, wine bottle stoppers, and other random wooden objects as suits his fancy. Most items start at $15 or $20 - including S/H and a refill pen cartridge (if it's a pen, that is).

Each auction usually lasts for a total of 24 hours before the next item is up for bid.

Check it out, think about holiday gifts, or treat yourself to something nice. And remember, there'll be something new every day this month.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #131 - Improvement Edition

Hubby and I went to our Parent/Teacher conference earlier this week. I was both a little concerned to find out what the teacher had to say about Sweetie's behavior, and interested in hearing what she had to say about Sweetie's academic skills.

Well, as it happens, we didn't find out anything we didn't already know: Sweetie is academically smart but is often stubborn and bossy.

Yep - sounds pretty accurate to me.

On the other hand, Sweetie's teacher did note that she's already seeing good progress in Sweetie's behavior.  

Sweetie used to "complain" about a ton of things - not being able to sign her name every morning on the 5th line of the sign-in sheet (because she's five years old, so she has to sign that line!), to "arguing" with her teacher about why the white board says "we will go to P.E. today" when the class is reading it after they've already gotten back from P.E. (the teacher wants the other kids to recognize the sight words "to" and "go", but since Sweetie already knows those words, it's the whole time frame/grammar incongruity of the sentence that gets her upset). Even recess line up time is getting better (I owe that change to our including Super (Sweetie) in the process). 

And most impressive of all? A boy in her class accidently bumped into Sweetie the other day, spilling his cup of water all over her shirt - and Sweetie handled it all without (many) tears (it's still unclear to me whether she did actually cry or not. Sweetie says no, but her teacher thought Sweetie did ultimately cry a little in the end when the assistant teacher was helping her out). 

Don't get me wrong. According to Sweetie's teacher - and what I know of my daughter - Sweetie was obviously very mad. Apparently, when it happened, Sweetie immediately got a shocked/upset look on her face, balled up her fists at her sides, stomped her way - the long way - around her entire classroom, and (I think) complained about how she DID NOT LIKE SPILLS. But she didn't cry. Her teacher explained that it was just an accident, that neither Sweetie nor the boy were looking where they were going, and that it was just water - it would dry soon and be okay.

I guess that was enough to mostly calm her down. But then Mrs. M. said she soon noticed Sweetie talking to the assistant teacher, whom she convinced to help Sweetie take off her shirt (Sweetie was wearing a turtleneck and a shirt over that that day, so she just wanted that top shirt off). At that point, Sweetie may have been crying.

Anyway - still, an improvement. Obviously not anywhere near the ideal way to behave when such an accident happens. But much better than Sweetie's usual immediate breakdown into sobbing tears and shouts.

At home, I've also noticed some good improvement in Sweetie's behavior. It wasn't even a week ago that Sweetie was working in one of her activity books. At one point she was writing down a needed word, but she accidently wrote a wrong letter. And, ooh boy, was she upset! Even though we explained that she could just write the correct letter over the wrong letter - making it darker and more easily seen - or she could cross out the whole word and write it correctly underneath - both were horribly wrong fixes. In fact, there was no fix in Sweetie's mind. It was just plain, irrevocably wrong. The end.

But only days later? Sweetie's again working in the same workbook and, upon making the exact same sort of mistake, she easily, without even a hint of drama, wrote in the correct letter on top of the wrong one and moved on. No problemo at all. Yay!

And (knock on wood) the very few times that I have recently picked Sweetie up from school when she's been in a less-than-chipper mood, she's also been much more easily brought out of her grumpy state. Before we're even around the corner from her school, she's apologizing, laughing, and talking about the next fun thing she wants to do once home.

Academically - she's really liking math now. She gets in the car after school and tells me she wants to go home and "work on math" in her activity books. She's also brought home a lot of math-related books from her classroom (Mon. - Thurs. the kids all get to bring home one book a day from their room). She and I always sit down right away, once home, to read together and, in these cases, learn a little math. 

Then, of course, there's her reading and spelling. Those subjects have been of great interest to her for a long time now. This week she learned about palindromes. She's very interested in discovering all sorts of different words and phrases that are palindromes.

So - Sweetie is doing well. She's smart and academically curious - but seems not to be bored in a class where most other students are still learning what she already knows. 

She's improving socially - starting to play more with other kids (rather than on her own), learning to control her emotions, and realizing that things cannot always be the way she expects them to be.

Sweetie is where she needs to be. Kindergarten is necessary for her to improve her still-developing interpersonal relations. She's enjoying learning. 

And once she gets to 1st grade, there's an opportunity to separate out into an advanced level in reading, math or whatever fits best for her academically. She'll flourish in a group of peers who are equal to where she is scholastically.

Things are good. 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Make That Move - A Thursday Thoughts Special Post

So... we have a new President Elect. A man of principle, hope, eloquence and strength. Hubby and I (and oh so many of our friends and acquaintances) are simply ecstatic with the outcome of this amazing election and cannot wait until President Obama takes office in January.

Barack Obama, I am confident, will lead our nation well. His very election has already done so much to unite us as a country. Indeed, countries all over the world closely took note - watching along with us as results came in. From England to Africa, Australia to Indonesia, people watched as Obama delivered his acceptance speech and spoke not only to the people of the United States of America but, in fact, the world. Not only do we live in a country where you can do and be anything you set your mind to, but there is hope that oppressed individuals the world over will one day be free to live up to their goals and dreams. Yes we can.

On a much tinier, entirely waaaaayyy less significant note, this unification of our globe's residents made me realize, once again, that my written words here are reaching not only people of the U.S.A, but so many other countrymen (and women) as well. A quick look at my stats tells me I have regular visitors from France, China, India and England (to name only a few). It's awe inspiring to think how connected we all are as a planet, simply by the existence of the internet. 

With that said, when I received a recent request to write an unbiased review of a website based out of Great Britain, I was a little detached - thinking I had no business rating any services meant for the people on an entirely different continent than my own. But after some thought, I realized that I do have an audience, however small, that would benefit from my review. My words can be helpful, regardless of where I call my home. 

In this case, the website,, is a resource which helps individuals plan, organize and act upon their decision to move from one residence to another (using the site's verbiage, this act is referred to as "moving home" which honestly confused me at first. Moving home? Like college grads leaving school and moving back in with mom and dad? Are there really enough young 20-somethings who do that to warrant creating a whole website to helping them? Oh! No! That's just the British terminology for moving from one home to another). Lots of people move! I've moved many times in my life. It's not a country-specific phenomenon. I can write about this.

Anyway, seems like a very helpful, really well-rounded site. They can help you with anything from getting free mortgage quotes, to connecting with your current provider for mortgage quotes, to switching your utility services, to removal quotes (quotes from various moving/packing services).

Like I mentioned, lots of what this site has to offer is specific to Great Britain - for instance, the bulk of the offered legal and financial information. But, at the same time, anyone can benefit from the packing, moving and decorating tips, to the site's frequently updated blog, to the moving check lists available for your use. And, as you can imagine, I'm particularly impressed with their section on Moving with Disabilities is a free service to register and use. They do direct you to various services, if you need them, for which you'd normally expect to pay anyway. But even these prices will most likely be less expensive than if you found them on your own because of the different partnerships the site has set up with their vendors. 

So to all my readers in Great Britian - if you don't already know about, please do check it out. From what I can tell, the site seems to offer a wide and helpful range of tips and services that are useful, even necessary, for when it's time to think about, and make, that move.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mama Monday #47.1

Theme: Choice

I interviewed with a company a week and a half ago for a position I'm very interested in. I called on Friday to see how the decision making process is going. They're still interviewing. It may be another 2 weeks or so before I get any sort of answer.

In the meantime, an employment agency that's been working with me lately has presented another long term temporary full time position (would at least take me through the end of the year - possibly longer). But because I had felt I had to be honest with the agency rep that I potentially had this other exciting opportunity looming, he suggested that I not go for his position and wait it out for now.

But, the thing is - I need a job (duh!). And I have absolutely no guarantee that anything will come of this original job interview. And if nothing does come of it, and I've passed up this agency job, then I'm left with nothing. Again.

So I've put a call into the agency rep this morning, leaving a message that I really would like to go for this job he described to me last week. It does sound interesting and it would give me some income. And then, at the very least, I'll have a choice to make should the other job offer come to fruition. Choice is good.


Hubby and I went to another gathering at our new church last night, this one describing the steps to take in order to become a proper member of the church. There happens to be a new members dinner coming up mid-month, with the Sunday service that week publicly introducing the newest members to the rest of the congregation. It also so happens that that particular weekend is really busy for us and we'll not be able to attend the dinner or the Sunday service. 

The next such dinner and service won't be until sometime in January. So Hubby and I have time to make our ultimate decision. But we're rather confident in our choice anyway. We want to become members of this church. They're good people, they've got a fantastic children's education program, and the feeling of belonging to a community where choice, openness and acceptance of all beliefs is focus #1-  well, it's really wonderful.


Tomorrow, as we all know, is Election Day. I am SO EXCITED! At this late stage, I'm sure everyone is clear about who they're going to vote for. If so, GET OUT AND VOTE! As they say, you can't complain about the outcome if you weren't a part of how we got there in the first place.

Happy Election Day, everyone! This is big one. Change is coming soon.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #130

Last Sunday at church, 4 ladies performed a 4 cornered chant - one woman at each corner of the room, singing a lovely song, a capella, in the style of a round. Sweetie was absolutely fascinated, turning her head to find, then watch each new woman sing her part.

When the women were done, all was quiet in the church as the singers took their seats and the speaker stepped to the altar. All quiet, that is, except for Sweetie's small voice coming from the back row, approvingly thanking the performers with a sweet Bravo! Bravo!


Sweetie has been doing much better at school recess ever since we instituted Super Sweetie to the rescue. She's supposed to listen for the end of recess whistle, which calls Super Sweetie to attention, who then swiftly gets herself to the line.

However, it seems Sweetie employs her super powers more often then just at line up time:

One day this past week I asked Sweetie: How was recess today?


Did Super (Sweetie) help you line up on time?


Great! And what did you play during recess?

I played The Adventures of Bouncing in One Place (Sweetie).

Huh. Sounds.... interesting.


This morning, a distraught Sweetie came into our bedroom about 10 minutes before she was allowed to wake us up for the day. Her question?

How do I read when I have the hiccups?!

Uhhh... you just read.

But I want to read out loud so I can tell if I'm saying the words right.

Well, you can do that. Some words will just sound a little silly. It will be funny.

Still not completely satisfied, Sweetie heeded Hubby's question in style:

How can you be talking to us if you have the hiccups?

And with that, she silently left our room...