Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #130

Last Sunday at church, 4 ladies performed a 4 cornered chant - one woman at each corner of the room, singing a lovely song, a capella, in the style of a round. Sweetie was absolutely fascinated, turning her head to find, then watch each new woman sing her part.

When the women were done, all was quiet in the church as the singers took their seats and the speaker stepped to the altar. All quiet, that is, except for Sweetie's small voice coming from the back row, approvingly thanking the performers with a sweet Bravo! Bravo!


Sweetie has been doing much better at school recess ever since we instituted Super Sweetie to the rescue. She's supposed to listen for the end of recess whistle, which calls Super Sweetie to attention, who then swiftly gets herself to the line.

However, it seems Sweetie employs her super powers more often then just at line up time:

One day this past week I asked Sweetie: How was recess today?


Did Super (Sweetie) help you line up on time?


Great! And what did you play during recess?

I played The Adventures of Bouncing in One Place (Sweetie).

Huh. Sounds.... interesting.


This morning, a distraught Sweetie came into our bedroom about 10 minutes before she was allowed to wake us up for the day. Her question?

How do I read when I have the hiccups?!

Uhhh... you just read.

But I want to read out loud so I can tell if I'm saying the words right.

Well, you can do that. Some words will just sound a little silly. It will be funny.

Still not completely satisfied, Sweetie heeded Hubby's question in style:

How can you be talking to us if you have the hiccups?

And with that, she silently left our room...

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