Thursday, November 06, 2008

Make That Move - A Thursday Thoughts Special Post

So... we have a new President Elect. A man of principle, hope, eloquence and strength. Hubby and I (and oh so many of our friends and acquaintances) are simply ecstatic with the outcome of this amazing election and cannot wait until President Obama takes office in January.

Barack Obama, I am confident, will lead our nation well. His very election has already done so much to unite us as a country. Indeed, countries all over the world closely took note - watching along with us as results came in. From England to Africa, Australia to Indonesia, people watched as Obama delivered his acceptance speech and spoke not only to the people of the United States of America but, in fact, the world. Not only do we live in a country where you can do and be anything you set your mind to, but there is hope that oppressed individuals the world over will one day be free to live up to their goals and dreams. Yes we can.

On a much tinier, entirely waaaaayyy less significant note, this unification of our globe's residents made me realize, once again, that my written words here are reaching not only people of the U.S.A, but so many other countrymen (and women) as well. A quick look at my stats tells me I have regular visitors from France, China, India and England (to name only a few). It's awe inspiring to think how connected we all are as a planet, simply by the existence of the internet. 

With that said, when I received a recent request to write an unbiased review of a website based out of Great Britain, I was a little detached - thinking I had no business rating any services meant for the people on an entirely different continent than my own. But after some thought, I realized that I do have an audience, however small, that would benefit from my review. My words can be helpful, regardless of where I call my home. 

In this case, the website,, is a resource which helps individuals plan, organize and act upon their decision to move from one residence to another (using the site's verbiage, this act is referred to as "moving home" which honestly confused me at first. Moving home? Like college grads leaving school and moving back in with mom and dad? Are there really enough young 20-somethings who do that to warrant creating a whole website to helping them? Oh! No! That's just the British terminology for moving from one home to another). Lots of people move! I've moved many times in my life. It's not a country-specific phenomenon. I can write about this.

Anyway, seems like a very helpful, really well-rounded site. They can help you with anything from getting free mortgage quotes, to connecting with your current provider for mortgage quotes, to switching your utility services, to removal quotes (quotes from various moving/packing services).

Like I mentioned, lots of what this site has to offer is specific to Great Britain - for instance, the bulk of the offered legal and financial information. But, at the same time, anyone can benefit from the packing, moving and decorating tips, to the site's frequently updated blog, to the moving check lists available for your use. And, as you can imagine, I'm particularly impressed with their section on Moving with Disabilities is a free service to register and use. They do direct you to various services, if you need them, for which you'd normally expect to pay anyway. But even these prices will most likely be less expensive than if you found them on your own because of the different partnerships the site has set up with their vendors. 

So to all my readers in Great Britian - if you don't already know about, please do check it out. From what I can tell, the site seems to offer a wide and helpful range of tips and services that are useful, even necessary, for when it's time to think about, and make, that move.

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