Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The other day I asked Sweetie what she wants for Christmas.

You have to write a letter to Santa, Sweetie. What do you want for Christmas?

(after some thought and some whines) I don't knoooowww what I want!

Really? My creative and imaginative Sweetie doesn't have any idea what she wants for Christmas? Hmmm... well, actually, this is a good thing. I can gently "guide" Sweetie by "suggesting" things she my like.

Well, actually - first off, I forgot. She did mention that she wanted a "remote control doll".

You do? Where did you see that?

I didn't see it anywhere - I just made it up.

Oh. Do you really want that? You don't usually play with dolls. I wouldn't think that would be a good gift for you.

Well... A____ at school had her birthday and I thought she would want that for her present and then I thought I'd like it too.

Oh. Okay. But I think you usually like to other types of things. Like you like to do creative things. Would you like some crafts? Or - you like to learn and find out about things. Would you like some science stuff?

YES! Science stuff! Ooh! I have an idea! Why don't I draw a picture of what I want for Christmas instead of writing the words cuz I don't know how to spell all the words.

Okay, that's a great idea. So - draw some pictures of some science stuff. Like what? How about a globe (already purchased).

Yeah! A globe!

This all went on for awhile and Sweetie ended up making different categories of things she wants. A Magic (Sweetie) category, a Science category, a Detective (Sweetie) category and a Super (Sweetie) category.

Here's what her drawing ended up looking like:


Basically, she wants a magician's hat, cape and wand (the wand is in the works, although we imagined it would be more useful to Super (Sweetie) (You know - Harry Potter-style). Then she wants science things like a telescope, an experiment kit and a globe (the globe we got her is a typical globe by day and a map of the constellations by night). Detective (Sweetie) wants a cell phone, "clues" (I suggested a scavenger hunt - which is in the works as well - she drew Blue's Clues paw prints as a representation), a magnifying glass and a disguise costume (mask and cape). Finally, Super (Sweetie) needs a cape (I do believe Grammy is taking care of that one), super hero boots and super hero gloves.

BUT - remarkably - after drawing all this, Sweetie stated that now she has to go through it all again and cross out what she really doesn't want that much from all the drawing. Hmmm.... she hasn't done that yet, though. I think she forgot about the whole thing.

Anyway, part of my point in detailing all this is to point out my realization that, ya know?... Sweetie doesn't really ever ask for anything much. And I think that's remarkable.

She sees commercials for movies coming to the theater that I'd think she'd really love to see. She watches those commercials with interest, but she never asks to go see them. Never.

We go to Target or wherever and she doesn't ask for toys or anything. Not that we typically stroll by the toy area to tempt her anyway. But even when we sometimes do - nope. Nothing. She might comment that something is "cool". But she doesn't outright ask for it.

She LOVES looking at all the toy catalogs that come in the mail. She could look at them for hours. And she loves to point out all the items for 5+ year olds. She'll say something like - That's for kids that are 5 or older, so I can get that.

At first I thought she was thinking that, just because something says it's age appropriate for her, then she thinks she can and will get it. But now - I just think she's pointing out that it's something she'd be able to get because it's the right age for her - not that she really wants it.

I'm sure her lack of want, want, want has a lot to do with our very limited T.V. channels. We have less-than-basic cable - no Nick, no Noggin, no nothin'. She does see those channels at Nana or Grammy's house. But not at home. I imagine if she was regularly more tuned in to the onslaught of kid-targeted commercials, she'd be all over us with requests of what she wants. In fact, on Saturday morning cartoon channels - where toy commercials are frequent - she'll usually take note of one item or another and say that she wants it. But she's not saying it with much believability at all. I don't think she really cares whether she gets it or not, which is great.

I'm glad Sweetie is so non-materialistic and is so into creativity and imagination. Many of her gifts this year are going to be simpler, home-made types of things. Interactive games that we know she'll love. She's definitely going to have a great holiday.

Oh! That reminds me! Hubby and Sweetie were at Target this past weekend where Sweetie saw all the Christmas decorations already up. Hubby reported that Sweetie commented:

What are all the Christmas things up for? It's not even Thanksgiving yet! That's so weird - let's get out of here!

That's my girl. We'll have a great holiday - and your birthday celebration - all together as a family. It's a wonderful time of year. You make it the best, Sweetie. Christmas time is GREAT - just like you.

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