Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #134

Last Christmas Sweetie found a slide puzzle (very much like this one, but a ladybug instead) in her stocking. She promptly forgot about it, very rarely picked it up throughout the year, and always became quickly frustrated by not being able to solve it.

Well, all that is gone now as, within the last month, she has become a "master" at solving it. She can seriously spend an hour or more mixing it up and solving it (never taking more than 6 or 7 minutes to do so), or asking anyone around to mix it up for her (insisting that no pieces that are supposed to be next to each other are ever actually next to each other) so that she can put it back to right.

I cannot solve the thing. No adult in our family can (or, at least, has the patience to work on it long enough to solve it). 

We're thinking, this Christmas, she's got to get a 4x4 slider puzzle to tackle.


Post-Thanksgiving Day dinner at my in-laws, we headed over to my parents' house for the evening. Activities there consisted of various gaming scenarios to choose from. The one Sweetie and Hubby found most interesting - at least for awhile - was Guitar Hero. Sweetie wasn't entirely very good at it, but she didn't know any better and had lots of fun, nonetheless.

Driving home later that night, Sweetie observed from her backseat spot:

Hey! The cars' lights driving toward us on the other side of the road looks like the notes you play on Guitar Hero.

Funniest thing about this? That Hubby knew exactly what connection she was about to make before the words were even out of her mouth.


Sweetie and I driving to Nana's last weekend - listening to the radio as usual. The song Shattered plays. Sweetie's unsolicited comment?

Maybe he forgot something at home and that's why he has turn his car around.

Next song? Carrie Underwood's Last Name.

Sweetie's proud peanut gallery announcement?

I know my last name! Maybe Noki (our cat) is singing this song, cuz she doesn't know her last name.


And in other news - as of Thanksgiving morning - all Sweetie wants for Christmas are her two front teeth.


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