Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I Could Go On...

Well, Sweetie - this one has taken me awhile. Your big day was 2 weeks ago today and I haven't yet written you a birthday post. But I think I can do it now. I'll give it a go, anyway.

It's easy enough to start off by wishing you a happy 14th birthday. Just like every year, I'm amazed to see the time rush by. No longer a new teen, you are now clearly in it, as much as you yourself may wish to deny it.

I can't remember where we were or who we were talking to recently - maybe your great grandfather? - when we brought up your recent birthday and your newly-achieved 14 years. "A real teenager" I think I said, to which you quietly but defiantly answered, "No I'm not." Now, I know you know how old you are and that, logically and sequentially, that does, in fact put you in your teen years. But I think what you may have been getting at with your almost throwaway comment was that you do not see yourself, or want to be seen as, a stereotypical teen. A category of person who, not altogether rightly, tends to get a bum rap as all things apathetic, uncaring, crude, and... I could go on. Because you are none of these things and, more importantly, you don't see yourself as possessing any of these typically unsavory teenage characteristics. You are, and you pride yourself on being, caring and kind, intelligent, unique, inquisitive, confident, loving, humble and... I could go on.

But you also know better than to let people categorize you or anyone into any particular stereotype just because of your... anything! So snap out of it, Sweetie! You are you and you are - as always - great, no matter your age or anything else. You know better and you know how awesome it is to be you. Go out there and show those who may unfortunately try to categorize you that you don't fit where they are trying to put you. You make your own category and enjoy being with others who support who you are, while you love and support them. Daddy and I know you and we love who you are and we are proud of your choices, beliefs, ideals, and... I could go on. Make your own way, bring along friends who are also challenging (for the better) other's ideas of what teens are typically like, and have a blast on the journey. Your nerdy, amazing, unique, thoughtful, loving self makes us proud to watch you lead and grow.

And, my, how you've grown this year, Sweetie, in so many different ways. Over this Christmas break I happened to see a video I took just one year ago at Christmas time of you and I enjoying a "coffee and coloring" (and hot chocolate) date at our favorite coffee shop hangout. Oh my goodness, how different you looked! A small girl compared to the beautiful young woman you have become. You are now undeniably taller than me (and you are begrudgingly getting used to that fact.) Your sense of style has become your own funky thing, complete with an indigo streak of hair at the longest section of your asymmetrical haircut, and your vocabulary and general manner of communication has vastly improved in the shortest amount of time. Seriously - Daddy and I noticed an incredible improvement in your communication style literally just 2 days after you started at your new school (a school which you absolutely love, by the way - a school you feel so challenged by, comfortable at, and have just settled into both socially and academically so beautifully and with such amazing grace and gusto). Anyway. Yes. You are no longer that little girl who sat across from me at the coffee shop one year ago. But we do still have our coffee and coloring dates from time to time, which I love and I know you do as well. I love how much we love hanging out, enjoying each other's company, having quiet fun together. May it continue always.

I could go on and on about all the different ways you really are a great person. But I'm satisfied enough to know that you know how very much Daddy and I love you, support you, and are proud of you in so many different ways. Yes, this post has been difficult for me to write because - I don't know - maybe I feel like, because you do already know where you stand with us, that there's just not much more to say. Nothing much more, at least, than what I've already written to you in any of my other birthday posts to you throughout the years. Even with all your personal changes and growth and everything unique about this particular year... the nuts and bolts of it all remain absolutely the same. You are you. You are great. You are loved.

I will say, though, that for any of the things about you I wish would be just a little different, a little more "with it", a little more grown up or whatever the case may be... well, I could add all that in to this post, as I tended to have done in years past as well as countless other blog posts since I began writing here. But, you know what? It's no one else's business. No one else needs to know the particulars about what I worry about for you, what I wish you'd do better, what I want you to learn about and apply better to your life. You know. Daddy and I have talks with you all the time on all sorts of self-bettering topics. That's our business and not anything that needs to be addressed in a public forum such as this. Suffice it to say that - as much as I go on and on about how great you are and how much pride you bring us everyday - there are things for you to work on. Heck, there are things for Daddy and I to work on! Everyone on the face of this earth has areas to work on, and if someone says they don't - they are lying. No one is perfect. Everyone has lots of room for growth and improvement. Especially teenagers (yes, in this case I'm categorizing all together.) Don't fight the lessons, Sweetie. Know they come from a place of love. Know that - as always - it's behaviors, attitudes and habits we are most concerned about improving, changing, or taking a closer look at. You can do better. We all can do better. We don't expect perfection from you or anyone. We just expect a general sense of improvement and positive growth - and we see that in you all the time.

We know you are capable of all great things, getting better and better each day. Just keep moving forward, proving this to yourself and you'll make us, and yourself, happy for a lifetime. Happy Birthday, Sweetie - we love you. May the year ahead bring you great joy, happiness, love, accomplishment, pride - I could go on.