Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cold Hearted Post

Sweetie has a cold - she came down with it this past Saturday afternoon. But she's okay - she's always been able to handle sickness well, thank goodness.

I have a cold too - I came down with it yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. I think I'm also handling it well. It's just the evenings and mornings that really stink.

Hubby (you guessed it) also has a cold. Or so he says - haven't seen much of him lately. But he, like me, is pretty okay with it all except for the beginning and ending of each day.

But what I'm really sayin' here is that I'm done. Sweetie's sleeping, nothing's on T.V., the dishes are done, and I feel yucky. I've got to go catch some zzzzz's.

In the meantime, don't forget about my other blog posts over at Disaboom and New England Mamas. I blog several times a week at the former, and once every other week at the latter. In both cases, I've posted as recently as a day or two ago.

Feel free to comment on my - or anyone's - posts at either sites. NE Mamas is open for anyone to post comments. Disaboom commenting is for members only. But registration is free and takes, literally, only seconds to do. Please don't feel shy about registering there - it's not only a site for the disabled community, but one for friends, family, caregivers or anyone at all who's interested. Everyone is welcome, so come on in! (no spamming either, which I know is a concern for many).

Okay. Goodnight. I hope to feel better real soon.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mama Monday #81

Theme: Legacy

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Sweetie's Sundress, July 2007

Sweetie's sun dress, made by her Nana, with material from a sun dress my paternal grandmother once owned, then passed on to my mom.

Unknowingly, Oh, The Joys posted a lovely entry on this week's theme. Check it out and send her some love.


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #80

So last week y'all saw Jack's Story. But I didn't get a chance to tell you some other details of the day:

When Sweetie and I first got home that evening, she took off like a shot for parts unknown (well, okay - she took off towards the bathroom). Good! It gave me time to set up the Jack scenario and take some pictures.

Finally, I called to Sweetie:

Sweetie? Where are you?


But you've got to come here. You have a special letter waiting for you.

At that, Sweetie came out of hiding - completely, 100% naked.

See, she was excited to take a bath in our new bathtub. New in that, just the day before, Hubby had the pleasure of spending many, many hours with and many, many dollars on the nice plumbing and heating guy who replaced pretty much all the plumbing and fixtures in our downstairs bathtub.

Anyway, at the time Sweetie was much more excited about her impending tubby than her letter from Jack. But after the bath, that's when she started to get into it.

She was somewhat confused.

But, pumpkins can't write.

Well, apparently this one can.

But, he doesn't have any arms.

Maybe Noki (one of our cats) helped him write the letter.

Noki can't write either!

Then, a minute later, she's talking directly to Jack:

Jack - did you write the letter? How'd you do that? I love you, Jack. (accompanied by a big squeeze)


Later that day, at Pumpkin Day, Sweetie was bumped a little when we left the snack shop. I heard the college-aged guy who ran into her say,

Excuse me, little man.

Uh oh.

Not only did I hear him call her a "little man", but Sweetie heard him too. So she did what she had to do - she followed after him.

Excuse me, she said when she reached his side. I'm a girl.

The college kid was apologetic and admitted he didn't even really look at her. It's all good - Sweetie wasn't mad - she just felt she had to set him straight.


A couple weeks ago Sweetie was all instred (interested) in lots of things. This past week, she's been realizing lots of things. Actually, she's not been realizing things:

I didn't realize that Noki walked behind me while I played the clock game.

I didn't realize that you changed the channel.

Hi, Mommy! I didn't realize you were already here to pick me up!


More Big Girl vocabulary and thought processes of the week:

After taking the bagged leaves to the door, Sweetie discovered a large hole in the bag. Telling me about said hole, she then asked - You can handle this, right?

After discovering that her "map" had been folded and crumpled, Sweetie cried - But it's all folded up! It's folded diangolly!

After seeing a commercial for a tattoo removal cream - Actually, Mama. Ummm... I was wondering... what is a tattoo anyway?


On the spelling front this week:

Hubby brought home a gingerbread cake the other day. As we ate dinner, we told Sweetie about the cake we could have for dessert. But, in order for her to have a slice, we told her she not only had to finish her dinner but she also had to spell "cake".

I even gave her the unsolicited hint that it ended with a silent E.

Several minutes passed while she ate, and I asked her a couple times if she was ready to spell the word yet.

No - not until I'm done with my ravioli.

Okay. That's fine. Whatever.

Several more minutes passed. Enough time, anyway, that I pretty much forgot about the whole spelling requirement part of the evening. So it was especially exciting, impressive and cute when, all of a sudden, Sweetie was singing the letters C-A-K-E.

Very good, Sweetie! Now we can have cake and eat it too.


On another evening, we three were chillin' in the living room when Sweetie was looking at the cover of my latest Reader's Digest. Completely out of the blue, she read the subtitle of the lead story - 10 Not to Take.

As Hubby and I gaped in impressed awe at each other, Sweetie beamed proudly, telling us,

Now you say, "Very good, Sweetie!"

Yes - very good indeed. You're the best!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Too Many Coconuts Boppin' Me On The Head

Sweetie read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to herself on the car ride home from Nana's this afternoon. Only a handful of words made her pause, asking me for help.

Mama, what's this next word?

I don't know. How do you spell it?



Oh. Okay. Thank you, Mama.

This went on for awhile and I was impressed with how infrequently she stopped to ask me about other words. But there were others:

Mama, what's this word? s-k-i-n-n-e-d?

"skinned". Like you skinned your knee.


30 seconds later....

What's this word? k-n-e-e?



Nothing. That's not a word.

Yes it is! What is it?!

Oh! Knee! That's the word "knee". Sorry about that, Sweetie.

Come on - give me a break. It's hard to drive and spell at the same time.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mama Monday #80

Theme: Divided

Hubby and I may disagree, fight and become frustrated with each other. We have before, and we will, undoubtedly, again. But, through hard work and determination, we will never be divided.

Years ago, when Hubby and I were dating - possibly after we were engaged - a mutual friend of ours who happened to be big into astrology told us something about our relationship.

He told us something we actually already knew, but had never really thought about - that we tend to approach things from completely opposite directions, but ultimately want the same outcome.

We've witnessed for ourselves that this is the case for us time and again.

Keeping this info in the back of our minds has been a real life saver for us. When things begin to get heated we are often able to take a breath, calm down, and restate our positions until we can each understand what the other is saying. And more times than not, it's true - we see we're arguing for the same conclusion.

When it comes to parenting, Hubby and I a strongly united front. No division of parental positioning here. He and I both want the same for Sweetie, both agree what is Right and Not Right for her to do, and we do not bend the rules for Sweetie when the other of us is not looking.

Arguments, disagreements and frustrations of marriage and family do come and go. But a complete division, for us, is simply not an option.

Marriage takes work. So does raising a child. Through it all, Hubby and I know we must always work - and sometimes fight - to maintain unity. For when you stop caring enough to fight for something - division is surely not too far behind.


So, what's your take on this week's theme? Submit your entry today.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #79 - "Jack's Story" Edition

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Hi (Sweetie),

I need a face for Pumpkin Day. Will you please draw some for me? I'll pick my favorite one.

Thank you.

I'll see you tomorrow.


I never got a letter from a pumpkin before!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Good morning, Mama. It's 7:00.

Come here.

No. I'm going downstairs to see what my pumpkin looks like.

...(gasp!)...(back up the stairs)

What's he look like?

He looks like the first one I drawed! But... he doesn't have eyeballs.

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Pumpkin Day (addendum)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Awwww.... I hear Jack calling me. He misses me.

Yeah, but he's with all his pumpkin family now.

But those are all his pumpkin party family. He loves me.


Don't know the official count, but Jack had several thousands of pumpkiny brethren to keep him company all day long.

Oh Jack, we hardly knew ye. But we loved you just the same.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Smart IS Beautiful

Upon switching the channel last night from Cavemen to Beauty and the Geek (neither of which, I realize, was appropriate viewing for Sweetie, but there ya go....)

Me: This is a show with pretty girls who aren't very smart and smart boys who aren't very pretty. But they're helping each other to be smarter and prettier. Which do you think is more important - to be smart or pretty?

Sweetie: Pretty.

Hubby and me, in unison: WRONG!

Oy. So much for all my Smart Sweetie talk.

Of all the things to think, Sweetie! That is the one thing you've got completely WRONG!

(Well, that and your erroneous idea that you can't be a builder when you grow up because only boys are builders.)

Be who you are, Sweetie. Be who you want to be - whatever path that may take you down. But most of all, be smart. Your natural beauty will undoubtedly shine throughout your life when you speak your mind, speak from your heart, and apply your intelligence to further both yourself and the world around you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mama Monday #79

Theme: Virgin(ity)

Yesterday Hubby and I had a fight. A stupid, angry fight. Yelling (both of us) and crying (me). And Sweetie heard it all. She came to silently stand in the corner of the room we were in - tears down her face and sadness in her eyes.

After a two hour separation, Hubby and I each stewing (I mean, getting over it) in different rooms, all was fine. It really was a stupid fight over a stupid misunderstanding. It's not even the type of thing I'd normally bring up here, or anywhere, at all. My only point in writing about it is the effect it had on Sweetie.

When Mommy is sad and crying it makes me feel like I want to cry too.


Yesterday evening we had AFV playing on the T.V. Not a show that we usually watch, but it seemed to be the best option at the time.

Watching Sweetie watch this, I wondered if she'd think injury-inducing "comedy" would be funny to her or make her upset to watch. But my curiosity was relieved after a couple different "ouch!" videos made her only giggle a little bit - because she didn't quite understand just how painful the accidents could have felt to the recipients.


Next we all sat on the couch to watch the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We three watched as the opening video ran, showing the incredibly heart-wrenching difficulties the family in need suffered through, bringing them to the point of desperately needing a new home. This family had dealt with it all - flooding, fire, theft - really too much for one family to have to go through.

After the description of their fire, Sweetie asked me,

What's a fireball, Mama?

Oy. This. All of this = NOT. GOOD. Danger, Will Robinson. Warning ahead - be on the lookout for rampant nightmares tonight for one little Sweetie girl. (which - surprise! - she did have. Although she tearfully informed me that she simply couldn't sleep - it wasn't a bad dream).

In the following few minutes of the show, Sweetie was whimpering a bit, rubbing her eyes, and cuddling into me.

Oh no.

I wish..... I wish.....

What is it, Sweetie? What do you wish?

I wish.... I wish that my birthday was going to come sooner days than it is.


Dear Sweetie -

You know what I wish? I wish that you could always keep your incredible empathy for others while never having to go through any personal difficulties in your own life. And I wish that you could always keep your youthful virginity regarding all the tragedy and despair that exists in this big, sometimes frighteningly bad world of ours.

May your life be full of many, many happy birthday wishes and peaceful blue sky days.




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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #78

Okay, one last time (for now)... Please indulge me as I show off my Sweetie a little more. (not to mention my mad movie-takin' skillz and both Nana's and my game-inventing ideas.... Okay, okay. So it's based on a game I saw on Curious George. But Nana helped turn it into a clock game).

Behold the following video, in which our dear Sweetie creates a perfectly arranged clock. For our purposes, the Ace represents a 1, the Queen = an 11, and the King is the 12. Enjoy!

Additionally, prepare to be astounded by the following photos I took of some Sweetie-drawn-and-captioned-pictures.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For this one, she asked me how to spell "number".

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This idea she got from watching an episode of Word World. Note how she turned the letters of "vine" into a vine. Oh, and that's her swinging on it, not Daddy. He's just watching. She only asked me how to spell "swinging".

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This one she did entirely on her own. Wow, Wow, as in Wow, Wow Wubbzy. Pretty good Wubbzy rendering, huh?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is a picture, of course, of a puppy. And her caption says, literally: A Pupy At The "Park. All she wanted to know was how to spell "park".

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now this one is an absolute masterpiece! As I hope you can see, it's a picture of Sweetie with a word balloon coming out of her mouth. Next to her is a large letter "B" as well as a smaller "B" inside it. Next to the smaller "B" and inside of the larger "B" is a bumblebee. The caption, as well as what's written in the word balloon is: "A Bee" In A B. She came up with this and spelled it all entirely by herself.


So you've seen the above video of Sweetie playing her game. That's fine and all, but I also took a video of her dancing with her Daddy at the wedding we attended last weekend. But it turned out way too dark. And sideways. And just pretty crappy all around. So I'm not posting it. Instead, you get photos of them dancing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hubby was pretty stoked to be able to boogie with his Swee to the Violent Femmes' song, Blister in the Sun.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And she had a great time as well.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then there's this picture, which isn't so great of Hubby, but it shows off Sweetie's fabulous dancing outfit. Don't worry - for the ceremony she was beautifully dressed, complete with white tights and sandals. But once the party started, we had to switch to her dancin' socks and shoes.


Lately Sweetie has been very instred (interested) in lots of things:

Sweetie, don't look at that page of the Halloween catalog. It only has yucky things on it. (eyeballs, detached limbs, monsters, etc....)

But I'm too instred in the yucky things.


Why'd you turn the channel, Mama?

Because I'm not sure Pushing Up Daisies is a show for Sweeties.

But.... I'm too instred to Pushing Up Daisies. Turn it back!


I don't want to leave (the pizza place that gave her raw dough to play with)!

But we have to go now. We're done eating.

But I'm too instred to the dough.

Fine - you can take some in the car with you.


Finally - some weeks ago, Sweetie came to us in the middle of the night after having a bad dream. She stayed with us a bit, but once she was calmed down enough I took her back to her own bed.

Will you sleep with me for awhile, Mama?

Sure. But only for a little while. Then I'm going back to my own bed.

Then, not even 30 seconds after wordlessly cozying around her - with me wondering just how long I'd have to stay there, Sweetie turned to me and asked,

Are you going back to your bed now, Mama? (as if she was saying - "get out of my bed already, woman!")?

Is that okay?


Well okay then. See ya!

More recently, Sweetie came to us again after having a bad dream. She didn't seem so traumatized this time, so as soon as I was awake enough to gather my wits about me, I led her back to her bed.

After tucking her in I comforted her some more, saying:

Now, don't worry. It was only a dream. You'll be okay. Think about happy things.

No, Mama. I know. You thinked I had a bad dream. But... it was only a dream.

Good.... it's nice to know I have a (mostly) self-reassuring little girl. Especially in the wee hours of the night.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Makes a Sweetie So Sweetie-ish?

So, I don't know, was it a couple months ago that we took our cats to the vet? Whatever - doesn't matter much. They're fine. A little fat. And Spoon! has one evil temper. But it was a good checkup for both felines overall. That's not what I'm here to talk about.

What I still remember most from that day is Sweetie's insistence on making her presence known. Politely, mind you. But, man, is she persistent in her quest to ask questions, offer answers, and generally be noticed.

Our vet, who's clearly more of an animal lover than a child lover, at one point asked us,

Wow! Where did she get her confidence from?

Confidence? Is that what we're calling it these days? Hmmmmm.... well, if you say so....

Anyway, this rather rhetorical question actually made me think - where does Sweetie get her confidence from?

Everything from Sweetie's declaration of being great everyday, to her creativity, dramatics, her pride in her smarts, her sense of humor, her ability to quickly make new friends and speak up in school - it all really does lead to the conclusion that she's one confident kid.

I know I wasn't terribly confident as a child. I was really very shy. I still am - although as I've aged (even starting back in my high school days) I do see that I'm the type of person who, once I know what I want, I will go after it no matter what the consequences.

Hubby was a shy one too. He was interested in the sciences as a child, as well as creative pursuits, and he entertained himself hour after hour with experiments and artistic endeavors. Not so much socially.

Even now, Hubby and I laugh at our ability to clear a space when we move into it at any given social function. We both just don't know what to do to encourage conversation amongst our friends and family.

So, given all that - what's up with Sweetie?

To an extent, I think it has a lot to do with her age. Yes, I know there are shy kids her age. Kids her age who still cling to their parents' legs. Kids who are happy to let others lead. But for the most part I think that the larger population of Pre-K/Kindergarten children are eager to play, laugh, create, yell, show off, and dramatize.

Just like Sweetie.

But with that, Hubby and I are definitely intent on encouraging Sweetie's outgoingness. I so want to get her involved in community theater when she's old enough. If she shows interest in sports and/or any other creative pursuit, I want to be able to provide that in her life as well.

And Hubby and I are extremely interested in continuing her love of learning and her pride in her intelligence. When/if the school testings prove that she'd be able to handle advanced level courses, you better believe that she'll be in them. Our financial situation may not allow for special privatized schooling or things like that, but we can certainly encourage her to learn and be actively involved in any number of things as long as she has an interest in them.

I mean, I absolutely love when Sweetie writes a new word or learns a new skill, shows me what she can do, and beams with proud excitement when I and Hubby express how impressed we are with her abililities.

I love that she's as smart as she is, that she knows it, and that she's not afraid to show it.

But, again - where exactly did this come from?

Just like many of her book smart skills that I know we personally didn't teach her - I truly wonder where her thrill of life and learning has come from.

Her pre-school is good, but not that good as far as I've seen. And I much more often feel like I'm sending Sweetie to play on her own or to watch TV while I work, than I'm actually sitting down to do something with her. Hubby, I'd argue, interacts with her just as much - or less, given the hours he's home per week - as I do. And Nana is a terrific Nana, but I'm not sure just how much learning, interaction and confidence boosting is going on during Nana Days either. (Love you, Mom! You're awesome and greatly appreciated!).

So maybe it has to do with our making sure that Sweetie has in her life what Hubby and I felt was missing from our own youths. Maybe, even subconsciously, we're making darn sure that Sweetie knows how great and smart and talented she is because we as kids perhaps didn't feel that way about ourselves so much.

In fact, I think Sweetie's ability to go off and play and create on her own time may be the very thing that gives her the confidence that she has. Hubby, Nana and I don't coddle her and make her feel like she can't do something if one of us isn't doing it with her. She's often free to explore, do, and dream on her own.

Now if only she didn't feel the need to tell us every. teeny. tiny. detail. of what she's exploring, doing, and dreaming - now that would be just great.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Mama Monday #78

Theme: Compassion

Hubby and I spend this past Saturday in Boston seeing the musical Wicked. If you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend it. It was breathtakingly awesome. Truly wonderful.

I don't want to give away much of the story for those of you who haven't read the book or seen the show. But, really, at it's heart it's a story of compassion.

Is the Wicked Witch of the West truly wicked? Is Glinda the Good Witch purely good? Their's is a complicated story of friendship, personal beliefs vs. sticking to the "norm", love, honor, disappointments, honesty and dishonesty, passion and compassion.

I love going to the theater. And I loved this show.

And I love my Hubby.

Thank you, Hubby, for my birthday-present/anniversary present. Thank you for showing me compassion throughout the years. Your determination to lead a life with passion inspires me everyday.

Because of you, I've been changed for good.


So, what's your take on this week's theme? Submit your entry today.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #77 - Completely Random Edition

Sweetie has, of late, made some pretty (you guessed it) random declarations.

For instance, I noticed on the announcement wall at Sweetie's school that one of her classmate's birthdays was coming up. So, once the birthday arrived (on a Saturday) I mentioned to Sweetie,

Hey Sweetie. Today is M____'s birthday.

She didn't comment at all at the time and just went on with her playing. Okay. Whatever.

Later, when we dropped Sweetie off to play at Nana's for awhile, the very first thing Sweetie excitedly said to my mom was,

Hey Nana! Guess what?! Today is M______'s birthday!


On another occasion, at bedtime, we instructed Sweetie to gather her sleeping friends before she headed up to her room. Unfortunately, Kisses could not be found. Anywhere.

Hubby looked around - twice - in every downstairs room.

Sweetie looked around.

I looked everywhere too.

Nothing. Kisses was officially missing.

Sweetie waited in her room while I searched the downstairs. When I came back empty-handed, Sweetie was very sad.

I looked everywhere, Sweetie. I just can't find her.

Did you look in every each room?!

Yes I did.

Even behind the kitty potty?

Uh.... no. Why would Kisses be behind the kitty potty (in the downstairs bathroom closet)? Did you put her there?


Well then... that was pretty random.


Sweetie had to accompany me when I recently went for an eye exam. As we waited for the nurse to call me, Sweetie watched - completely fascinated - as the reception area TV played a movie about the inner workings of the eye.

Hey, Mama! That's a movie about the eye! See, Mama! Look! (as she forcefully turned my head to watch). Look! That eye is connected to the brain! That's an eye, Mama! I see the inside of the eye!

Great! Lovely. I hate all things having to do with the eye. The one thing I fear most in this life is "eye trauma". So, needless to say, I was not as interested in this movie as Sweetie was - even if it was only computer graphic representations of the eye.

Later that night, at home, Sweetie sat playing on the floor with her animals. At one point she looked up at me to seriously ask me something - whilst sticking her fingers in her eyes and pushing/distorting her eyelids.

I quickly told her to stop doing that! but at the same time I was laughing because she looked so dang funny doing this.

What Mama? What's so funny?, she very quizzically asked me as she continued poking her eyes. She was absolutely perplexed as to the cause of my laughing fit.

Nothing, Sweetie. Just get your fingers out of your eyes!


Matter-of-factly told to me as Sweetie sat on her giraffe, Melina, holding a plastic banana in one hand and Kisses and Paz the Penguin in the other:

Mama - this picture is called "Girl on a Giraffe Holding a Banana with Friends".

Okaaaaay. Crazy.


Oh! That reminds me!

Hubby is forever telling Sweetie that she's crazy. But one recent morning, Sweetie objected.

I'm not crazy.

Oh, no? Then what are you?

Said quietly, almost to herself as she concentrated on an object in front of her:

Smart and sneaky.

Uh Oh.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Growings and Goings-On of A Sweetie

More proof that my little Sweetie is growing up... she got invited to her very first friend-from-school birthday party. And it's a Halloween costume party to boot! My, my... the first of many party invites, I'm sure.


Sweetie has been impressing me lately with her larger grasp of the world. That is, her ability to see beyond the Right Now. To understand and apply things to the larger picture.

For instance, we have a family wedding to go to this weekend. And Sweetie needs shoes to go with her dress. Considering this on my own, I resigned myself that I'd just have to stop somewhere on my way home one day this week to pick out a nice pair for her.

Then, just a couple days ago, it occurred to me that she already owns a pretty pair of sandals I got her this summer. They're still in good repair and probably still fit her. So, thinking to myself about this, I told her,

Hey Sweetie. Go get those sandals of yours on the shelf in the kitchen. I want you to try them on.

Okay, Mama. Why? Do you want to see if they're good for the wedding?

Huh. How about that? Why yes I do!

And it's not even like I've talked to her non-stop about the wedding or her need for shoes for the occasion.

In another instance, I mentioned to Sweetie the other day that Nana was going to make part of her kitty costume for her for Halloween.

Cut to our arrival at Nana's this morning when she said,

Come here, Sweetie. I have something I want you to try on.

Oh! Is it my gloves for my kitty costume?! I want to see them!

Sweetie is also at a great age for jokes and understanding funny slips of the tongue. For example, she told us this morning how she was playing with her friend at school when this friend said something, then said,

"I'm just chicken." But then she laughed and said, "Oh, I meant to say 'I'm just kidding!'" Ha!!! That's so funny!

But perhaps Sweetie's biggest Big Girl/More Worldly Girl evidence is found in this photo:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Poor Teddy has been under our kitchen table for days! DAYS I tell you!

Sweetie's one constant bed companion since birth! Her one most true friend of them all! I just cannot believe it.

And why is Teddy under the table and not in bed with Sweetie? Because,

That's Teddy's house and she likes it in her house. Teddy's taking care of Joe because Joe doesn't feel very good.

(Joe? Who's Joe? It's not the pink rabbit there - that's Rabbitty. And she's not talking about this Joe either. I know, because I asked. But I can't figure out just who she is talking about).

Birthday parties. Understanding the larger concepts of our world. And - OMG! - no more need for Teddy....

What in the world is this world coming to?!


Updated to add: I forgot! Sweetie has also taken to participating in my nightly ritual of having a cup of tea after dinner. In her case, it's "Fairy Tea" which is black tea steeped for only about 20 seconds, with sugar and a large amount of soy milk added in. But, still. It's so grown up of her! She's gone from "bed milk" to "bed juice or water" to - now - Fairy Tea. Huh.

And, also? The girl knows the word "blog". For two days in a row now she's told me one thing or another about "your blog, Mama....". I know she doesn't quite understand what the word means. But - Dude! No more references to "" or whatever. Now, it's all about the blog.

Dude. Whoa.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Mama Monday #77

Theme: Purify

Since having Sweetie (and largely, if not entirely, due to her presence) my body and life have been intoxicated with bodily aches and pains, exhaustion, stress, anger, impatience and worry.

But.... hearing her laugh, marveling at her confidence and dramatic flair, and admiring her intelligence and wit purifies me more than any massage, cleansing diet, or comfy sleep ever could.


So, what's your take on this week's theme? Submit your entry today.