Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Growings and Goings-On of A Sweetie

More proof that my little Sweetie is growing up... she got invited to her very first friend-from-school birthday party. And it's a Halloween costume party to boot! My, my... the first of many party invites, I'm sure.


Sweetie has been impressing me lately with her larger grasp of the world. That is, her ability to see beyond the Right Now. To understand and apply things to the larger picture.

For instance, we have a family wedding to go to this weekend. And Sweetie needs shoes to go with her dress. Considering this on my own, I resigned myself that I'd just have to stop somewhere on my way home one day this week to pick out a nice pair for her.

Then, just a couple days ago, it occurred to me that she already owns a pretty pair of sandals I got her this summer. They're still in good repair and probably still fit her. So, thinking to myself about this, I told her,

Hey Sweetie. Go get those sandals of yours on the shelf in the kitchen. I want you to try them on.

Okay, Mama. Why? Do you want to see if they're good for the wedding?

Huh. How about that? Why yes I do!

And it's not even like I've talked to her non-stop about the wedding or her need for shoes for the occasion.

In another instance, I mentioned to Sweetie the other day that Nana was going to make part of her kitty costume for her for Halloween.

Cut to our arrival at Nana's this morning when she said,

Come here, Sweetie. I have something I want you to try on.

Oh! Is it my gloves for my kitty costume?! I want to see them!

Sweetie is also at a great age for jokes and understanding funny slips of the tongue. For example, she told us this morning how she was playing with her friend at school when this friend said something, then said,

"I'm just chicken." But then she laughed and said, "Oh, I meant to say 'I'm just kidding!'" Ha!!! That's so funny!

But perhaps Sweetie's biggest Big Girl/More Worldly Girl evidence is found in this photo:

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Poor Teddy has been under our kitchen table for days! DAYS I tell you!

Sweetie's one constant bed companion since birth! Her one most true friend of them all! I just cannot believe it.

And why is Teddy under the table and not in bed with Sweetie? Because,

That's Teddy's house and she likes it in her house. Teddy's taking care of Joe because Joe doesn't feel very good.

(Joe? Who's Joe? It's not the pink rabbit there - that's Rabbitty. And she's not talking about this Joe either. I know, because I asked. But I can't figure out just who she is talking about).

Birthday parties. Understanding the larger concepts of our world. And - OMG! - no more need for Teddy....

What in the world is this world coming to?!


Updated to add: I forgot! Sweetie has also taken to participating in my nightly ritual of having a cup of tea after dinner. In her case, it's "Fairy Tea" which is black tea steeped for only about 20 seconds, with sugar and a large amount of soy milk added in. But, still. It's so grown up of her! She's gone from "bed milk" to "bed juice or water" to - now - Fairy Tea. Huh.

And, also? The girl knows the word "blog". For two days in a row now she's told me one thing or another about "your blog, Mama....". I know she doesn't quite understand what the word means. But - Dude! No more references to "" or whatever. Now, it's all about the blog.

Dude. Whoa.

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