Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Smart IS Beautiful

Upon switching the channel last night from Cavemen to Beauty and the Geek (neither of which, I realize, was appropriate viewing for Sweetie, but there ya go....)

Me: This is a show with pretty girls who aren't very smart and smart boys who aren't very pretty. But they're helping each other to be smarter and prettier. Which do you think is more important - to be smart or pretty?

Sweetie: Pretty.

Hubby and me, in unison: WRONG!

Oy. So much for all my Smart Sweetie talk.

Of all the things to think, Sweetie! That is the one thing you've got completely WRONG!

(Well, that and your erroneous idea that you can't be a builder when you grow up because only boys are builders.)

Be who you are, Sweetie. Be who you want to be - whatever path that may take you down. But most of all, be smart. Your natural beauty will undoubtedly shine throughout your life when you speak your mind, speak from your heart, and apply your intelligence to further both yourself and the world around you.

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