Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #78

Okay, one last time (for now)... Please indulge me as I show off my Sweetie a little more. (not to mention my mad movie-takin' skillz and both Nana's and my game-inventing ideas.... Okay, okay. So it's based on a game I saw on Curious George. But Nana helped turn it into a clock game).

Behold the following video, in which our dear Sweetie creates a perfectly arranged clock. For our purposes, the Ace represents a 1, the Queen = an 11, and the King is the 12. Enjoy!

Additionally, prepare to be astounded by the following photos I took of some Sweetie-drawn-and-captioned-pictures.

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For this one, she asked me how to spell "number".

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This idea she got from watching an episode of Word World. Note how she turned the letters of "vine" into a vine. Oh, and that's her swinging on it, not Daddy. He's just watching. She only asked me how to spell "swinging".

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This one she did entirely on her own. Wow, Wow, as in Wow, Wow Wubbzy. Pretty good Wubbzy rendering, huh?

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This is a picture, of course, of a puppy. And her caption says, literally: A Pupy At The "Park. All she wanted to know was how to spell "park".

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Now this one is an absolute masterpiece! As I hope you can see, it's a picture of Sweetie with a word balloon coming out of her mouth. Next to her is a large letter "B" as well as a smaller "B" inside it. Next to the smaller "B" and inside of the larger "B" is a bumblebee. The caption, as well as what's written in the word balloon is: "A Bee" In A B. She came up with this and spelled it all entirely by herself.


So you've seen the above video of Sweetie playing her game. That's fine and all, but I also took a video of her dancing with her Daddy at the wedding we attended last weekend. But it turned out way too dark. And sideways. And just pretty crappy all around. So I'm not posting it. Instead, you get photos of them dancing.

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Hubby was pretty stoked to be able to boogie with his Swee to the Violent Femmes' song, Blister in the Sun.

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And she had a great time as well.

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Then there's this picture, which isn't so great of Hubby, but it shows off Sweetie's fabulous dancing outfit. Don't worry - for the ceremony she was beautifully dressed, complete with white tights and sandals. But once the party started, we had to switch to her dancin' socks and shoes.


Lately Sweetie has been very instred (interested) in lots of things:

Sweetie, don't look at that page of the Halloween catalog. It only has yucky things on it. (eyeballs, detached limbs, monsters, etc....)

But I'm too instred in the yucky things.


Why'd you turn the channel, Mama?

Because I'm not sure Pushing Up Daisies is a show for Sweeties.

But.... I'm too instred to Pushing Up Daisies. Turn it back!


I don't want to leave (the pizza place that gave her raw dough to play with)!

But we have to go now. We're done eating.

But I'm too instred to the dough.

Fine - you can take some in the car with you.


Finally - some weeks ago, Sweetie came to us in the middle of the night after having a bad dream. She stayed with us a bit, but once she was calmed down enough I took her back to her own bed.

Will you sleep with me for awhile, Mama?

Sure. But only for a little while. Then I'm going back to my own bed.

Then, not even 30 seconds after wordlessly cozying around her - with me wondering just how long I'd have to stay there, Sweetie turned to me and asked,

Are you going back to your bed now, Mama? (as if she was saying - "get out of my bed already, woman!")?

Is that okay?


Well okay then. See ya!

More recently, Sweetie came to us again after having a bad dream. She didn't seem so traumatized this time, so as soon as I was awake enough to gather my wits about me, I led her back to her bed.

After tucking her in I comforted her some more, saying:

Now, don't worry. It was only a dream. You'll be okay. Think about happy things.

No, Mama. I know. You thinked I had a bad dream. But... it was only a dream.

Good.... it's nice to know I have a (mostly) self-reassuring little girl. Especially in the wee hours of the night.

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