Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #77 - Completely Random Edition

Sweetie has, of late, made some pretty (you guessed it) random declarations.

For instance, I noticed on the announcement wall at Sweetie's school that one of her classmate's birthdays was coming up. So, once the birthday arrived (on a Saturday) I mentioned to Sweetie,

Hey Sweetie. Today is M____'s birthday.

She didn't comment at all at the time and just went on with her playing. Okay. Whatever.

Later, when we dropped Sweetie off to play at Nana's for awhile, the very first thing Sweetie excitedly said to my mom was,

Hey Nana! Guess what?! Today is M______'s birthday!


On another occasion, at bedtime, we instructed Sweetie to gather her sleeping friends before she headed up to her room. Unfortunately, Kisses could not be found. Anywhere.

Hubby looked around - twice - in every downstairs room.

Sweetie looked around.

I looked everywhere too.

Nothing. Kisses was officially missing.

Sweetie waited in her room while I searched the downstairs. When I came back empty-handed, Sweetie was very sad.

I looked everywhere, Sweetie. I just can't find her.

Did you look in every each room?!

Yes I did.

Even behind the kitty potty?

Uh.... no. Why would Kisses be behind the kitty potty (in the downstairs bathroom closet)? Did you put her there?


Well then... that was pretty random.


Sweetie had to accompany me when I recently went for an eye exam. As we waited for the nurse to call me, Sweetie watched - completely fascinated - as the reception area TV played a movie about the inner workings of the eye.

Hey, Mama! That's a movie about the eye! See, Mama! Look! (as she forcefully turned my head to watch). Look! That eye is connected to the brain! That's an eye, Mama! I see the inside of the eye!

Great! Lovely. I hate all things having to do with the eye. The one thing I fear most in this life is "eye trauma". So, needless to say, I was not as interested in this movie as Sweetie was - even if it was only computer graphic representations of the eye.

Later that night, at home, Sweetie sat playing on the floor with her animals. At one point she looked up at me to seriously ask me something - whilst sticking her fingers in her eyes and pushing/distorting her eyelids.

I quickly told her to stop doing that! but at the same time I was laughing because she looked so dang funny doing this.

What Mama? What's so funny?, she very quizzically asked me as she continued poking her eyes. She was absolutely perplexed as to the cause of my laughing fit.

Nothing, Sweetie. Just get your fingers out of your eyes!


Matter-of-factly told to me as Sweetie sat on her giraffe, Melina, holding a plastic banana in one hand and Kisses and Paz the Penguin in the other:

Mama - this picture is called "Girl on a Giraffe Holding a Banana with Friends".

Okaaaaay. Crazy.


Oh! That reminds me!

Hubby is forever telling Sweetie that she's crazy. But one recent morning, Sweetie objected.

I'm not crazy.

Oh, no? Then what are you?

Said quietly, almost to herself as she concentrated on an object in front of her:

Smart and sneaky.

Uh Oh.

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