Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mama Monday #80

Theme: Divided

Hubby and I may disagree, fight and become frustrated with each other. We have before, and we will, undoubtedly, again. But, through hard work and determination, we will never be divided.

Years ago, when Hubby and I were dating - possibly after we were engaged - a mutual friend of ours who happened to be big into astrology told us something about our relationship.

He told us something we actually already knew, but had never really thought about - that we tend to approach things from completely opposite directions, but ultimately want the same outcome.

We've witnessed for ourselves that this is the case for us time and again.

Keeping this info in the back of our minds has been a real life saver for us. When things begin to get heated we are often able to take a breath, calm down, and restate our positions until we can each understand what the other is saying. And more times than not, it's true - we see we're arguing for the same conclusion.

When it comes to parenting, Hubby and I a strongly united front. No division of parental positioning here. He and I both want the same for Sweetie, both agree what is Right and Not Right for her to do, and we do not bend the rules for Sweetie when the other of us is not looking.

Arguments, disagreements and frustrations of marriage and family do come and go. But a complete division, for us, is simply not an option.

Marriage takes work. So does raising a child. Through it all, Hubby and I know we must always work - and sometimes fight - to maintain unity. For when you stop caring enough to fight for something - division is surely not too far behind.


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