Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #80

So last week y'all saw Jack's Story. But I didn't get a chance to tell you some other details of the day:

When Sweetie and I first got home that evening, she took off like a shot for parts unknown (well, okay - she took off towards the bathroom). Good! It gave me time to set up the Jack scenario and take some pictures.

Finally, I called to Sweetie:

Sweetie? Where are you?


But you've got to come here. You have a special letter waiting for you.

At that, Sweetie came out of hiding - completely, 100% naked.

See, she was excited to take a bath in our new bathtub. New in that, just the day before, Hubby had the pleasure of spending many, many hours with and many, many dollars on the nice plumbing and heating guy who replaced pretty much all the plumbing and fixtures in our downstairs bathtub.

Anyway, at the time Sweetie was much more excited about her impending tubby than her letter from Jack. But after the bath, that's when she started to get into it.

She was somewhat confused.

But, pumpkins can't write.

Well, apparently this one can.

But, he doesn't have any arms.

Maybe Noki (one of our cats) helped him write the letter.

Noki can't write either!

Then, a minute later, she's talking directly to Jack:

Jack - did you write the letter? How'd you do that? I love you, Jack. (accompanied by a big squeeze)


Later that day, at Pumpkin Day, Sweetie was bumped a little when we left the snack shop. I heard the college-aged guy who ran into her say,

Excuse me, little man.

Uh oh.

Not only did I hear him call her a "little man", but Sweetie heard him too. So she did what she had to do - she followed after him.

Excuse me, she said when she reached his side. I'm a girl.

The college kid was apologetic and admitted he didn't even really look at her. It's all good - Sweetie wasn't mad - she just felt she had to set him straight.


A couple weeks ago Sweetie was all instred (interested) in lots of things. This past week, she's been realizing lots of things. Actually, she's not been realizing things:

I didn't realize that Noki walked behind me while I played the clock game.

I didn't realize that you changed the channel.

Hi, Mommy! I didn't realize you were already here to pick me up!


More Big Girl vocabulary and thought processes of the week:

After taking the bagged leaves to the door, Sweetie discovered a large hole in the bag. Telling me about said hole, she then asked - You can handle this, right?

After discovering that her "map" had been folded and crumpled, Sweetie cried - But it's all folded up! It's folded diangolly!

After seeing a commercial for a tattoo removal cream - Actually, Mama. Ummm... I was wondering... what is a tattoo anyway?


On the spelling front this week:

Hubby brought home a gingerbread cake the other day. As we ate dinner, we told Sweetie about the cake we could have for dessert. But, in order for her to have a slice, we told her she not only had to finish her dinner but she also had to spell "cake".

I even gave her the unsolicited hint that it ended with a silent E.

Several minutes passed while she ate, and I asked her a couple times if she was ready to spell the word yet.

No - not until I'm done with my ravioli.

Okay. That's fine. Whatever.

Several more minutes passed. Enough time, anyway, that I pretty much forgot about the whole spelling requirement part of the evening. So it was especially exciting, impressive and cute when, all of a sudden, Sweetie was singing the letters C-A-K-E.

Very good, Sweetie! Now we can have cake and eat it too.


On another evening, we three were chillin' in the living room when Sweetie was looking at the cover of my latest Reader's Digest. Completely out of the blue, she read the subtitle of the lead story - 10 Not to Take.

As Hubby and I gaped in impressed awe at each other, Sweetie beamed proudly, telling us,

Now you say, "Very good, Sweetie!"

Yes - very good indeed. You're the best!

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