Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cold Hearted Post

Sweetie has a cold - she came down with it this past Saturday afternoon. But she's okay - she's always been able to handle sickness well, thank goodness.

I have a cold too - I came down with it yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. I think I'm also handling it well. It's just the evenings and mornings that really stink.

Hubby (you guessed it) also has a cold. Or so he says - haven't seen much of him lately. But he, like me, is pretty okay with it all except for the beginning and ending of each day.

But what I'm really sayin' here is that I'm done. Sweetie's sleeping, nothing's on T.V., the dishes are done, and I feel yucky. I've got to go catch some zzzzz's.

In the meantime, don't forget about my other blog posts over at Disaboom and New England Mamas. I blog several times a week at the former, and once every other week at the latter. In both cases, I've posted as recently as a day or two ago.

Feel free to comment on my - or anyone's - posts at either sites. NE Mamas is open for anyone to post comments. Disaboom commenting is for members only. But registration is free and takes, literally, only seconds to do. Please don't feel shy about registering there - it's not only a site for the disabled community, but one for friends, family, caregivers or anyone at all who's interested. Everyone is welcome, so come on in! (no spamming either, which I know is a concern for many).

Okay. Goodnight. I hope to feel better real soon.

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