Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #81

Sweetie really had fun trick-or-treating with my dad on Halloween. But I'm not sure getting all the candy was the highlight for her - I think she was more excited about being out at night.

Papa Dave said she talked a lot! About the moon, and the stars (the moon's the daddy and the stars are all the brothers and sisters). Then there's Little Star who's the baby.

Sweetie narrated their trip as they went along.*

Wow! We're walking in the night! I love the moon! I love walking outside at night! Now I'm skip-a-doodling under the moon and stars....... (later) I want go back now because my eyes are starting to get cold.

* Sweetie's narrative as I imagine it, based on what my dad told us about their adventure together


Sweetie does really love the moon. She loves to watch the sky as we drive to our weekday early morning destinations.

Look, Mama! I see the moon! It's right there! And there's Little Star. I love the moon and stars. I wish we could build a rocket and go up high in the sky and see behind the moon.

Well, maybe when you grow up you can be an astronaut. Then you could do that.

Yeah! I really want to see behind the moon.


Sweetie came to our room a little after 6am yesterday morning, asking:

Mama, why is it so dark in my bedroom when my clock says 6:00?

Well, because its the time of the year when it stays darker longer in the morning.

Oh. I really thought it was night 6:00.


Upon picking Sweetie up from my parents' house yesterday evening, I was greeted with a great big welcoming hug.

Hi, Mama!

Then, looking at my sweatshirt -

Oh, you're wearing your.....


Yeah... your city sweatshirt.

My college sweatshirt.

Oh, your college sweatshirt..... Do you go to college, Mama?

I did go to college.

Oh. Congratulations, Mama!


Sweetie's made some pretty good observations this week:

When playing, and laughing, with Daddy -

Hey, Daddy! When you laugh, your mouth gets closer to your nose!

As we settled in the car, heading off to Sweetie's school -

A comma is just when you're a little sleepy. A period is a full stop.

Right you are, Sweetie. You're so smart.

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