Monday, November 12, 2007

Mama Monday #83

Theme: New

Sometimes new is not so great.

That's why I'm currently writing this blog post a day ahead of time from my parents' computer.

Our own home computer is currently out of commission.

In trying to upgrade to the new and improved program system (yeah - I'm so impressive with my lack of computer lingo knowledge. Go on, you can laugh at me. I'll wait...), things went all kerfluey.

System down. Computer frozen. Things = ALL AROUND BAD.

Luckily, we are friends with a "Mac Guy". Hubby is, right this minute (as I write this) over at his house with our laptop, trying to get things all right again.

Last I talked to him, things seemed hopeful.

We are, as they say, cautiously optimistic.

Thus my reasoning for writing this elsewheres a full day ahead of when I need it posted. Must take precautions in case thing remain kerfluilus. (Yes, that's a word. Because I say it is, that's why).

New, schmew. I'll be thrilled if we just wind up with the same ol' computer we had before.

New is so over-rated.

Update, Sun. 11/11/07, 8:20pm - All better. Fingers crossed, anyway. Thanks to Hubby spending most of the day with our good Mac Guy friend, M____, plus another hour+ on the phone with him this evening, things are looking up.

When Hubby ordered this program, it arrived in the mail without instructions - the reasoning being that help/instructions can be found on the internet if need be.

Major flaw - if your entire computer goes down, you can't get to the internet to find the help you so desperately need.

BUT - Our friend M_____ is the Hubby of my friend L_____. And I met her on-line a few years ago at a mom's site.

SO - had I never met L_____ - through the internet - we'd not know M______. 

But I did, and we do. 

The point is - in a crazy, round-about sort of way, I guess we did get our program installation help via the internet.

Yay! Here's to new ways to make great friends! 

I guess sometimes new can be pretty wonderful after all.

Anyway - Thanks SO MUCH, M_____. You're the awesomest!

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