Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Always Somewhere - and Sometimes, Something Else

Aaaaannnndddd..... here we go with another cold already. Great. At least it's just me this time - for now (knock on wood).

Hmmmm.....gee..... a quick look at my last several posts here reminds me.... things have gotten, shall we say, very formulaic around these parts.

A Sweetie Saturday here, a Mama Monday there, here a picture, there a picture, everywhere a health issue...

This old New England farmhouse sure is churning out some boring stuff lately. And I do whole-heartedly apologize for that.

That being said, I'm not here to make excuses. However, I suppose that's what the following is going to sound like anyway. Here goes nothing...

Now that I'm writing practically everyday at 3 separate sites, I suppose I feel the need to compartmentalize a bit, just to help keep myself organized.

Here I focus my writings on all things having to do with being a disabled parent with spina bifida (Ha! Isn't that exactly what this very blog was set up to achieve?! How... ironic).

Here I focus on more regular mommy-ish things, ideally with a New England bent to my postings.

So that leaves this here blog, my oldest "child", to suffer in the Land of the Forgotten. You know, just post some regular features that keep the "kids" coming back for more dependable - if not altogether inspiring - posts. That's all a blog needs, really - regular offerings a reader can count on. Who cares about quality, anyway?!

(Uhhhh... I do?)

But...well... never mind all that, then. Move along... Nothing to see here, behind the whiney lady who's too buuussssyyy to pay attention to everything everywhere at all times.

Actually - I think it's a very good thing that I've organized my writings so neatly. And, for that matter, that I have enough writing to do that it needs to be organized.

Heck, if it weren't for this blog in the first place, Disaboom would have never even known about me to ask me to blog for them. Nor would I have known about New England Mamas and/or considered myself a good enough writer to ask if I could join their ranks (Hi, Mamas! Happy Grand Opening To Us next week. The new site looks bea-u-tiful!).

As for here - I know I at least used to write more deeply-felt Wednesday posts. And I promise to try to get back to that. I'm sure after the holidays I can sit down and focus more.

And, yes, my Mama Mondays are sometimes thoughtful and interesting - but always at the hands of someone else's writing prompt. Yet, I do love the challenge of applying a random theme to the events of my life.

And thank Goodness that Sweetie is always good for a laugh or two! I love my Sweetie Saturday posts - probably the most. What a great way to keep a record of all of Sweetie's cute sayings and ideas. Plus it's entertaining for you all as well - at least I hope it is.

Sweetie? Promise me you'll never stop expressing the cute/funny/wise/creative/crazy ideas you come up with. You inspire me everyday with your intelligence, thoughtfulness and boundless energy.

And I promise you, dear Sweetie - as well as all you wonderful readers out there - that I'll always stick around too. Offering up as much hope, humor and energy as I can muster.

I just can't promise that you'll always find my best offerings here. But do check me out in all my different writing worlds.

Yep. I'm always somewhere. And sometimes - just sometimes - I sure am something else!

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