Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy Is No Excuse

Hey! You know what? I have a new little niece!

Actually, she was born at the end of September. The picture's I've seen prove that she's adorable and, from what I hear, she's a pretty easy-going baby. 

But - I haven't met her yet. And she only lives about 25 minutes away.


Hey! You know what? I have a new little 1st cousin-once-removed! (My cousin's - who happens to be a great friend of mine - new little son).

He's an even more recent addition to the family and I'll get to meet him a few days after Thanksgiving.

But - I've only sent my cousin a quick congratulatory email. I haven't yet called to chat with her (as I did after the birth of her daughter).


I feel so badly about this.

Yes, our lives - ALL our lives - are very busy. And we three all had colds recently. Then I had the whole eye trauma thing last week. And nearly every weekend day has been planned to a "T" since as long as I can remember (and will continue to be so until the end of the year, at least. I only know of one weekend day between now and Christmas that doesn't have something scheduled for us. Ugh!).

And I know I'll finally meet my niece this weekend at a family gathering. Then I'll see her again on Thanksgiving. I can't wait!

And I did just call my cousin tonight, but it wasn't great timing. The baby was crying and both parents were tired for bed. I'll try again soon - or at least be content in knowing I'll see them all in about a week and a half.

But still. I should have found the time by now to see my niece. I should have called my cousin sooner. Busy is no excuse. Everyone is busy - especially this time of year.

This time of year always stresses people so badly. For instance, Hubby and I have bickered in the past about what holiday commitments we're going to attend, and which we can (and agree to) shrug off. 

I personally have always liked all the holiday gatherings and festivities - bring 'em on, I say! But Hubby is one to prefer staying home as a family, decorating the house and/or cuddling up with cocoa and a Christmas movie.

But this year - I don't know, but I'm feeling a bit too "activity-laden" and not enough "home-based".

Yet, a few deep breaths and a quick check of our Christmas gift list proves that we've at least got things more or less under control there. And our datebook, while full, is packed with fun activities that all three of us are excited to participate in.

Bigger responsibilities. Bigger gift lists. Bigger holiday-related stresses every year. They just keep piling on.

But oh how the tiny additions to the family make this often tiring holiday season seem completely fresh and new again.

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