Monday, November 05, 2007

Mama Monday #82

Theme: Running

Upon driving home later than Sweetie's usual bedtime on Saturday night:

Okay Sweetie, as soon as we get home, you have to get your pajamas on and go right to bed. And I have a trick to show you in your room then.

A trick?! What is it?!

You'll see. It's only in your room. It has to do with the time.

Cut to home - downstairs.

Okay, Sweetie - what time is it?

Looks at clock - 9:50.

9:50?! Wow, that's late. We're home late because of the party. You should have been in bed an hour ago! You're usually in bed around 8:50, not 9:50. So let's hurry up and get you upstairs.

Upstairs, in her room.

Now what time is it, Sweetie?

Looks at her big digital clock (which I had turned back earlier that afternoon) - 8:50.

Wait for it.... she's going to be amazed! Time? Running backwards?! Wow!... Buuuuutttt..... No. Not so much.

Even after reminding her that her bedroom was the only room in the whole house that was in a different time.

Hmmmpphhh. Hubby and I were so sure she'd be impressed with this "trick".


Kids are amazing. Their minds are so completely open to everything that, try as we might, it really is pretty hard to astound anyone preschool-aged or younger.

We - older kids, teens and adults - all know certain basic truths of science, nature and The Way of Things. For example - people can't fly of their own volition. If we actually saw someone who could do this, we would be so completely shocked that we'd surely faint from the awe of it.

But put a flying person in front of a small child and they'd be all - ehhh. So what. What else have you got to show me? They simply don't comprehend all the limitations we as humans operate under.

It's that openness to everything that puts Sweetie in a position to receive our "super-duper time-travel trick" as no big deal.

You sure are something, Sweetie. I love how your mind is always working. How creative and imaginative you are. You surely come up with some amazingly fantastical scenarios.

Yet, I also love how you keep searching for The Answers. You're at that fragile age between knowing some things can't possibly be - however, the "proof" is right in front of you, so of course it must be true after all (case in point - her belief in, and questions about, Jack's story).

Keep that brain of your always churning, Sweetie. Always running, full speed ahead, to find The Reasons Why things are as they are.

Yet never let those "facts" get in the way of Possibility, Belief, Dreams and Wonder.


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