Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #82

Sweetie's a smart cookie, but she still gets her divisions of time messed up. For example -

Last weekend I needed Sweetie to help me out and get herself dressed. Finally, she did - just at the same time my mom was arriving at our house to drop something off.

Where's Sweetie?

She's upstairs - supposedly getting herself dressed.

In a few seconds, she was downstairs - completely dressed.

Good job, Sweetie! Did you remember to put on clean underwear?

Uh... no. But - that's okay. Because I already did when I took a bath last year.


She's also recently told the dentist that her birthday is December 20th - which is correct.

Oh! That's really close to Christmas!

Yeah! Five weeks after Christmas!

Uh - no. Not quite.


Last Sunday was a lazy day in our house, with Hubby and Sweetie taking a late afternoon nap together on our couch. So cute!

Until... she couldn't fall asleep that night.

Well, what can I do for you? Should I take your nightlight out so your room is darker?

No - I think I need a rainbow in my room.

(That - thanks to my big mouth/big Christmas ideas. We saw this item in the catalog and I told Sweetie maybe she could ask Santa for it).


A few minutes later - still, she couldn't sleep.

Back up in her room, I told her that it was okay if she couldn't sleep - just stay in bed and rest.

You can talk to your friends (Kisses, Bunny and Curious George), you can think about happy things - fun things we can do another day. Just rest. Don't worry about sleeping - you'll be fine.

With me back downstairs, just a few minutes later - I hear Sweetie running from her room to the stairs - crying.

Mama! It's not working! My brain is CLOSED!


My brain is closed - I can't think of anything when my brain is closed.

Uh... Okay - do you want to rest downstairs for a few more minutes?

Yes - I think that will work.

Alright. Come on down and rest on the couch.

I'm not sure the downstairs "scene" was as thrilling as Sweetie thought it could be - Hubby was on the phone with an old friend and I was working on the computer. The T.V. was off.

It only took maybe 5 minutes before Sweetie declared -

Okay, my brain is open now.

So, you're ready to go upstairs?

Yeah. My brain is open now so I can think of good things.

Great! Let's go.


Hubby taught Sweetie how to play Mancala this week. She really took to it quickly and they've been playing marathon rounds of it every night Hubby is home.

On one of those nights, as Sweetie made her move (and, believe me - it was just "a move" - no big deal), we heard her proudly tell herself (while shaking her head in mock disbelief, with a sly smile on her face) -

I'm so ingenious.

On another night, when I played the game with her, the thing to say was That's the spirit! Everytime she moved a stone, she enthusiastically said this. And she told me I had to say it too.

Say, "That's the spirit!", Mama. It means - "That's the way ya play it!"

Okay, Sweetie. Will do. You've certainly got the spirit in you.

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