Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #85 - The "That Not Make Any Sense" Edition

When Sweetie was younger and she didn't understand something we told her, she'd always say,

That not make any sense.

Well, Sweetie? Lately, it's you who's not making any sense.

For example...

I love Sweetie's book Bear Snores On. If she'd let me read it to her every night at bedtime, that would be fine with me. Trouble is - she never lets me read it to her at all. She always picks a different book.

But the other night she finally agreed that I could read it. Great!

After the story, I commented about how much I really liked it, with Sweetie responding,

Yeah! I love that story!

You do? But you never let me read it to you.

Yeah. But now I've been to Hershey, so now I like it.

Huh? What the heck does that have to do with anything?! That not make any sense at all!


Similar reasoning was explained to me this past Monday when I turned the channel away from Bob The Builder.

Hey! Don't change the channel, Mama! I love Bob The Builder!

What? You hardly ever watch this?

Well, I've been to Hershey now, so I like it.

Whatever. Crazy.

(For those not keeping score - we went to Hershey Park this past summer. Obviously, it still holds a lot of great memories for Sweetie).


Sweetie drew a picture at school the other day - same as she does on most school days. But this picture was of a particularly interesting subject.

The school's bathroom.


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See? That's the potty itself (an aerial view) over to the right. Then, in the middle/bottom - that's the door to the bathroom, with the red (so we've been told) smiley face showing, indicating that someone is using the bathroom (as opposed to the green smiley face when the bathroom is free). And over to the left we've got Sweetie herself, getting some paper towels to dry her hands.

And that 1-2-3 business? Well, Sweetie's former 3-year old room teacher taught Sweetie the saying, 1-2-3, that's enough for me! (in terms of how much toilet paper a person needs to use). So that's what Sweetie's written here - 1 2 3 (squiggliness for the "that's enough for" part) Me.


Last night I let Sweetie stay up to watch The Polar Express. It meant going to bed about an hour and a half past her usual bedtime, but I felt it was okay, since today is Saturday and we've got nowhere to go.

(Plus, I secretly knew that if she went to bed later, she'd be likely to sleep in later too).

Then, about 5:30 this morning, Sweetie called Daddy to her room because her hands were all crinkly (asleep). So that disturbed her, and it was just a bit of work in general to get her to settle back to bed.

But that's fine too - because now she'll fall asleep again and really let us sleep late! Awesome!

Nope. Come 6:40 I heard her get up to go to the bathroom. Then she was playing in her room - not very quietly. Then, at 6:54, she came into our room to complain that it was too long to wait until 7:00!

Oh well. So much for my ulterior motives.

I guess your sleeping habits are making just about as much nonsense as you are lately, Sweetie.

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