Monday, December 24, 2007

Mama Monday #3.1

Theme: Room

So here's a funny story... last week I was thinking of something I wanted to blog about. And - hey! - I could turn it into a Mama Monday thing! And the theme could be "Room"! That's perfect!

But...ummm.... see....I can't remember what I wanted to write about. But the theme is "Room"! I know that!

Guess I'm running out of room in my head for important information like this.

Could I have wanted to write about making more room in our house? Purging out the junk and establishing space for new, more meaningful items?

Perhaps...we're always wanting to declutter and refresh.... but, wasn't that.

It must have had something to do with Sweetie.... maybe redistributing her older toys to less fortunate kids so that Santa has room to bring her new toys?

Hmmmmm.... well, we did do that. But I don't think I thought that was interesting enough to blog about.

Still, something about Sweetie. And "room". Huh - the only real bloggable thing I've wanted to say about her lately is about how changeable (okay, for the sake of pleasantness, let's just use the word "complex") she is.

So for lack of anything else, let's just go with that, shall we?

When Sweetie was younger, one of Hubby and my co-workers saw her and remarked: Wow! I've never seen a child look so equally like both of her parents. He could see just as much me in Sweetie as he could see of Hubby.

Now, as a little girl, I'm seeing more and more how equally Sweetie's personality is split between taking after me and taking after Hubby.

As I've mentioned time and again here, Sweetie is silly, creative and curious - just like her Daddy. She can be very "out-of-the-box":

• She wants a 78 Toy for Christmas

• Last Christmas, she wanted a Christmas Fork

• She loves making crafts, baking with Daddy, sewing with me, and learning all sorts of new things. Likewise, she gets on tangents with things, easily getting distracted from what she last loved to do.

• She sees dreamy things floating in her room at bedtime and she's very detailed in both her imaginative and reality-based story telling.

On the other hand, Sweetie doesn't take to change very well, she can be very matter-of-fact, and is quite particular - she's very black-and-white, just like me:

She knows a lot of things, for instance:

• When you see a carrot (as the 1st Blue's Clues clue) you know there's going to be a snowman (because Lord knows there's nothing else to do with a carrot but use it as a snowman nose).

• That her cousin M______ doesn't sleep with socks on (like Sweetie does) because, when they played in their cave together and pretended to go to sleep, M______ took off both her shoes and her socks while Sweetie only took off her shoes.

• Games have to be played the right way. Songs have to be sung the way Sweetie wants (silly or serious, depending on her mood); cupboard doors and drawers have to be closed; nighttime routines have to be performed in proper order; her shirt sleeves have to be down; shoes are off at Nana's house - always; etc., etc., etc....

Sweetie gets her smarts from both of us.

And, of course, she's definitely uniquely Sweetie:

• She's a true performer who ran up on stage at the Holiday Concert last weekend without a second thought, stood right in the middle of the front row of all the kids, and sang "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" loud and proud. She loved it, she told me. She's mentioned several times how she wants to be in the shows, not just go to the shows. (While both Hubby and I love the performing arts, we were both much too shy to ever do anything but help out behind the scenes)

Boy oh boy - how confusing to be a Sweetie. How very multifaceted and, dare I say? - manic? Both creative and practical, silly and serious. She's a dancer with nobody watching ....(her perform a very precise routine).

All I can say is - it's a good thing Sweetie's got enough room in her heart, soul and mind to take in all her different skills, ideas and traits, and showcase them each in her own especially great way.

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