Monday, December 31, 2007

A Vote For Me Is - A Vote For Me!

I've decided to keep this post up top for the time being - just so newbies and regular readers alike get a chance to read my Blog For A Year profile and everyone who's interested can remember to cast their daily votes for me. Thanks again for your support!


Hey, everyone! I've entered a contest to get Paid To Blog For A Year! Here's my entry application questions and answers. Please read through and then go vote - often! You can vote up to one time per day. The contest will be going on for some time - I'll keep you posted. So get out there and vote!

"Why should you get paid to blog for a year?"

Why should I get paid to blog for a year? Hmmm – a heavy question. But one that I feel I can more than successfully answer.

My husband and I are both successfully employed. We work together in the advertising department of our local newspaper. Additionally, my husband works part time with his father in his construction/home repair business. And I tutor English and writing whenever the opportunity presents itself. We are hard workers, but stlll – it never seems enough.

Despite our multiple jobs, we continue to struggle with money, often living paycheck to paycheck. My husband and I both firmly believe that one should do what they love for their career. We also strongly feel that family is very important. Both of those points were major factors for my husband and I in deciding that he could work with his father – he loves woodworking and construction and wanted to learn as much as he could about it. And he wanted to spend more time with his father.

Similarly, I love to write. And I love being a mom. These are my real passions in life. I am so blessed to have such a happy, healthy daughter. And I’m equally thankful that I am able to share my unique parenting experience with with world through my blog and through other various writing opportunties that I’ve taken on.

Still, I am far from doing as my husband has done. I am far from living my passion. Only one of my writing opportunites has paid me any money at all – and that was token little. My dream of making a living by living my passion would certainly come true if awarded this Blog For A Year stipend. $80,000 is much more than my husband and I have ever made in a year. We could do so much with that money – pay off debt, increase Sweetie’s college fund contribution, and contribute to charities that help the disabled individual live a productive, active life. I was both a March of Dimes and an Easter Seals poster child when I was young. How nice it would be to finally have the funds to contribute to them today to continue on with their very worthy and helpful causes!

Additionally, winning this would mean the freedom to take the time to pursue my future as a Writer. Who knows – one day I would love to write a book about my parenting experiences. I feel there is a very real, very large audience out there who would benefit from hearing my story. So, if nothing else, perhaps entering and hopefully winning this contest would give me the better recognition I need to find an agent and get my book dreams well underway.

Thank you, everyone, for your vote for me. I may be a “mommy blogger” – but I am so much more. Your support in this contest would mean so much!

About this Blogger:

My name is Amy. I am 32 years old (almost 33), have been married to my loving husband for 7 years, and together we are the parents to our beautiful, active, healthy daughter, Sweetie. I’ve worked full time at our local newpaper in the advertising department for 10 years now. I also love to write and have been published in a few niche parenting publications. And I blog. I blog about my Sweetie and Me. Our ups and downs, our exciting times and general fun. Maybe a typical “mom blog” – but with a slightly different angle.

You see, I was born with the birth defect spina bifida. I wear short leg braces, walk with the aid of a walking stick, and have very limited feeling and movement below my knees.

Still – I get around just fine. I am generally healthy and happy. I am married to a healthy, supportive man. And our daughter is perfectly healthy. I use my blog as a means of talking about my life as a disabled mom raising a healthy, active daughter.

About the Blog:

My blog is my account as a disabled woman with spina bifida raising my healthy and active daughter. What my pregnancy was like, what challenges we face on a regular basis, and what I think about regarding her, and my, future.

There are many mommy bloggers out there. And there are even several moms who blog about their life with their disabled child(ren). But there are very few of us disabled moms who blog. I’ve heard from several of my readers, many in similar boats as my own, who are thrilled to have found me as a person they can relate to. I’m happy to give the disabled parents a voice. Our lives can be just as “normal” as any other parents out there – and I for one am helping to show the world that that is so.

Thanks for taking the time to read me, and thank you in advance for your winning vote!

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If you can think it, you can have it!


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