Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #88 - Birthday Wrap-Up Edition

Sweetie's birthday party was scheduled for last Sunday, but a huge snow/ice storm canceled that. Instead, Nana and Papa were kind enough to relocate the party to their house on Monday evening.

Upon opening her stash of cards and gifts, Sweetie was very interested to read the greetings from each person.

One card in particular was great! It was from my brother's family, including my niece, Abby, and her steady boyfriend, Conor.

When Sweetie heard Conor's name, she was thrilled!

Conor?! He's my favorite boy who lives with Abby!

(Great! Not entirely accurate - they don't yet live together - but still... really cute. Sweetie looooovvves Conor!)


When we left Sweetie's party, she decided to ride home with Daddy in his car rather than with me in mine. Fine - that's the way it usually is. If Daddy is an option, you better believe she's going with him!

Upon arriving home, I walked into the house to hear Sweetie declare:

We're a strong family, a smart family and a great family. And we're a family of friends!

Great! How very sweet. Right you are, Sweetie.

(When I later asked Hubby what prompted Sweetie to make such a statement, he told me how Sweetie decided she'd ride home with him instead of me: Sweetie said it was because Daddy was smart. He countered that, saying that Mommy is smart too, and so is Sweetie. That was the end of that discussion, but it must have been what lead to her family pride).


Sweetie's birthday party was Blue' Clues themed. Hubby and I intended to hide her new little plush Blue doll somewhere, then put paw prints around as clues to help her figure out where she was.

Alas, with the change of venue and general craziness, we plain old forgot all about it. I ended up giving her the Blue doll one morning this week. Sweetie loved it and instantly wanted to take Blue to school as her new Sleeping Friend.

That evening, Sweetie told me,

Mama, there was bad news in the 4-year old room today.

There was? What happened?

Well..... T____ took Blue out of my bag and that was not nice. Then he gave her to T_____ and that was the bad news.

Hmmmm.... that's too bad, Sweetie.


Out of the blue the other night:

Daddy? Who's your husband?

What? I don't have a husband. I have a wife. Who's my wife?

It took some figuring out, but finally she understood. Then I asked:

Okay, if I'm Daddy's wife, who's my husband?

Ummmm..... Nana?

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