Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #86

Here's one more for last week's That Not Make Any Sense edition:

Upon picking up the cup of orange juice I placed in front of her last weekend, Sweetie looked in and exclaimed:

Hey! My juice looks like Nana!

Sorry - I've got no explanation for this. Something to do with the bubbles on the surface looking like Nana's hair. I don't know - Sweetie's crazy.


We had an old friend and his wife over for dinner last Saturday. We all - including Sweetie - went out for sushi (with Sweetie eating a peanut butter and jelly roll-up sandwich I had brought along with me, then cut into small, sushi-style pieces).

Sweetie was mostly well behaved, but she did finish her sandwich before our dinners even arrived. So to entertain herself, Sweetie decided to go back and forth between our table and the nearby row of chairs near the sushi bar.

Sweetie and the sushi chef had a great time making silly faces at each other, and eventually - with our permission - he offered Sweetie a unique, only-find-them-in-Japanese-restaurants lollipop.

She had a few licks, then was done with it.

A little while later, the hostess passed by Sweetie (still seated in the row of chairs) and gave her a fortune cookie.

Our friend laughed at this, finding it hysterical that Sweetie had found the perfect place to position herself - she was getting free treats all night!

This was funny. But it was even more so when Sweetie, who actually decided to sit with us for a bit, announced that she was going back to the row of seats. She obviously was thinking ahead - based on what she said as she left us...

I wonder what someone will bring me now?!


These next couple are more showcases of how tech-savvy Sweetie is, rather than funny bits:

Hubby and I got swanky new cell phones last week. We can take pictures, videos, and send unlimited text messages with our plan. Hubby's plan even comes with a GPS system. Cool!

During that first evening, I spent a lot of time looking at my phone, figuring out how to use it, where to find different functionalities, and how to program certain things. I did this mostly silently, with Sweetie merely glancing over my shoulder to watch along.

When Hubby got home, Sweetie was still up. So we decided to test out the phones' cameras and took some cute pictures of her.

After I took one picture of Sweetie, she instantly instructed me to,

Now, put it in the Picture Place.

Huh! What do you know? There is, in fact, a storage place on the phones that's called Picture Place! Something Sweetie had apparently noticed earlier when I was bopping around to all the different things.


On another night this past week, with Hubby again at work and Sweetie and I at home, Sweetie and I heard a BEEP, BEEP, BEEP sound.

Mama! You got a text message!

Right you are, Sweetie. Hubby had, in fact, just sent me a note.

What a smartie you are!


On the other hand, for as smart and savvy as Sweetie is, there are some things that still absolutely blow her mind.

Yesterday, for instance, Sweetie was at Nana's house all day. At one point - as nature will have it - Sweetie needed to go potty. And so she did.

Funny thing about my parents' house, though - they have a phone in their main bathroom. Not sure why - they just do.

So as Sweetie was taking care of her business, the phone rang. Aha! Sweetie decided she must answered it (not realizing that Nana had already done so using the kitchen phone).

It was my dad who was calling, just to say hi.

Well, Sweetie quickly dominated the entire conversation with her complete and utter amazement. She was talking to Nana and Papa AT THE SAME TIME! How cool was that?! Wow!

When I arrived later to pick her up - and Papa had just arrived from work as well - Sweetie was still talking about the awesomeness that was The Bathroom Phone Incident.

Then she proceeded to loudly and excitedly tell me all about it!

Mom told me that, as Sweetie and she were on the phone with Papa, mom took a walk down to the bathroom to check on Sweetie in person.

Sweetie was standing there, talking on the phone, happy as could be, with her pants down around her ankles.

It was probably around this point when my dad declared - Okay. I gotta get going now.

Poor dad - didn't get a word in edge-wise around all of Sweetie's exuberance.

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