Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 Years Ago

Five years ago today I was awakened in my hospital room by several friendly professional faces telling me, You're going to have your baby today. (More accurately, they said, You're not leaving here without a baby in your arms.)

Approximately 18 hours later, Sweetie was born, at 12:50 am, December 20th, 2002.

As I told this to Sweetie this morning, I was surprised to hear myself choking up a bit. Surprised to feel tears come to my eyes. Surprised to feel so emotional over my daughter's birthday.

(Surprised to have the tears well up again as I write this....)

Growing up, my mom had always told me that on each of her kids' birthdays, she always takes a moment to remember the actual day. How events transpired for her. How she felt. What she hoped for, dreamed of, feared, and worried about. The joy of each birth, as well as the pain.

When I became a mother, mom reminded me to do the same for myself with each passing year. Sweetie's birthday will always be special not only for herself, but for me (and Hubby) as well.

And so I'm remembering. And celebrating. And grieving, a little, for the time that's flown by so fast. Five years old already?! I simply cannot believe it. My tiny little 5 1/2 lb. peanut of an infant is now a dramatic, creative, funny and intelligent little lady.

On the other hand, maybe this quick passage of time brings tears to my eyes because I realize it will only be another quick 5 years before I have a 10- year old pre-teen on my hands. If I remember correctly, 10-years old was NOT a fun age. I was a hormonal, emotional terror at 10 years old. And if I know karma like I know karma, I am in for some serious retribution when Sweetie hits the big 1-0. Ooh, doggie! I know I can wait for that!

Either way, I am so grateful. I can't possibly imagine a life without her, nor clearly remember a time without my Sweetie. Her very presence brings me so much joy and happiness every single day.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetie. Daddy and I are so proud of you and love you so very, very much.

Here's to another 5 years (so help me, Lord!) and many, many more. Here's to a long, happy life full of love and warmth.





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