Monday, December 03, 2007

Mama Monday #86

Theme: Surprises

For the last two months or so, I've had the great honor of posting each week's theme over at Mama Says Om. No, I wasn't the one who came up with the new themes - I just looked at my provided list and published the new word on their site.

So yesterday I went to log on to post the new theme - which was to be "Surprises" - when I received a shocking surprise myself - Mama Says Om is shutting down. Effective December 2nd.

Oh! How sad! I've had so much fun writing my Mama Mondays over the last year and a half. I can't believe this very special community of strong Mamas will no longer be available to me (at least in this form) or that I'll no longer feel the thrill of learning the new writing prompt, allowing my mind to wander and my words to wrap around their themes in unique and meaningful ways.

It's been a joy, Mamas. I real pleasure to work with you, to join with you, and to write with you. I've had a blast with your site and I am extremely sad to see it go.

At the same time, I completely understand the need - and desire - to move on to bigger and better things. I know you'll come up with a new way for interweb Mamas to come together and make the world a better place in both big and small ways. I'm excited to see what form that takes and to hopefully be an active part in it.

Wishing you all the best. Thanks for the memories!


P.S. - When I told Hubby there'd be no more Mama Mondays, he suggested that I keep it up anyway, coming up with my own themes to write about. But I'm not sure how I could do that all on my own - I wouldn't be able to decide objectively on the random words to use as my jumping-off points. That's where I turn to you, dear readers...

If you'd like to see me continue with my Mama Mondays (most likely under a different title, though), please leave a comment(s) with some theme words you'd like to see me work with.

In fact, if anyone would like to join me in these weekly writing ventures, please let me know that as well. Perhaps we could start a new adaptation on the Mama Mondays experience. Let's have some fun discovering the power of our words. I'm sure will be surprised with all the exciting experiences we can dream up, create and share.

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