Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is Awesome

Santa brought Hubby and I a new coffee maker - that doesn't keep the coffee hot for very long (which is why we wanted a new coffee maker in the first place).

I got 2 pairs of too big PJ's (seriously - I feel invisible. XS isn't small enough for me. I need Petite XS. And even that may be too big).

Hubby had to give me a couple pictures of things that have not yet arrived in the mail. They're awesome - I just don't have them yet.

I didn't really get anything to "play" with (Hubby - you want to play with my plaque with me?), and the one really fun game I got requires at least 4 players.

Not that I wanted them as gifts, but I still need socks and dish towels. And a vacuum.

Santa brought Sweetie some new underwear - which is at least 1 size too big. And she needs new undies.

Sweetie is happy with (although seemingly not over-the-moon thrilled about) her 78 Scooter (I guess Santa only could bring me a 78 Scooter instead of a 78 Toy).


Hubby and I are sorry we showed Sweetie how to ding the bell on said 78 Scooter.

Between her birthday and Christmas, Sweetie got a TON of crafty things - needlework, quilt making, sticker making, paper dolls, a pot holder loom, etc., etc., etc.... which means a TON of work and frustrating hours of teaching and patience from me.

We got Sweetie some games and craft books we thought she'd be challenged by but also absolutely love. As it turns out, she's either too frustrated by or plain not interested in them.

Similarly, some of these toys/games/activities are stressing Hubby because the item(s) is a piece of junk and doesn't go together well, or stressing me because Sweetie's NOT DOING IT RIGHT and wasting the materials (Ugh! Like daughter/like mother).

Sweetie's slippers, while at least a full size larger than her shoe size, are still too small for her (i.e. - they're just perfect for now, meaning she'll very quickly grow out of them) and have to be shipped back and replaced - with a size that is currently out of stock.

There's always that Post-Christmas let down once all the partying/gift opening/celebrating is done.

Other than all that - Christmas was as lovely and fun and family-filled as ever. A real joy.




Edited to Add: To everyone who's reading this as a purely cynical/negative post - please don't. Yes, I'm complaining a bit - about things we brought on ourselves!

We bought ourselves a not-great coffee maker. I bought Sweetie too big underwear. I also bought her the too small slippers. I'm much more upset about my body in general not being able to find properly fitting clothes than the actual clothes; I didn't ask for anything terribly exciting to begin with, so of course I didn't get anything to "play" with - I'm an adult! I'm excitedly waiting for my last two gifts to show up - I know what they're going to be and I'm really going to like them. Sweetie can't stop riding her scooter - she really does like it! (she just told me it's "very great!") And we asked for Sweetie to get crafty stuff - so we're thrilled she has it! Either she's able to do them now or she'll acquire the skills and/or interest soon enough. Sure it's a lot for me to look after and supervise and help her with - but it will be fun. I like to do crafty things too.

So don't anyone worry about us. We really had a wonderful Christmas and are happily enjoying our holiday vacation time with each other and our extended friends and family.

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