Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #87 - Bad Mama Edition

Not much going on in Sweetie Land this week, other than to note that by the time I write next week's Sweetie Saturday, she will have turned 5 years old.

Oh... and that I completely ruined her.

How did I ruin Sweetie, you ask? By playing the song Something's Stuck Up In The Chimney for her.... on Youtube. (Sorry - no links today. Sweetie was so freaked out by this video that I don't want to risk going back to it to make the link. If you're that interested, kindly find it yourself).

I know, I know... I should have completely realized the potential consequences. I know the song is about Santa himself being stuck up in the chimney. But I just didn't know what the video would show. I made a bad judgment call and I've ruined Sweetie.

On the other hand, we heard the song spoof "Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire" the other day, and I immediately thought that I should turn the radio dial away from the song. But Sweetie heard only the very first line of this song and she was laughing. A lot! She thought it was hysterical. So we listened and she thought it was so funny.

And I've always liked the song There's Something Stuck Up in the Chimney. I think it's funny and I thought Sweetie would as well.

So last night, after watching I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas (which was a big success!), I stupidly decided to search for that other song.

Big Mistake.

Had it only been listening to the words, she may have been okay with it. But it was the images that really did her in.

But a gentle explanation of the Magic that is Santa, a reassuring phone call to Daddy, and a nice cup of hot chocolate - plus lots of distractions from T.V. shows, story reading and playing - seems to have helped. Sweetie was able to stop thinking about it! long enough to fall asleep and sleep well all last night.

I've certainly learned my lesson. Please learn a lesson from me... review any videos or shows you're thinking of sharing with your child before you actually do so. Otherwise, you may be paying the price dearly.

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