Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And Now, Back To Our Regularly Programmed Life

And thank Goodness for that!

Today was my first day back at work since right before Christmas. And Sweetie's first full day back on her schedule (today was a Nana Day - tomorrow is school). Hubby's back on schedule as well. And all is right with the world.

See, Sweetie has been a bit of a stinker over this holiday break. Not listening well. Not caring about very nearly destroying her piano with spilled orange juice not even a week after receiving it for her birthday (Well... it's okay. You can just buy me a new one.... Uh, what? I don't think so, little girl. Things don't work that way around here.), talking back and/or being bossy to many different people of many different ages and relationships to her, and just generally being a high energy twister of emotions and attitude.

That is... she has been an over-stimulated 5 year old who's eaten much more junk than she's used to and not been kept to any sort of normal routine for the last week and a half.

Of course she's been a little off.

So have Hubby and I. We've been alternately short-tempered with her based - mostly, I think - on what's going on with ourselves at the time than on any real trouble she's currently caused. In fact, with hindsight, I now feel that Sweetie wasn't so much the problem this past week. It was Hubby and I having to deal with her higher-than-usual-energetic-craziness on a constant basis.

Basically - it's just a real good thing that things are back to the way they usually are so that we each can get away from each other and breath a bit freer.

Not that I don't love my Sweetie to the ends of this earth.... I absolutely do! It's just that I know for myself that I could not stay home with her every single day, on my own, and remain a sane woman. Bless all those saintly moms out there who can do it - I just can't.

Honestly - I feel I've got the best of both worlds. Ever since Sweetie's birth I've only worked a 4-day work week, leaving Mondays as Sweetie and Mommy Days - and I love that time with her. But then I'm just as happy to get back to the office and let Sweetie enjoy her own time away from me - with Nana or at school, learning great new things about the world around her. Her own world. Her own thing.

It's your thing, Sweetie. Do what you wanna do.

Sweetie - Know you have the power to do what you want, to be self-assured, free and independent. To be a confident, curious explorer. At the same time, never forget that you always have a place of comfort, safety and love right here with both Daddy and me as well as with your extended support systems of family and friends.

But for now - above all else - I'd be thrilled if you'd just open your dang ears and start using your words instead of your whines. Enough, already! Jeesh!

Thank you.


Thanks to everyone who's voted for me in the Blog For A Year contest. I'm not sure what's up with that - voting was supposed to end as of January 1st 2008. Anywho - I'm currently (and have steadily been) in 10th place out of more than 250 bloggers. Yahoo! That is a huge accomplishment to me! I'd love for everyone who's interested in doing so to keep on voting for me as long as the site will allow it - keep me in 10th place (or better)! You can cast up to 1 vote per day. Thanks again so much! I'm very blessed and honored to have so many people interested in what I'm doing here and excited to cast a vote. Y'all are awesome!

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