Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #93 - I Used Up All My Material Edition

That's right. I don't have much to offer today for Sweetie Saturday because I already wrote here and here about a few different funny things Sweetie said and/or did this week. Feel free to click the links and check 'em out.

In the mean time, Sweetie did come through with this deductive reasoning gem last night when I put her to bed.

Back story: the last couple nights, Sweetie has come to our room in the 4-5am range, asking for help with her covers. Apparently, they were messed up and she needed some retucking.

So last night I told her I wanted her to practice something. I told her that, if she woke up in the night and found her covers messed up, that I wanted her to practice fixing it herself instead of coming to us for help.

I bet you can do it, Sweetie. Okay?

Okay. It will be like I'm practicing for a show!

Yes! That's called rehearsing.


Yes. It means the same thing as "practice". You rehearse - or practice - before you're going to put on a show.

Oh. Yeah!.... Hey, Mama.


Did you know that if you take the "re" away from "rehearsing" you get "hearsing"? And then, if you take the "earsing" away from "hearsing", you get "huuuh" (the H sound).

Yes. That's right!

But, Mama. Then, if you add "ershey" to the "huuuh" - well, you get "Hershey"!

Yep. Still talking about our Hershey trip. Poor thing - in 2 to 3 years we hope to take her to Disney World. If she loves Hershey so much now, I do believe her pretty little head is absolutely going to explode when we get to Disney!

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