Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #92

Earlier this week I found Sweetie stomping out of the bathroom, tears rolling down her face, loud cries coming from her pouting mouth. When I asked her what the problem was, she dramatically pointed to her hair.

What?! Is it not curly enough? (Sweetie loves her curls!) It looks fine!

But... it's not BEAUTIFUL! Waaaahhh!

Oh, Goodness.


I had the pleasure of dining with a princess a couple nights ago:



I happened to remind Sweetie of the times, a couple years back, when she went to Toddlercize at her school. I told her about how, for some reason, she never liked it when the class played Wiggles songs, and how her teacher, Miss Kathleen, would always allow Sweetie to go hide in the bathroom whenever such songs played.

Sweetie did not remember these instances at all, but she thought it was so funny! that she hid in the bathroom because of Wiggles songs!

Hubby and I thought it was funny (peculiar) at the time, because Sweetie has always liked the Wiggles. What was her deal with not liking to Toddlercize to their music? We'll never know.


I recently introduced Sweetie to my latest high-energy song favorite - J'Lo's Let's Get Loud. Sweetie and I have been having a blast coming home from work and school, turning up the volume, singing and dancing around.

But after hearing it so many times, Sweetie decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of singing the chorus as-is, she decided to change them to include one of her favorite snack foods.

Let's get gorp, Let's get gorp. Turn the music up to hear that sound.

Hmmmm.... Gorp. Yummy.

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