Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #133

Last weekend, early morning - before Sweetie was "allowed" to wake us up:

Hey, Mama! If your clock says 6-3-7 and you turn your head and look at it upside down and backwards, it spells the word LEG.


This morning - same timeframe:

Hey, Mama! 6-5-6 on the clock is a number palindrome!


Sweetie, why do you keep bringing alphabet or numbers books home from school? I'm tired of that type of book. Can't you pick out a storybook next time?

Well, I like the alphabet and number books because I like to learn new words and about numbers, so that's why I choose those kinds of books. I don't think a storybook would have instresting words for me to learn.


Mama? I'm started playing a new game at recess now. Here's what it's called: Sliding Down The Tube Slide Once and For All. And you play it by going down the tube slide again and again and again with all the other kids.

(I don't get why that's a "once and for all" game - other than maybe she's taking it literally: Sweetie goes down the slide "once" and then "all" the other kids go too).

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