Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stuff About Stuff

So the Mystery Guy/supposed student teacher guy/Mr. K___ in Sweetie's class is.... a new hire! He's going to be one of the kindergarten teachers. Guess he's just filling in where needs arise for now, before settling into a classroom. And the upcoming newsletter parents will soon be getting from the school director will announce this bit of information.


Yesterday was Sweetie's second acting class. They read through the play they'll do (titled: An Animal Story). Sweetie was assigned the role of the Cow. 

Of course, this bit of news completely destroyed my Sweetie von Sweetie-kins. So much so that she was the only child to flip right the heck out of her little mind over the news. Extra special stomping included. 

No! I don't want to be the Cow! I want to be the Dog and the Owl! (or the Owl? Not sure - too difficult to decipher through all the tears and anger). 

Luckily (????) Sweetie's teacher called me during our car ride home, saying that she noticed Sweetie seemed upset about the part she was given (No kiddin', lady. The whole floor of the building heard Sweetie most definitely not liking her given part). As it turns out, one of the other little girls didn't show up for that day's class, so she didn't yet know what part she was given. So if Sweetie wanted to switch to that part, then that would be fine. The part? The Owl.


Sweetie was pretty much still too perturbed to rationally answer me when I asked, so I decided on her behalf, telling the teacher, Yes, the Owl would be awesome. Thanks! To which Sweetie immediately piped in, No! The Dog would be awesome! Hmmmppphh!

In retrospect, I really should have just made Sweetie keep her original Cow role. Why reward her with one of the roles she wanted (for no apparent good reason whatsoever) when she was behaving so poorly about the whole thing in the first place? But - I did what I did, and it is what it is. Sweetie was mildly happier with the change at first, and now seems very excited about being the Owl. Yee haw.

The Lion is the runaway star of the whole shebang anyway. All the other animals have darn near equal parts - about 3 or 4 lines each. Whatever. 

Once Sweetie chilled out a bit on the ride home, she then insisted that I hand her her script. 

Mama, give me my script, please. I want to read my script. It's my script for the play.

Oy. Temper tantrums. Demanding attitude. Yep - she's our little drama queen alright.

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