Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Acting Up

So when I signed Sweetie up for these acting lessons - a class entitled Kinderdrama, appropriate for 5 and 6 year olds - I didn't know exactly how much valuable information she'd glean from the "lessons". I mean, come on - 5 and 6 year olds? It's probably going to be a lot of "Let's pretend to be bumblebees!" and "Now tell me a funny story!" and generally a lot of chaos with just the tiniest bit of actual acting going on at all. Just a little basic something to get their toes wet.

Then I walk into the waiting room, 10 minutes before the end of the first class, and my mom hands me the class syllabus for the 6-week course. A syllabus that includes phrases like "character development", "improvisation", "vocal warm-up" and "creative drama" to name just a few. A syllabus that shows the last class is the students' Recital Day. Next week students will do a read-through of the play they'll perform at said recital, and roles will be assigned.

What I'm sayin'? This is no "Let's pretend to be bees!" Mickey Mouse production. This is one claaaassssyy class.

Hubby and I are very impressed. Sweetie is very excited. This? Is money well spent.

However, I can already feel myself becoming just a wee bit stage-motherish. Why? Because at home last night, Sweetie wanted to play Acting Class, during which we basically went over all the activities she did during the first lesson. Yay! I'd get to see my little actress in action!

We did some pantomiming. 

Sweetie pantomimed for me the same 2 things she pantomimed for her classmates. One of which was Sweetie reaching for the clouds - but it looked like a lot of random hopping and grabbing to me. 

The other had Sweetie stomping around the room, her hands curled like claws at her chest, with an angry scowl on her face. Sweetie instructed me to ask, "What are you doing?" to which she answered,

Being an angry elephant.


This morning, during our car ride to pre-school, I asked Sweetie about this angry elephant thing, admitting to her that I thought she looked more like a dinosaur.

If you were an angry elephant, then where was your trunk?

Well... I was an angry elephant because.... because I couldn't find my trunk!

Ooooh! Okay, I get it.

Hmph. Okay, so maybe Sweetie won't be cast in the starring role of the recital play after all - and that's already starting to break my heart for her a little.

But, by golly, for whatever Sweetie may lack in her physical acting ability, her teacher darn well better give Sweetie some extra credit for her stellar story telling chops.

(Really, I do think she'll get much, much better - it was only her first class, after all. And anyway, she's already become a regular little Academy Award winner at home for her stunning performances in the Girl With A Tummy Ache series - a troubling tale of a little girl who, when faced with a number of less-than-satisfying life choices, suddenly and inexplicably becomes consumed with terrible gastrointestinal pains. Brava, Sweetie. Brava - now get over it.)

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