Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #102

Sweetie, would you rather go to the art museum or the science museum?

The science museum!

Then, not 5 minutes later...

Actually, Mama - what's art? What's science?

(Oh Sweetie, how we've failed you! We need to get you to a museum STAT! She's still choosing the science museum.)


At the doctor's office earlier this week, Sweetie informs the receptionist (completely unsolicited):

I'm always great, I'm always smiling, and I'm a little bit curious.


Upon arriving to Nana's yesterday morning - after a long, snowing, having-to-burn-rubber-to-get-through-the-unplowed-uphill-back-roads:

Phew! We made it!

Good! Because if I had to stay in this car more, then my nose would explode!


At the bank a few weeks ago, while Hubby and I talked to the Customer Service Rep, and Sweetie sat with us, bored.

CSR to Hubby and I: Let me go get my calculator, then we'll play the senario game.

Sweetie (perking right up): The Senario Game?! How do you play that?!

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