Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Our internet connection has been soooooo sllooooowwwww today and yesterday. It took me 20 minutes to do some online banking this morning when it should have taken me 30 seconds. I'm a patient person, but - geesh! - this has been ridiculous! 


Last week was almost entirely snow-free. This week? Lots of snow. Yesterday it snowed, it's snowing now, and I do believe we'll get more before the week is through. I try not to pay much attention to the weather forecast - it's so depressing. And this week I'm on vacation, so there's not too much leaving-the-house I have to do anyway. But still - I'm so done with winter. It's been a long, bad one and its departure is taking its not-so-sweet, slow time.


Hubby was gone for most of last week, leaving his car behind. His car that gets much better mileage than mine. So I drove his car everyday. Now I'm on vacation and I still haven't had need to drive my car anywhere. But Hubby's home this week too and hoped to get out on his own today, using my car while I went out with his.

My car wouldn't start. Battery is dead. Again. Currently it's in its 4th hour of recharge. At this point, the lights flicker upon opening the door and, when you turn the key, the engine tries oh-so-feebly to make a comical effort to start. 

Let's all hope it starts in the morning. Yes, Hubby and I acknowledge both need new cars. No, we can't afford them right now. So please, oh please, die a little slower, would ya, little car?


I was so totally going to write about something entirely different tonight. I even had my cutesy post title all figured out. But now it's getting late, Hubby's got distracting T.V. playing right behind me, and I just don't feel I can put my heart and sole into my original post idea right now. I'll have to try again another time. 

Right now? I'm closing up shop, getting my jammies on, and I'll start reading our next book club selection

Luckily, we're all a little busy in March, so we're not meeting again until late April. Good! I can take my usually slow time with my reading, not feeling pressured to plow through it as quickly as I can. 

Sometimes it's nice to be slow as molasses.

(But not the car. Please - not the car...)

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