Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #94

Sweetie's still sick (ish). She's still got an occasional cough (it's been 2 weeks, people!). She's still occasionally blowing her nose. She's still on meds for her ear infection (although the pain of that was pretty much gone early this past week).

She's generally back to her old self, spirit-wise. MOST of the time she's, if not happy, then quietly busying herself with activity books or imaginary play. However, there have been several instances which have made me think a good anger management workshop or two would be a beneficial addition to Sweetie's schedule.

Whenever she's hurt, upset, angry - whatever - Sweetie has always been much more of a pouter, pointer and grunter than an explainer. This seems to have gotten much worse, though, in recent weeks.

What's more, she's become a stomper. A HUGE stomper. Like - a 600 lb., 7 feet tall outraged giant, stomper. It's a wonder she hasn't broken her legs from the sheer impact.

As you can imagine - none of this behavior is acceptable. Yes, Hubby and I can sympathize that she's not been feeling well. But that's still no excuse to not use her words, instead using her body movement and random noises to show her displeasure with things.

All this = yet another rule added to her Life Well Lived list of behavioral mainstays.

No fighting about food, doors, or anything. No stomping. And - for the love of everything - use your dang words!

With this - I've got nothin' in terms of cutesy/funny Sweetie this week. I've basically just got Bad Sweetie to report on. Sorry.

See, the only real Sweetie-related anecdote I could share with you is the "hilarity" of how she unclicked her car booster seat while we were driving home last night because she believed her seat wasn't fastened in as it should have been. I told her repeatedly that it was fine - it had been just the same for weeks, and that she should just leave it alone. Instead, she unfastened herself, making me have to drive out of my way to find a parking lot, get out in the freezing/slushy rain, carefully walk myself around to her door without killing myself, to fasten her back in.

See? Yeah - not so much the good girl this week.

Oh well. Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I'm actually taking Sweetie (along with 2 of my sisters-in-law and two of my nieces) to a surprise treat event (too bad I already bought the tickets and I can't get my money back, given Sweetie's 'tude). And both Hubby and I are ever so hopeful that her Sweetie-ness will right herself as soon as her delicate sinuses completely clear up.

Wish us luck and good health. And have a good weekend. I sure hope we do.


(In the mean time, click on over to here if you're interested in some true childhood comedy. This post actually reminds me of Sweetie, as she's been doing the whole "What?!" thing lately too - yet another behavior modification we're working on with her. Oy!)

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