Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #95

This past Monday I told Sweetie we should go to her room and change her magnetic calendar for the month of February.

She was very happy to do so, challenging me on our way upstairs:

Race ya like a bowling alley!

(???? I have no idea.)


A couple nights ago, we three had a simple dinner - pasta with butter and cheese. Actually, it was organic alphabet pasta. We'd never had this particular kind before. But Sweetie sure loved it!

This is the best dinner I've ever had!

We don't always have a dessert after dinner, but on that night I happened to remember some special ice cream treats we had in the freezer (meant for a party Hubby and I were going to have, but it fizzled out).

Sweetie loved that too.

This is the best dessert I've ever had!

As you can imagine, for the rest of that evening, similar proclamations were often heard.

You're the best Mama I've ever had!

You're the best Daddy I've ever had!


(BTW - I guess Sweetie really did love those noodles, as they qualified for a mention - including a description of the packaging - to Nana the next day).


Today being Saturday, Sweetie knew she wasn't to come wake me up before 7am. However, around 6:30am I heard her up and about, running from her room, to the bathroom, to her playroom. Whatever - as long as she let me rest until 7am.

Nope. Within 10 minutes she was running to our room, sadly telling me:

Moooomm! My hair isn't curly!

I told her she'd be taking a bath when I got up (including a hair washing), so it would be curly again after that. Fine. She wordlessly left me be again.

Until 7am, when I heard her leap from some surface (???? I don't even want to know) and come bounding at high speed back to our room.

Good morning, Mama! It's 7:00! Time for my tubby!

Oy - how can she possibly wake up with so much energy?

Now, as I write this, Sweetie's watching Sesame Street and her hair is nearly dry - and beautifully curled.

Thank Goodness - it may just be a great day after all!

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