Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Strange Challenge

My cousin challenged me to post 5 strange things about myself. Hmmmm... okay. Let's go.

Here's what I came up with:

1) Whenever something uncomfortable or embarrassing enters my mind or invades my memory, I block it out by saying the word "potato". Sometimes I even catch myself saying it aloud. I also fiddle with my hair - especially, I've noticed, when worrying about money.

2) Of all the places in the world to visit, I would most love to travel to both Austria and The Isle of Wight. I know practically nothing about either of these places and I have no personal connection to either (that I'm aware of, anyway). But for some reason, they both intrigue me, both for different reasons. Austria seems like a truly beautiful, historically rich destination. And The Isle of Wight seems perfectly relaxing and serene - the perfect quiet weekend away location.

3) I am probably the biggest movie baby you will ever find. That is, I refuse to watch any movie with even the most mild scenes of injury and/or confrontation. I literally sobbed in the theater when Hubby and I went to see
Meet Joe Black because Anthony Hopkins' character was so volatile in his angry outbursts. He had me on the edge of my seat. Yeah - I know. Really pitiful. BUT - take me to see a movie with chaotic, world-wide catastrophe and mayhem, and I'm just fine. I loved Armageddon. I haven't seen, but would like to see The Day After Tomorrow. I guess the thing is, I don't mind seeing a ton of people killed, mamed and otherwise harmed. But one-on-one showdowns are too much for me to comfortably handle.

4) I have loved literature since high school when I decided I would major in English in college. As an English major, I read a ton of wonderful pieces of literature. Yet somehow, such classics as
Moby Dick, Catcher in the Rye, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (to name a few) have not crossed my path. And I only read To Kill a Mockingbird because Hubby bought it for me for Christmas one year.

5) I have an irrational fear of large-scale statues/carvings. Ironically, I also have a strong fascination with them. I first noticed this phenomenon as a child after visiting
The Old Man of the Mountain (RIP). The night following that visit, I had a nightmare about the Old Man. Well - I don't know how nightmarish it was, because what I remember of the dream is the Old Man wearing huge googly-eyed glasses (you know, the kind with eyeballs dangling from Slinkies) that bounced up and down the mountain. That's it. Ooooohhhh..... scary! Anyway, I would love to visit the Statue of Liberty - but at the same time, she scares me. I freak out looking at close up photos of her face. Also? For years I've said that I'd love to travel west to visit the in-progress carving of The Crazy Horse Monument. But at the same time? Googling the link and seeing the pictures literally make my heart race with a mix of panic, disgust and fear. Really.

Yep - no two ways about it - I'm strange. And I didn't even tell you about how I think I'm
Louisa May Alcott reincarnated. Or.... well. Actually. You can read 5 more strange things about me here. Because obviously, one blog is not quite enough space to record all my oddities.

Just try to keep the laughing to a minimum, okay? Please?


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