Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sustain Hope

Yesterday I sent the following email to several close friends and family members of mine. And now I'd like to share it (in part) with you:

Hi All -

I just discovered a new website that I'm so excited about! I wanted to share it all with you ASAP. It's called Hope Revolution and you can find it here.

The premise of this site it to get people to spread hope in their communities. The current "challenge" - to be completed by April 1st - is to anonymously distribute "hope notes" throughout your communities. You can read more about the details here:

Hope Revolution was started by Krystyn, one of the founding Mamas of the site Mama Says Om. MSO, unfortunately, is now defunct, yet it still inspires me every week to write a Mama Monday theme post right here.

Like I said, I'm so excited by this new site and already have a very long list of "hope notes" text for me to create. I'd absolutely LOVE it if you'd all consider joining me in this inspirational excercise.

The notes can be as simple (sticky Post-It notes) or as elaborate as you like (check out some of the photos of notes at the site: Beautiful!). You can do as many or as few as you choose. It's not the QUANTITY or the LOOK that's so important here. It's the MESSAGE(s) that matter most.

So please - check out Hope Revolution, see what it's all about, keep visiting the site for updates and new challenges, and get to spreading the hope.

This email is being sent to wonderful, inspiring people - my friends and family alike -throughout the entire world. People who inspire and encourage me in big and little ways everyday. Please do what you can to spread your wise words even further.

Let's help start a Hope Revolution! Are you with me?! Good!



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