Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #96

Hubby and I were playing WordSearch last weekend. Sweetie was happy enough to play with our discarded letters, not paying us much attention at all or even asking how to play the game in the first place (you place the letter tiles randomly, then move available letters from all over the board to form words).

I was having a particularly difficult time coming up with a word at one point. After a long time, and completely out of the blue, Sweetie said,

Mama, why don’t you just do “king” in that line?

And you know what? She was right! Yay, Sweetie! Thanks so much for your help!


Sweetie: The only hot drink is coffee.

Me: What about tea?

Sweetie: The only hot drinks are coffee and tea.

Me: And hot chocolate?

Sweetie: The only hot drinks are coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Aaannnddd!… Sweet Juice!... (a warm mixture of water and brown sugar - something we give Sweetie when she's sick in the belly. Works along the same lines of having flat soda when your stomach is upset). Hey Mama – the next day that is a sick day when I’m spitting stuff in a bowl (throwing up)… can I have sweet juice again?


Valentine's Day morning, Hubby and I presented Sweetie with a card just for her. She loved it, but did comment:

Maybe next Valentine's Day you can get a card that's pink and green.

This is! The envelope is pink and the card has green, pink - and purple.

Oh - I mean the envelope.

Well, envelopes are usually just one color.

Well, maybe next time you can go to the two colored envelope store to get an
envelope that's pink and green.

Yeah. Maybe.


For Valentine's Day dinner, we three went to Sweetie's favorite restaurant - the Peanuts on the Floor Store (Texas Roadhouse).

Sweetie knew we'd be going here, but that morning I asked her if she remembered what our dinner plans were. I gave her the hint:

Are we going to the Almonds on the Ceiling Store?

Ahhhh! She remembered - and played along.

Nooooo.... Are we going to the Banana Nuts on the Roof Store?

Banana nuts?

Yeah! You know - those nuts that look like teeny tiny bananas?


Yeah! Cashews! The Cashews on the Roof store!


Yesterday Sweetie stayed home with Daddy instead of going to Nana's house. Sweetie was so excited, as she was going to work with Daddy in his basement shop, helping to finish up a project for her bedroom.

As I was leaving in the morning, Sweetie was getting herself ready for the day - looking for her working underwear.

Then, Hubby said she was surprised to find out that her regular old purple sweatshirt was her working shirt.

Well - today it is! Hubby explained.

Good enough.


Bonus "Hubby Saturday" addition:

On one of our recent family grocery shopping trips, we stopped to pick up some orange juice. Sweetie saw the different kinds and asked:

What's that word say?

You can read that. Figure it out.


Plulp?! Nooooo. Close, though! It's "pulp".

Anyhoo, this "plulp" word was funny to us and, eventually, it evolved into "plarp". Now - about a month later - we three still talk about "plarp" a lot.

Did you go plarp today?

Are you feeling okay, or are you too plarp?

What do you want for dinner? Chicken? or plarp?

You get the idea.

So - cut to just this week when I got an email from Hubby (who was home), recounting to me how he made himself waffles for breakfast. He went on, saying he opened the fridge to look for some syrup and, not seeing any, he admitted to thinking to himself:

Oh! There's no plarp!


That's it! Have a plarp day!

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